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The short answer is: Probably, but the question isn’t as cut and dried as you might think. 

First, let’s be crystal clear about the rules. There is nothing in the NBA rule book that says a player must be suspended for throwing an elbow above the shoulder level. Some people think an elbow to the head is an automatic suspension; it’s not. 

The rule those folks are likely thinking of is Rule 12A–Section V–I(5), which reads that:

A player, coach or trainer must be ejected (my emphasis) for:

(3): Technical foul for attempted punch or swing with no contact or a thrown elbow toward an opponent above shoulder level with no contact. 

To be clear: The ejection is mandatory, not any suspension. This came up during last year’s playoffs, when Dwight Howard came within an inch of decapitating Sam Dalembert (video after the jump) in the early moments of Game 5 of the Philly-Orlando first-round series but did not get ejected. The NBA suspended Howard for the next game, but that suspension was not mandatory under league rules. 

That’s not to say the rule book doesn’t set out some guidelines about suspensions, because it does.

Here are some rules that may or may not be relevant in KG’s situation:

Section 9(b): Any player who throws a punch, whether it connects or not, has committed an unsportsmanlike act. He will be ejected following confirmation during review by instant replay and suspended for a minimum of one game.

An elbow is not a punch, so this section does not apply. The NBA rule book makes distinctions between elbows and punches throughout; it’s clear the league considers a closed-fist punch a more serious thing than an elbow. 

The following clause has more bearing in the KG-Richardson fiasco:


Violent acts of any nature on the court will not be tolerated. Players involved in altercations will be ejected, fined and/or suspended. 

There is absolutely no justification for fighting in an NBA game. The fact that you may  feel provoked by another player is not an acceptable excuse. If a player takes it upon himself to retaliate, he can expect to be subject to appropriate penalties. 

Again: There is no mandatory suspension mentioned here; instead, the league rules place broad discretion with the commissioner’s office. This has created a situation in which the precedent is not totally consistent but clearly leans toward a suspension of KG. 

Below are some recent elbow/forearm incidents that have resulted in one-game suspensions.

Here’s the Howard/Dalembert elbow from last season:


As I said last night: This is a more violent act than KG’s elbow but did less damage because Howard did not land it cleanly. 

Also more of a forearm than an elbow: This attempted shot from Trevor Ariza on DeMar DeRozan, which earned Ariza a one-game suspension earlier this season:

And we all remember the league suspended Rafer Alston one game for this incident with Eddie House:

This is a love tap compared to KG’s elbow, but Rafer obviously meant to hit Eddie in the head. You could make a pretty solid argument that KG’s elbow was meant to hit Q-Rich somewhere but not necessarily in the head. 

And remember when Ray Allen got suspended one game for doing what every player outside Cleveland probably wants to do? (Initial contact at about the :22 mark):

This is sort of similar: Ray throws a semi-blind elbow at a guy behind him that may or may not have targeted a fairly sensitive area. This is bad precedent for KG. One could argue that Ray’s offense was worse, since it occurred during the flow of the game, while KG was responding to an increasingly chaotic situation around him. (Of course, KG escalated that situation…). 

If KG is suspended, it won’t be the first time the league has forced him to sit out a game because of an elbow. He got suspended one game for this shot on Andrew Bogut—another elbow that occurred during play—which may explain Bogut’s reaction to Saturday night’s incident:

Again: More bad precedent if you’re hoping KG escapes with a (meaningless) late-game ejection. 

One last bit of elbow=one-game suspension precedent, this one involving Kobe Bryant:

So is all the precedent against KG here? Most of it is, but there are a couple of exceptions that may apply. 

The first also features Kobe as the elbow-thrower, and I suspect many of you remember it from last year’s post-season. The league let Bryant off with a flagrant foul for this elbow to Ron Artest’s throat area (fast forward to the 1:05 mark for the key replay):

This is pretty similar to what KG did, only the elbow doesn’t hit Artest’s face. Does it make it better or worse to do this in the flow of the game versus during a brewing altercation?

