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With the playoffs fast approaching, the CelticsHub.com Podcast is back in action and ready for the stretch run. This week, ESPN Boston’s Chris Forsberg joins me to break down the Green team, just days before we hit the postseason.

In some exciting news, we hope to be teaming up with Chris and our friends over at ESPNBoston regularly over the C’s playoff run the next few weeks, to give you guys plenty of analysis on this squad in the weeks to come.

A few of the topics we covered in this week’s edition

  • How will the Celtics manage their starters in the final two regular season games? Rest guys or go after wins in games with playoff implications
  • Who would you rather face in the 1st round, Milwaukee or Miami?
  • If C’s make it to the 2nd round, do the Celtics care who they match up with, be it the Cavs or Magic?
  • Figuring out this team’s playoff rotation plans
  • What will the C’s get out of Sheed during the playoffs?
  • Has this been one of Doc Rivers best coaching efforts as a Celtic?

A lot of great insight on both guys, so give it a listen, or download the full mp3 by clicking the arrow on the right side of the Soundcloud player.

CelticsHub.com Podcast 4-12-10 by BRobb7

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • NickFaldo

    I think the last question should have read as has this been one of Doc’s worst coaching seasons.

  • Give a listen and find out.

  • gene spencer

    After the wiz game, I wondered what team will appear in the playoffs.

  • NickFaldo

    I listened, but it doesn’t seem that either of you got into what Doc gets ripped for. If I had to pick the top complaints, it would be his problem with setting rotations (substitutions) and developing the bench. I also think Doc plays favorites too much. He never clamped down on Sheed. He also allowed Paul to talk his way into playing games he should have not been in due to injuries. I wonder if that led to Perk having yet another late season-playoff situation with not being 100% healthy. Perk is our only true center. Maybe if Doc had told Paul he was not going to play those games, Perk would’ve got the tendinitis problem fixed months ago. I also disagree with your assessment that Doc did a good job cutting back minutes with some of the players. He certainly smartened up the last minth. But I think Doc played Rondo and Ray too much over the course of the season. He didn’t bite the bullet and integrate Nate as the bu pg either. No one seems to remember Rondo having tired ankles and feet last year. We might be headed for the same. When it became clear we weren’t going to be able to catch up to Orlando for the second seed, Doc should’ve sacrificed wins for developing the bench. Doc should definitely be fired if there is a first round exit. If the C’s don’t put up a legitemate fight after that, I think he should be fired for that too. I think too many of you like Doc and this creates a blind spot. He’s not that good a coach. It’s impossible to prove, but I think 98% of NBA coaches would have led the Celtics to #17.

  • Hell—I could have coached the C’s to # 17. There have been chemistry problems pretty much all year. Doc has done nothing to help with this problem. I don’t think the players take him seriously. A good coach is worth probably 4-5 extra wins per year. I think Doc’s poor coaching has cost the C’s at least that many–probably more.If the C’s don’t win round 1 convincingly and then at least show strong for round 2 –and Doc remains as coach–next year is a brand new nightmare,more frustrating than this year–If that’s possible.

  • NickFaldos

    It’s mind-boggling to listen to that kind of interview. I don’t mind the Celtics Hub guy (amateur? doing this for his resume?) as much as the other one. Forsberg’s supposed to be a professional, correct, getting paid? It’s as if he’s kissing up to Doc, so he’ll keep the contact. He acts as if these complaints about Doc are coming out of thin air. I’ll take the Sports Guy’s analysis over his. Doc is inept. He’s not even that nice a guy if you watch him during games. Just because someone was a player doesn’t mean they have coaching skills. I wanted him fired at the all-star break and for Danny to take over. Doc must have some secret photos of Danny sniffing some Mormon Nun’s superpower underwear. He might as well flip Danny the bird the way he never plays the people Danny gets for him. You could have even made KG player-coach ala Bill Russell. That would have been better than this mess of a situation. Doc is as much a problem with this team as Sheed. Doc could have benched him and played Shelden and Scal. Maybe all those days Doc cancelled practice he was playing golf or visiting his family in Orlando. He could have developed the bench during those practices. I do have hope. I have hope despite Doc Rivers, one of the worst coaches in NBA history.

  • LMAO–Photos of Danny sniffing some Mormon Nun’s underwear—That’s excellent.

  • Well I must say after listening to that I am impressed—-Not at all!!! You talk about a crock of S..t —If this year is one of Doc’s finest coaching years then unload him — like yesterday— This guy Forsberg can’t be for real—And how does he figure that Orlando is a much better matchup in the second round? First of all I disagree that Orlando was a better team last year. They are just as good if not stronger this year. While I agree that Vince Carter tends to be inconsistent,Howard is a year more experienced and better, plus their bench is pretty deep. Plus wasn’t this the team to knock out the Cavs without having homecourt advantage last year. Anyhow not so sure playing Orlando first is an advantage.

  • Dan

    Really well done podcast, I’m glad you guys do this. I agree with some of the comments above that Doc carries a lot of the blame for the team’s performance this season.

    Some things like Marquise’ dissapearence may be beyond his control – or maybe not, who knows – but other things definitely are. A prime example is Sheed. Any decent coach would have benched him earlier in the season the way he was playing. Not only was/is he hurting the team, but he definitely negatively impacted the team as a whole.

    I couldn’t care less how nice a guy he is in the locker room, but on the court he’s a terrible role model for the younger players, and certainly isn’t helping with the team’s motivational issues.

  • Dan

    Also, for those of you who don’t read ESPNBoston, Forsberg has a history of writing puffy pieces about the team. Then again, that’s kind of what beat writers do.

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