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A few links of interest:

• The Herald reports the following:

Sources have told the Herald that he is leaning toward leaving the bench after this season, but Rivers insisted yesterday no final decision has been made.

This could either be a huge story or a case of the paper getting a bit ahead of the actual news. I’m pretty confident Doc wouldn’t blind-side the C’s. If he does leave, it will be fascinating to see whether the C’s promote Tom Thibodeau.

• Bill Walker gets the full New York Times profile treatment, courtesy of Jonathan Abrams, one of the NYT’s great NBA writers. The gist: The last two months represented Walker’s chance to prove he belongs in the NBA. Did he do enough? Here’s Doc:

“He needed to get on the court and play,” Rivers said. “I told him I thought it was very important that he actually went there and had an opportunity to play games and he needed it. He’s been injured most of his career, and he just needed to prove to people that he can play.”

• More Bill Walker: He made John Hollinger’s All-Garbage Time Team (official name: “Out-of-Nowhere Team”). (Hat tip: ESPNBoston.com). Key excerpt:

Walker’s impressive instincts as a scorer are his best assets, as evidenced by a 53.2 percent mark from the floor and an average of 16.4 points per 40 minutes.


Regardless, after battling his way back from multiple knee injuries, he’s clearly an NBA-caliber player.

In other news: Nate Robinson will not be on the Celtics next season. That’s not a judgement of the trade, which I still believe was a calculated risk worth taking. It’s just reality.

• Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus picks his All-Defense teams, and you might be surprised to know two Celtics make the first team.

Pelton makes his selections based on both his observations and some of the formulas BP uses to try and measure defense, including one (developed by Bradford Doolittle) which measures the production levels of a player’s head-to-head counterpart. If over the course of the season opposing power forwards produce at about 75 percent of their normal level when matched against KG, the measure will spit out that KG has held opponents 25 percent below their average production.

It’s not perfect, but it’s a solid start.

Here’s Pelton:

First Team – Kevin Garnett, Boston
Yes, Garnett has lost a step. Yes, players can occasionally turn the corner on him defensively, which was unthinkable just two years ago. Still, Garnett had room to slip slightly while remaining among the league’s better defenders. His numbers continue to put him at an elite level, and a Boston defense that ranks fourth in the league in per-possession scoring still relies heavily on Garnett’s presence as a quarterback on defense. Opponents have been 25.0 percent less productive than usual against Garnett, tops among power forwards.

• I’ve never watched one second of Glee, though a lot of folks I know enjoy it. There is a character on Glee called Artie Abrams, apparently. New York Magazine describes him as a “wheelchair-bound nerd.” The actor who portrays Artie Abrams is named Kevin McHale. So naturally, New York decided to do one of those compare-and-contrast charticles about the two Kevin McHales.

If you enjoy Glee, you’ll probably like it, and the person who wrote it clearly knows hoops.

• Finally, a reminder: The Celtics will play the Heat in the first round of the playoffs unless the following happen tonight:

1) The Bucks beat the Celtics. I’d consider this at least a 50/50 proposition, with the C’s locked into the 4th seed;

2) The Nets beat the Heat. If the Heat care about playing the C’s instead of the Hawks—and they probably do, though not as much as their fans do—New Jersey should have very little chance of pulling this off.

But if you’d prefer a match-up with the Bucks, root for New Jersey to get win #13 tonight.

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  • Glenn

    Heat… Bucks… I say bring ’em on. It doesn’t matter who we play, or at least it shouldn’t. ‘Cause if it does, we can kiss all hopes of a championship goodbye.

  • GranTur

    If we beat Cleveland in the second round we win banner #18. That’s all it comes down to.

    Everything else doesn’t matter.

  • hallik

    Go Celts? :0

  • Jack

    I think that the Heat would want to lose tonight. Wouldn’t they rather fall back to the 6th spot and play Atlanta, a team they beat 3 out of the 4 times this season. While the Celtics have beat the Heat 3 times? Also If the Heat are looking ahead, and think they can pull off an “upset” Wouldn’t they rather be the 6th seed again, and face Orlando in the 2nd round, a team they are 2-2 against with one lose coming in overtime, rather than Cleveland who I believe swept the Heat during the regular season(not sure). It makes no sense to me that the Heat would try to win tonight, or is this just all wishful thinking because I would rather the Celtics play the Bucks?

  • @Jack: I think regular season records can be a bit over stated. I mean, I don’t really know how any team could look at the match-ups and say they’d rather play the Hawks right now than the C’s.

  • There isn’t a team in the league that would try to avoid the C’s right now.Miami will come in confident right now,particularly the way the C’s are so vulnerable at home.I agree with Zack here,and see no way the Heat try and tank tonight’s game –they are saying—Celtics–bring em on.

  • Jack

    Good point. It will be Miami’s lose because we will blow them out… hopefully.

  • I love Green

    Wow nobody talkin about Doc. Who would replace him? any rumors about that? If he does leave I think Thibs should stay where he is, and we could hire Byron Scott. I gotta feeling this off season will be a crazy one.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I may be in the minority, but I think the regular season games can show you match up advantages vs match up nightmares.

    My prime example is last year’s ECF winners, the Magic. Everybody I knew was predicting the Cavs to easily roll into the finals with the Magic only winning 1 game if any. Espn was non stop Cavs Hype central. Many thought I was an idiot for thinking the Magic would win that series with the Cavs. Remember all the hype???

    After laughing at me, people would ask why in the world did I think the Magic could win. I told them to look at the regular season games. Orlando beat the Cavs by double digits twice & the lone loss was by a few points. I watched some of those games, & I just thought the match ups were terrible for the Cavs.

    Sometimes match up nightmares don’t even make sense. How is it that the Bobkittens have beaten the Cavs convincingly so many times this year? I was hoping the kittens would some how fall to the 8th seed. We all remember the 8 seed, GS Warriors bushwhacking the 1 seed Mavs the year the Mavs were supposed to win it all. That GS team just gave all kinds of match up nightmares to the Mavs with their quick & explosive small ball.

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  • Got news for you Captain but don’t be suprised if Orlando takes out the Cavs again.If the Cavs make the mistake of playing Shaq to many minutes,the Cavs are going down. I get a kick out of reading and listening to stuff from their fans considering they haven’t won a damn thing yet.

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