Finally, KG could look to his teammate, Rasheed Wallace, for some hopeful precedent. The league let Sheed off with a $5,000 fine for this shot at Zydrunas Ilgauskas from a Feb. 2006 game (slow-mo at :23 mark):

That’s pretty bad for a fine, but of course this happened more than four years ago, and the league has grown more wary of shots to the head since then. But it’s pretty obvious Sheed meant to do some damage here, and he basically admitted it after the game:

“I’m not going to start the game by cracking a cat in the skull if I don’t get elbowed first,” he said.

So what’s the final verdict on KG? First, it’s pretty clear that all of these situations are different. That’s why it’s hard to create a universal rule. 

But with a couple of exceptions, the precedent is clear: You throw an elbow intended to hit someone above the chest, and you’re facing a suspension. And if the league wants to keep up a strong campaign against fighting and blows to the head, it almost has to suspend KG. If you carve out exceptions for blind elbows or elbows thrown in the middle of crazy situations, you’re opening the door for greater uncertainty. 

You can’t do what KG did in that spot. It’s too dangerous, and if I were a betting man, I’d bet he’s on the bench for Game 2. 

And I wouldn’t have much grounds to be upset about it.

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  • MP

    They just suspended him…fortunately Q-Rich was fined as well.

  • Zerb

    I’ll be interested to see how Richadrson is treated in the rest of the series. He said some pretty inflammatory things.

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  • JP

    Maybe Bogut should stop tweeting and rest his hand

  • DeVelaine

    Q Rich needs to be torched. Constantly. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get forced into some pretty hard screens during the course of the series.

  • DeVelaine

    And since it’s now relevant, I decided to dig up the game log for the game we played against Miami without KG.


    Or, the game with the insane Pierce-Rondo buzzer beater.

  • I love Green

    Pierce will go off, and Q will score 5 points.

  • Jason

    I’m glad he was suspended. Now when the C’s win game 2 anyway they have NOTHING to say and it will be clear this series is over. The other way, people just bitch about Celtic favoritism and minimize things when the C’s win the series. Plus, KG (who looked great and healthy and active) gets 6 days off between games. Great rest, won’t make a difference in game 2. I’ll take it.

  • joe

    The issue is less of KG being punished, and more of no one else receiving anything heavier than a fine. Richardson didn’t just talk trash and instigate, he also grabbed KG. Haslem elbowed Davis in the face, and then later pushed him down, with help from Oneal. Margloire left the bench and was grabbing KG before KG landed that elbow.

  • Ha! That’s when Sheed was in shape. Such a long time ago…

    Great post.

  • Ricardo

    @Joe I can’t believe that was it for fines/suspensions either, considering the other crap that went on with players not name Kevin Garnett.

  • I love Green

    Nobody, and I mean absolutley NOBODY has talked about O’Neal throwing Big Baby down. It wasn’t like he was trying to push him away from the bench, he seriously grabbed him, and threw him into the bench. That could’ve been a suspension right there for Jermaine.

  • Yup–there was a lot of tossing bodies around that is basically being overlooked. Not sure a suspension is appropriate for any of that, though.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    All the time now you see guys holding their arms straight up in the air & continuing to talk trash when there is a potential altercation (this is pretty much standard Kobe). If KG would have just kept his arms up & moved Q away with his body then the refs would have come sooner or later to break it up. As it is, you have to admit that Q won this one. He got inside KG’s head & under his skin & made him react to him. It’s good that this came early & it was not a game 7. KG now has a great chance to toughen up mentally & change how he reacts to any further baiting. Clearly, the Cs are at a disadvantage because of one inferior players ability to bait & take advantage of one our best player’s anger.

    Usually the association goes the extra mile for their stars. It’s not just about rules. The nba makes a lot of choices based on revenue. Maybe they are thinking of milking an extra game out of this series if at all possible.

    I’m sure Q will continue to talk nonsense to anybody he can. It doesn’t bother him to take a punch or elbow if he can mess with people’s heads. The only way you can really hurt Q is by taking your anger & refocusing it into your defense or offense… running harder, helping quicker, hustling harder for the 50/50s, etc. & putting a beat down on Q’s team. It hurts players to lose. That is the one way you get back at Q which causes the most damage. A black eye will heal, but a lost opportunity at the finals is something he will always carry around inside of him.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see this next game being called very tight, especially in the beginning. Hopefully, Doc is drilling that into our remaining player’s heads. It really isn’t about what Q says. It is about what we do ON the court.

