Post-game Reactions

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  • I love Green

    I mean he literally like puts the ball in on purpose it seems.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    now thats fast reporting. funny stuff.

    ball don’t lie

  • Like I said, I Love Green—his best ORB of the season.

  • Dan

    When I saw this live I thought it was just a bad bounce, but no, he definitely puts it in intentionally.

    Also, when Nate intentionally shot a jumper at his own basket earlier this year (while a Knick), the New York Times had an article about how it wouldn’t have counted. What’s the difference between then and now?

  • milk mcfartsandwhich

    Nates wouldn’t of counted cause he shot it after the clock was up at the end of the quarter

  • Yeah,the ball can’t slip out of your hands when your that far below the rim and still wind up in the basket. Sheed was trying to insure the Bulls would cover the spread.

  • DRJ1

    I think — but who the hell knows the mind of Rasheed — still, I THINK he was trying to bounce the ball hard off the backboard and back into his hands… kind of like Kobe does sometimes on offense, bouncing the ball off the glass back to himself. If so… well, he was alone under the basket, so the question “Why?” is certainly begged.

    Now… Zach, et al — the situation we hypothesized about becomes reality tomorrow. The ONLY way the Cs have any chance of meeting the Buck in the first round is by losing to them tomorrow. The Heat game starts at the exact same time as the Bucks game, so they will not know its outcome in advance. But they WILL know that if the Bucks lose, there is zero chance of seeing them again. If the Bucks win, then Miami has to find a way to lose to the Nets… remote, but not completely impossible.

    Given that situation, do the Cs tank the game? Or just play it out normally, and let the chips fall wherever?

  • NickFaldo

    You guys are crazy to think he did that on purpose. With the first angle, sure, it looks like he did. But the other, you can see it slipped out of his hand.

  • NickFaldo

    Don’t tank the last game, but only play the starters about 20 minutes. A semi-tank job. It’s best to lose and see if the Nets can show some class. This is the last chance for NJ players to show their stuff before off-season decisions.

  • rondo-is-love

    What does NJ have to do with the Celtics right now? o_O

    You know.. the title fits this perfectly. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw this happen.

  • NickFaldo

    I think if the Nets beat the Heat, and we lose to the Bucks, we get to play the Bucks and avoid Dwayne Wade. Or maybe I’m missing something.

  • Jrmz

    The Heat won’t lose to the Nets. As much as the Bucks would be favorable, the Heat would rather play a banged up aging Celtics team over the Hawks anyday. They aren’t stupid enough to jeopardize themselves by intentionally losing to the Nets just so they can face the Hawks.

    As for the clip, it’ll make sportcenter’s not top ten list and probably failblog as well. Heck Rondo stood there in disbelief looking at that..his face says it all…Rasheed Wallace..sigh..the guy is a total joke.

  • Perry

    The only thing Sheed forgot to do was foul himself.

  • Scott

    Please, Danny, please…just give Rasheed away!

  • @all: Nick FAldo is right. If the C’s lose to MIL and the Nets beat Miami, the C’s will face the Bucks.

  • Ross in Maine

    Ok guys, I’ve flip flopped on this rebound/put back … and then forced myself to watch it about 100X. conclusion: It was a put back, he did it intentionally, lost focus, forgot what side of the court he was on. He was clearly shooting, look at the arm pump. and while he didn’t have a good handle on the ball, the shooting form was there, (shooting hand, guide hand).
    I’ll go one further, Zach: this put back by Sheed sums up the C’s second half of the season, lack of focus.

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  • Perry, your close, the only thing sheed forgot was to complain to the Ref’s that he was fouled on the shot and get T-ed up!

  • Perry

    Yeah, perfect!

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