Post-game Reactions

Just when you think the C’s are “healthy” we get news like this reagarding Rondo’s condition, Via ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg: The meat and bones of Forsberg’s reports are as follows:

  • Rondo was at the team facility today and went through filmwork and a walk through with the team before being sent away.
  • Rondo was sent to the hospital for some IV work.
  • Doc on Rondo’s condition, while expecting him to play in game 1: “I don’t know how he’s going to feel. I don’t anticipate him feeling great. He’s throwing up and all that.”
  • Glen Davis and Tony Allen are also still battling the flu. TA practiced with the 1st team in Rondo’s absence.

So all bets are that, when we see Rajon Rondo tomorrow night, it won’t be at 100 percent, leaving Doc Rivers in a tough predicament as far as this team’s offense goes and managing minutes. The good news is thanks to NBA’s quirky playoff schedule, the C’s get 2 days of rest in between both games 1 and 2, as well as games 2 and 3. That gives this flu plenty of time to run it’s course hopefully and exit the Celtic locker room, while giving those affected plenty of rest.

Stay tuned for more updates on Rondo’s condition   


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Brian Robb

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  • So: This is all Tony Allen’s fault, right?

  • I love Green

    Of course Zach

  • Jay P


  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    the celtics getting into some deception and gamemanship right out of the gate? the flu game part2? nate or TA getting their chance to shine on the big stage?

    i think i also have a mild case of playoff fever

  • shane

    i want oliver to start if rondo doesnt play hes fast can, can score, can shoot the 3, and attracks players to guard him then give it to a big man for a slam . ( i think weve found our back up pg for next year or hey maybe he can even be a sg)

  • Jay P


    I might agree with you, I really like him too, but he’s nowhere near ready for playoff minutes. He doesn’t know the team well enough at all, doesn’t know the sets, hasn’t practiced enough with them.

    It’d be a lot to ask even for a veteran late season acquisition, nevermind a guy who played his first NBA minutes in a garbage game three days ago.

    Not a chance. We’ll see more of TA then we expected, and if he can’t seem to handle the extra ball handling we’ll see some minutes for Robinson/Daniels perhaps.

  • w2

    Yeah but we won some wierd tie thing for next year NBA Draft which is nice. Q Pointdexter is my man!

  • I love Green

    @w2- I love Pondexters game, he’s so well rounded. He could definitley turn into a star. You know what pick would we have?

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  • JP

    Rondo is the most important celtic, if he’s not feeling good, neither am I 🙁

  • shane

    @ jay p

    that is true , but i still would love to see him get atleast 8-10 mins in playoff game you never know he may really help celtics he can score and takes his time unlike nate robinson … once we traded for nate i thought we would have a bench player getting 15+ points a game but i was wrong im begining to miss the player and the heart of eddie house hope he will be back next year .. but maybe nate will ocme alive in the playoffs .. and i wish we only gave sheed a one year contract or to be honest i dont think we even need him i think shelden williams has way more effort then him and if we hadnt signed a mid level player we could ove got a better player this off season but who would you rather go after for free agents? josh howard , Marcus Camby , Brendan Haywood , ronnie brewer , travis outlaw , Kelenna Azubukie , amir johnson ?

  • J-Bad


  • legs-diamond

    If Rondo is out, Doc might have to play the point.

  • ranen645

    maybe rondo and TA can get d-wade the flu?

  • hallik

    This is bullshit!! Ok, I’m hitting the panic button 🙁

  • w2

    Pick 19