  • Brad

    You know, I have to say, I’m a bit frustrated with this play. Look, I’m not taking anything away from Paul Pierce, but I was watching this game with my buddy who’s a Heat fan, and he pointed out that Pierce has a knack for feigning injuries at times, at least the severity of it. I know it was a reaction to being cautious, what with the stingers in the arm, but the fact that he went down like this was what spurred the altercation… while it did hopefully light a fire under the the team now, it was a bit frustrating to see all this transpire, and as KG was walking to the locker room, to catch a glimpse of Pierce just standing there totally fine.

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  • tsubs

    Garnet has always been a classless thug, and now a liar. Q wasn’t even near Pierce when KG elbowed him the first time, and yet KG claims he was clearing out room and Q was standing there disrespecting Pierce.

    Anyway, Miami just dropped game 1 after having a big lead. They’ll take games 2,3,4 and 6. Miami in 6!

  • rondo-is-love

    I’m pretty frustrated that KG & QRich were the only ones who got any punishment. So I suppose that means it’s perfectly okay for guys to get up off the bench and get involved if the altercation happens right in front of it. And I guess it’s also okay for other players who weren’t part of the initial start of it to get into it with each other.

    And seriously… I’m not saying this because I am a Celtic fan, but we really can’t judge what Pierce did/does when he gets hurt. To all of us it may look like it shouldn’t cause any pain, but everyone has to realize that we aren’t in their positions. It doesn’t matter if we also play the same sport they play because everyone’s body is different from each other’s. When KG first got injured in Utah last year, all he did was jump for an alley-oop. Now, it’s come out that his knee had actually been bothering him for a while. It’s not hard to re-aggravate a previously injured body part, and seriously… maybe it wasn’t just the bump that hurt his shoulder. Maybe it was the way he had his arm up or something. None of us are in any position to judge him for that.

  • rav

    Kobe wasn’t ejected for his elbow on Artest because the Lakers were in danger of losing the series.Artest got cheated on a lot of technicals in the series, and the Rockets may have won if not for the bias from the referees and the league office.

  • DRJ1

    @Zach– “Not sure a suspension is appropriate for any of that, though.”

    Here’s the quote from the Referee Guide Book: “During an altercation, all players not participating in the game must remain in the immediate vicinity of their bench. Violators will be suspended, without pay, for a minimum of one game and fined up to $50,000.”

    Participating in the altercation is not considered leaving “the immediate vicinity of the bench”?

  • Almost all of these video examples were during the game. The NBA has poor judgement and rule on these types of situations. Let’s RECAP:

    Q was clearly the aggressor here.

    He walked up to KG & Celtics huddled around a hurt Pierce just to aggravate a situation. He was trash talking and acting like a guy looking for a fight.

    KG gave him a gentle push with the elbow to say, “back off.”

    Then Q exploded (clearly not the actions of a guy feeling bad about what he did to Pierce.) This created a melee which is the exact event that the NBA is trying to prevent. If Q wasn’t behaving like a punk, this doesn’t happen. Now, instead, he is rewarded for starting a fight near a bunch of Celtics and hoping one of them throws an elbow or a punch.

    I think it’s unfair that Q can chest bump, trash talk and bait for a fight and basically get off scott free.

    Bad decision by the NBA.


  • PO

    OH my GOD! Pierce got injured! this is bad, he cant stand up!! He’s crying in pain! someone get a wheel chair!! HOLY.. oh wait, he’s up again, hmmm…..

    Hey Jeff, if KG wasnt acting like a little bitch, this wouldnt have happened… I mean wow, throw an elbow to the face then RUN AWAY!!!!!! good job tough guy!!!

  • Monk

    KG isn’t a classless thug, but an idiot for swinging.

  • This is Pierce’s fault first, he could have walked over to his own bench, and Garnett second, no class. I am a Celtic fan but this act was pathetic.

  • Heat Fan

    Holy cow you Celtic fans have really lost your mind. Garnett could have went back to his bench and none of this would have happened. What, he needed to protect a fallen teammate, did I miss the War they were fighting? The Heat were going to stomp Pierce to death? The trainers would have been there in one minute, the Celtics started the whole thing. KG is dirty and Pierce is acting, that is why the Heat were talking trash….

