Post-game Reactions

Both games were dicey late but ended as expected tonight: Atlanta beat Milwaukee on the road and the Heat squeaked past Philly. 

Which leaves us with this:

3) Atlanta 52-29 (Games left: vs. CLE)

4) Boston 50-30 (Games left: @CHI, vs. MIL)

5) Miami 46-35 (Games left : vs. NJN)

6) Milwaukee 45-36 (Games left: @BOS)

The Celtics aren’t locked into a first-round series with Miami, but it’s getting close. There are only two scenarios I can see in which the C’s would face the Bucks in the first round. Both are unlikely.

Scenario #1: The Celtics win out and Atlanta loses to the Cavs in the Hawks’ season finale. 

This scenario would push the C’s into the 3rd seed, where they’d face the Bucks in the 3-vs-6 series. 

Why It’s Unlikely: The Hawks will be facing Cleveland’s B-Team in the season finale. They should win that game if they need/want it. Boston, meanwhile, figures to get Chicago’s best effort Tuesday, since the Raptors hold the tie-breaker over the Bulls. Milwaukee will play hard in the season finale. 

Scenario #2: The Bucks beat Boston and the Heat lose to the Nets on the final day of the season. 

Why It’s Unlikely: The Nets have won 12 games this season. 

Interesting Possible Twist: If the Bulls beat the Celtics on Tuesday, the C’s will be locked into the 4th spot with one game (against the Bucks) remaining. They would have no way of catching the Hawks. The C’s in that scenario would almost certainly rest key guys and give the Boston fans one last chance to cheer Brian Scalabrine as he earns a larger paycheck this season than those of Rajon Rondo, Tony Allen, Marquis Daniels, Shelden Williams and Glen Davis. 

In other words: That game would be there for the Bucks to take. 

Of course, the Nets would still have to beat Miami in order for Milwaukee to jump back into 5th. 

In other words: Get out the sun screen, rent a car that’s nicer than the one you own and make your reservations at Le Tub. We’re going to Miami.


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  • Yes,it looks as if the C’s are going in as the 4th seed.If anything-without Bogut the Deers really don’t have much of a chance.It’s a better tuneup for the C’s to at least have to go up against Wade,plus the Heat are playing well going in.The way I look at it,if the C’s can’t take out Miami in lets say-6 –they wouldn’t even compete with the Cavs in round 2 anyway.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid


    BRING EM ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PierceTurth

    One thing Zack…
    On NBA.COM it said that both LeBron and Shaq will play in their finale. So should Atlanta lose and Boston win they would be tied for third but Boston has the tie-breaker so they will be third. to play Miami Boston would have to lose to the Bucks on purpose. Would they do that?

  • DRJ1

    As we discussed… for all we know, the Cs may need the challenge of a tough first round to get themselves properly prepped to win the following ones. Those basketball gods… they work in mysterious ways.

    ‘Sides… DWade is my favorite player not wearing a Celtics uniform.

  • rob

    so if we win our last two games and the hawks lose to cleveland we get that tiebreaker and most likely play the magic in the second round. I’d much rather play the magic in the 2nd then the cavs

  • Why Rob?

  • rob

    because of lebron james. The man’s a monster and in the playoffs he’s a dream killer also why not let them take care of those pesky hawks. I believe we can beat the magic in 6

  • I believe the C’s actually match up better againgst the Cavs if Mike Brown makes the mistake of playing Shaq too much. He slows down the Cavs offense and helps clog the middle,limiting Lebron and turning him in to more of a jump shooter. If the Cavs limit shaq then I would tend to agree with you. Don’t sell Orlando short-They are dangerous.

  • knotty

    if rasheed or williams plays we have NO chance. remember we almost beat orlando without kg and ta. keep those losers on the bench

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  • CelticsFan111

    Hey Zach I love your stuff. But I really need your help. Can you respond to this post (or ideally, make an entire post) speculating about the first round playoff schedule. I have tickets for game 1 and 2 but was just informed that a business emergency will take me out of town for Sunday night and Tuesday night was never free. I was banking on this year’s playoffs following the sketch of last years:
    Season (for relevant teams MIA/BOS) ended Wednesday, playoffs started with Saturday then Monday home games.

    Any ideas?

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