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Doc’s Play of Game 2

Doc called this the most important play of Game 2, according to ESPNBoston.com (h/t: CelticsTown):

Sorry ’bout the split screen. Two thing about this play:

1) This is exactly the sort of play that shows the value of the mere threat of Ray Allen’s shooting. Michael Finley is wide open because the Heat shift into an emergency series of rotations that starts when Kendrick Perkins’ man jumps out to contest a possible Ray jumper. 

This action is at the heart of Boston’s offense. 

2) I’m not sure Perk could have made this pass two seasons ago or even last year. Doc went out of his way to praise Perk for this exact pass, according to ESPNBoston:

“I thought Perk was the best player in the game [Tuesday]. I thought his passes is what got everybody shots. Most of [Glen Davis‘] layups came off Perk passes. A couple of Ray’s shots and, again, the biggest play of the game, when [Miami] was up four, and I had gotten on them three or four times about making the next pass, Perkins threw that skip pass to Michael Finley for a 3-pointer. I think he played a great floor game and he was our point-center [Tuesday].” 

Good for Perk.

  • angelo

    i agree, this was a big shot by finley it showed that the bench were going to step up and miami looked like “uh oh, one more person we have to guard”

  • Paolo

    I noticed that Perk’s passing in the game was better than his usual. Way to go in confidence for our big man.

  • DRJ1

    Now if Perk could only learn how to not travel so much (and for no good reason), he’d be even greater.

  • Jay P

    Perk’s really evolved as a player. His passing is really underrated, and you’re absolutely right, he could not have made that pass two years ago.

    Perk has the potential to become a truly great all-around center, one of the best in the league. He already had the defensive ability to do it, and although his decision making sometimes is spotty, he is a very good passer for a big man in my opinion. He’s certainly making strides there at least to make me confident he’s going to continually progress.

    But there are 3 glaring weaknesses in his game that he’s going to need address to ever hit an elite level:

    1) Turnovers, the “Perkins shuffle” has to stop. His post moves are great, sometimes, he just needs to work on his footwork. He needs to make better decisions with the ball.

    2) Shooting. I’m not talking mid-range, the Duncan/Garnetts who have that kind of range are a rarity, no one expects that out of Perkins. But he needs to be able to hit a 7-10ft shot with some reliability. Enough at least that if he gets the ball 10 ft from the hoop, defenders will have to get on him, instead of just backing off and forcing him to post them up. Drawing the big man even another 4 ft from the hoop to guard the shot, opens a lot of space under the rim, and gives the team some options in cutting. That’s only going to happen if he’s consistently hitting the 10fter when defenders don’t take it away.

    3) Stop whining about every freaking call. I honestly don’t remember anytime when Perkins was called for a foul and didn’t give at the very least a look of disgust at a referee, or throw his hands out, or something. It’s really annoying, and there’s a reason he’s in the top 3 is techs every year. So I’m going to sum that one up, and say he needs to mature as an NBA player.

    *4) I’m *ing this one because it’s not 100% necessary, but would be nice. And that’d be shoot a better % at the line. Again, there are plenty of examples of centers who are elite without shooting good free throw %s (see: Dwight Howard) but it would certainly make him a lot more dangerous if teams had to be worried about putting him on the line (and it makes post defenders more tentative, making scoring in the post even easier.)

    These things would move Perkins from a “pretty damn good” center, to a truly elite paint presence.

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  • Dan

    @Jay: About number 2, his FG% is actually pretty good. Where he leaves points on the table is that extra second he takes to prepare himself before going up for a dunk of lay-in after getting a pass at the rim.

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