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  • Anthony

    These arguments for what Quentin Richardson and Miami are absurd.

    While I dont deny that Pierce do flop, unless you’re him, you have no idea what the severity of the injuries are. Pierce has for most of his career been a tough guy, playing through injuries. The guys got stabbed 11 times and came back to play within weeks.

    Lets not forget the D-Wayde incident in Houston when he was in tears and had to be carried off in wheelchair even though he hurt his shoulder. Supposing a couple of Houston players start walking towards and crowding up on D-wayde?? Especialy with a loser like Q talking so much trash? All hell would break loose. He basically gets owned by Pierce everytime they play. Watch knick games and you can see that Pierce scores 99% of the time when Q is guarding him. Q is just mad because he’s a joke to Pierce.

    With or without KG, Celtics are going to win game 2 and the series. Hopefully the incident will fire up KG and the team for a extended title run.

  • Shanique Mackey

    I am a Celtics fan and I am proud of KG actions he stood up to protect his team mate Q has issues with Paul and he had no need to go over there how could he be wanting to throw the ball in play whiles the Refs were over there. As for you who fake more injuries than LBJ touch his head band and he is constantly rubbing for blood. This issue has helped the Celtics in their play off run they needed this and the heat will get beat Tuesday beside D Wade they have nothing look for Paul Ray Rondo and Tony to have a big big night and the rest of Tito’s to suck as they always do. KG has PRIDE and will go to Miami and beat them there when he plays again. Boston is motivated now. So add that they will see the CAVS next round to answer LEON POWE and shut up his mouth. I see the Cavs has Powe on the bench in a suit he is not good enough for the play offs the Celtics needed this shot of adrenalin this has united them for the push. I said Celtics would have won this series in 6 now I am forced to change and say Celtics in 5.

  • Not too sure how I found this blog but glad I did find it. Think I was looking for something else on facebook. Not sure I agree 100% with what you say, hopefully you will be adding to this site. Great website

  • klr

    Celtic fans are completely biast, but i do agree with Q being out of line…however, Garnett was wrong…no matter how u put it, the dude was wrong..plain and simple. you don’t elbow someone just for talking trash. that’s classless, and also very irresponsible. I’m a heat fan i don’t side with anyone on this one. but i do feel this could have been avoided if garnett would have walked away from the whole ordeal…everyone knows that pierce deserved the oscar for that performance. this is not the first time he does this…last season…same thing, dude looks like he needs a stretcher then all of a sudden he’s back and better. he might have celtic fans convinced and sold on that same song and dance, but a lot of people know better. you can win games with honor or you can slander your way through, me personally think the heat dropped the game, but i am not impressed on the celtic win. at least not like that.

  • I’m a huge C’s fan so heres how it is: Pierce is a flopper. He ALWAYS exaggerates fouls. KG was just trying to clear space and Q was being….well…..garbage as usual. KG was stupid for throwing that elbow becuz Q was baiting him. KG should know better as he is very important to this team. As it is, KG is still bomb and he’ll be back for game 3.

  • Shanique Mackey

    Let me put this question out there if LBJ is said to be injured and he drops in the front of the opposing team bench and Q had come over and trash talk like that I think it would have been far worst maybe even the Refs and the announcers may have dealt with Q. While I am proud of KG for standing up this reminds me of Dennis Rodman and the mind games if you can’t beat them on the court try take a big weapon out and then try beat them. While all of us could say what KG should have done if many of us were in the same situation would have reacted the same was a split second reaction is something else in that time you react and then think later that why I always tell my son one of the smallest words “IF” would always be one of the most powerful words. When any one of us can honestly say that we have never had to reconsider an action and say IF I did not….. then pass judgment. Any sports the players are a family and even though we can say Pierce flop how many Flu did MJ had then scored big after being assisted of the floor he was not seen as a fluke. Think of The Bad Boys (pistons) Lambier, Rodman Thomas Vinny now they laid some lumber. I know we can say what we want about Paul I know that history has proven that people have walked miles in near death pain or never realizing they are hurt due to an adrenalin rush. The fight or flight response is amazing so I have seen KOBE play with broken Bones LBJ play on severe Sprain and so many others so we can all just say what should have have been done and honestly we would have reacted the same way. While it is not right it is what makes us human

