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CelticsHub.com is happy to announce the winners of the Stumbling On Wins book contest. Since all of the winners happened to  have contacted me via email, I don’t feel comfortable publishing their full names. So I have decided to give them Celtic last names. At any rate, they have already been contacted and the books are in the mail. Without further adieu, the winners of David Berri and Martin Schmidt’s book Stumbling On Wins are:

Kevin “Garnett”
John “Havlicek”
Jay “Humphries”
Sam “Jones”

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest.  We here at CelticsHub.com really appreciate your time, attention, and fantastic- discussion- promoting commentary.  Please, keep up the good work and we will try to do the same.

Answers to the contest questions after the jump.

1) In Stumbling On Wins, there is a chapter entitled “Defending Isiah” which discusses Isiah Thomas terrible reign as GM of the Knicks.  In this chapter, a chart is provided which displays the actual wins produced by the Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Quentin Richardson, Eddy Curry, and Zach Randolph acquisitions.  For the 2007-2008, how many wins did each of these players collectively give the New York Knicks?

A) 14.5

B) 7.9

C) 6.9

D) 4.3

2)From 1989-2005, how many current Celtics led their draft class in wins produced?

A) 1

B) 2 Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce

C) 3

D) 4

3) What jersey number did Pete Maravich wear when he played for the Celtics?

A) 7

B) 44

C) 23

D) 91

4) Who was the tallest player on the 2002-2003 Celtics team?

A) Tony Battie

B) Bruno Sundov (7’2″)

C) Mark Blount

D) Mikki Moore

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