  • klr

    there is a big difference between shoving someone out of the way or holding them at a distance with a stiff arm…but an elbow to face is a whole different thing…aside from a kick to the face or a knee to the face…u can break facial bones with elbows to the face…i know Q was upset with the way the game ended up, and talking smack is pretty silly and childish…but damn an elbow to the face is pretty harsh. and also to say that KG was standing up for paul…standing up for what? it’s not like the heat bench were gonna stomp paul to a pulp. common this is basketball, not UFC. let’s be real.

    no harm would have come to paul by crouching over in supposed pain by the heat bench. there is no evidence other than a little trash talking from Q to Paul that would have ensued during that moment. by KG going over there thinking he’s some kind of bodyguard made the whole issue worst.

    you got to keep in perspective who you are and what you stand for… if you lose that you lose respect. be smart and be respectful, be a professional. Q was childish/immature and KG was very unprofessional specially as one of the leaders of a great team. that only reflects negatively on his part.i have to admit that some heat players got lucky during that moment. Some heat players got away with some bad decisions. i hope this blows over and the upcoming games are exciting no matter who wins. with that sed, as a heat fan i know we have our hands full, but i still think we can do it.


  • Shanique Mackey

    Kir nicely said

  • Shanique Mackey

    Why would the Cavs use Kraft Macaroni to shake in the game then say after the game donate them to the needy. I Think that is not a nice thing to do. Many would be ruin sweat and saliva may have gotten into the packet, I think if you are giving to the less fortunate you should not give anything you yourself would not eat or wear just think that is totally wrong

  • evets

    What really needs to be looked at is the job the refs did during the incident.

    First there was a clear foul on Pierce before he fell out of bounds. I know refs want to swallow the whistle and let teams play late in the game, but you have to call obvious fouls or else you’ll have anarchy at the end of games. This game clearly illustrates this.

    Second, It looked to me like richardson gave pierce an extra shove into the bench at the end of the play. If the refs had there eyes opened the incident could have been avoided.

    Most importantly, when pierce is down and players are crowded around him, before richardson enters the picture, one ref casually walks around the mass of people. Closing minutes of a close first game of the playoffs and the star player is injured right in front of the opposing teams bench, and the refs don’t think that some kind of shenanigans will take place?

  • Shanique Mackey

    Quote of the day Paul Pierce simply wasn’t taking the bait On the thespian charge, Pierce smiled and said, “Well, I don’t get paid for that. I get paid to play basketball.” He further stated I don’t even get into that he-say, she-say thing. That stuff is all for y’all to sell papers. I’m just going to continue to play basketball.”

  • Shanique Mackey
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  • Cptn Bubbles

    We’ve got Heat fans classifying Paul off of the huge sample size of 2 times they’ve seen him down on the floor (this & with the Lakers in the finals). From this very small sample size they deduce that Paul is some sort of faker. As if. I’ve watched the whole season, & Paul does not lay around on the floor. Why? Because he is scared to death that Doc will take him out of the game. Paul really loves playing & is very selfish when it comes to his minutes. One time Paul laid on the floor & talked to the ref because his headband had almost been completely knocked off his head from a hit to the head with no call. Paul does exaggerate the contact on some fouls (like most nba players have learned to do to get to the foul line), but these conspiracy theories about Paul planning an injury are just lame. These are the same people who believe the pyramids were built by aliens from the moon.

    If you’ve ever had a real solid stinger or a funny bone hit your arm goes completely numb. It is not possible to use that arm to get yourself up until the pain & numbness wears off. Paul is laying there in pain trying to get the feeling back in his arm. If you see the replay after Haslem fouled him, Q pushes him out of bounds. The ironic part is that the Q push thrust Paul into the chest of the ref standing out of bounds. That is when his head snaps back from the contact with the ref. I’m very glad he did not suffer a neck injury. Cervical injuries can be very difficult to treat. Trying to take the weight of the head off the neck to relieve the pain is not easy even with a cervical collar.

    Again, if some of these ‘Paul experts’ had actually watched Celtic games all year, they would know that Paul tries to play through every injury. He has really stunk up some games because of this bad habit of telling Doc he is fine when he is hobbled. Doc facilitates this stupidity by allowing Paul to play even though it is obvious that he is hurt.

    Q was acting like a punk & KG overreacted. I’m sure if DWade was on the floor grabbing at his shoulder after Sheed pushed him out of bounds & Sheed, instead of giving the trainers plenty of room to work on DWade, walked over to him & started saying he was faking it would be clearer. In that case, Sheed would be the punk & DWade the victim.

    I like DWade, & I hope he never gets hurt. He is fun to watch. I like most of the Heat team. If the Heat were to play the Cavs, I’d pull for the Heat. What Q did was classless. Even if Hedo or Varejao, two of the biggest flopsters around, were laying on the ground for extended minutes & Q said something to them about faking, it would still be classless. I hope Q doesn’t injure himself & then have people standing over him while he is in pain making fun of him.

    I hope all these experts who have watched every Celtic game & know Paul Pierce like the back of their hand…. like they know their own spouse, mother, or child……..they know that Paul is laying on the floor a long time because he is creating some sort of grand illusion…..I hope these people never are in pain & have someone standing over them calling them liars & making fun of them.

  • Shanique Mackey

    There is a simple thing to all this Q recognized that the Celtics stepped up their play thee heat can’t beat them and he started to talk trash. People talk about Paul and call him a flop and every thing under the sun however tonight you all will call him AWESOME. We can not judge his injuries. And like I tell everyone I spoke to on this issue the bread must protect its butter Celtics need everyone to make a run. Q is a simple loud mouth over rated player who has never excel as Paul did so I say its simple Jealousy. He has a serious problem that’s why sir Charles calls them a bunch of Titos the supporting cast. He will be torched tonight he has a bulls eye on him the entire heat team has bought out the championship D from the Celtics and KG will be fired up thanks Q it will be over in 5 for you. so you can blame Paul for you not going to the finals all who complain all NBA players are great actors however I do not judge when someone claims injury. All of us judging Paul truly wish we were in his position to play the game we love be paid for it and while he is not even thinking about Q have so many of us talking about him I say he is the BIG WINNER here so say what ya want he could care less and he said so Paul Pierce simply wasn’t taking the bait On the thespian charge, Pierce smiled and said, “Well, I don’t get paid for that. I get paid to play basketball.” He further stated I don’t even get into that he-say, she-say thing. That stuff is all for y’all to sell papers. I’m just going to continue to play basketball.”

  • Jon

    Man Celtic fans are so blind. KG is the number one trash talker and no one elbows him. Last time i checked this is a mans sport so talking is part of it. especially when its true! man some players need to grow some and use their brain. trash talking is fun and its a part of sports quit crying like girls who gossip and play ball! thats how you comeback. Heat take this in 6. suckas!!!

  • Chris

    DRJ1 says:
    April 19, 2010 at 4:21 am
    @Zach– “Not sure a suspension is appropriate for any of that, though.”

    Here’s the quote from the Referee Guide Book: “During an altercation, all players not participating in the game must remain in the immediate vicinity of their bench. Violators will be suspended, without pay, for a minimum of one game and fined up to $50,000.”

    Participating in the altercation is not considered leaving “the immediate vicinity of the bench”?
    DRJ1 you are an idiot, the rule says players not participating in the game as in players on the bench are not allowed to leave the bench. Garnett was ‘in the game’ at the time so this part of the rule doesn’t apply to him. I know you don’t realize what playing means because you probably never left the bench but go get your f*ckin shinebox.

    Jon says:
    April 20, 2010 at 12:19 pm
    Man Celtic fans are so blind. KG is the number one trash talker and no one elbows him. Last time i checked this is a mans sport so talking is part of it. especially when its true! man some players need to grow some and use their brain. trash talking is fun and its a part of sports quit crying like girls who gossip and play ball! thats how you comeback. Heat take this in 6. suckas!!!
    If trash talking is so much a part of the game why does everyone cry when Garnett trash talks? Heat won’t take this if you suspend the whole Celtcis team and let Wade shoot 12 extra techs a night.

  • Shanique Mackey

    I am so sorry that the heat ask for this A$$ Whipping and KG gets a rest for game 3

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