Post-game Reactions

According to Bucksketball, Andrew Bogut is out for the year with a broken hand and a dislocated elbow (warning: Shaun Livingston type video).  I am sure his elbow has been relocated back to where it should be but he will be in no condition to play this season.

Obviously, you can not ever wish harm on any other player; primarily because it’s sadistic but also because it cheapens any potential gain that may come at the expense of that injury.  Season ending injuries like this one spark an endless tangent of “what ifs” that  can never be proven definitively- but that doesn’t stop fans from revising history (seriously, Laker fans are still crying about Andrew Bynum in 2008).

All told, what does this injury to Bogut do for the Celtics and our collective worries about ending up with the fourth seed in the playoffs?

It pretty much assuages them, right?  I would say so.  The Bucks are an exciting team and have been playing very well to close this season, but  without Andrew Bogut, the Celtics have to feel a lot better about any playoff seed.

Bogut was a thorn in the Celtics’ side every time these teams faced off.  In two games, Bogut averaged 25 points and 15.5 rebounds.  That is domination.  That will not easily be replaced.

So how do you all feel?  With Bogut out, would you rather face the Bucks in the first round or do they still have enough to make a run at the C’s?

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  • pam

    without bogut the bucks dont have player who even come close to being all star level. jennings can possibly explode but ill take my chances. miami worries me more at this point because even with crappy personnel and a not so awesome season d-wade is really dangerous in the playoffs against a team with old unathletic bigs who stuggle in the first round. even the bobcats seem a much bigger threat all of a sudden with gerald wallace and stephen jackson (when hot).

  • Perry


    Heat now own the 5 seed. They’ve won 8 straight. This continues the pattern of the Eastern Conference 5 seed representing the NBA’s hottest team.

    Sure it’s luxury to play them without Bogut, but we have to over take Atlanta.

  • Jrmz

    Bucks or Heat makes no difference right now. So what if we beat a hobbled Bucks, get to the second round and get smashed by the Cavs. Hell we might as well start preparing for superstar calls by playing Wade because if our defense can’t adjust to superstar calls, then we might as well hand the series over to Lebron straight up.

  • rondoislove

    Honestly, after I found out Bogut was likely out for the rest of the season, I immediately felt a little better. I’d been starting to lose hope that C’s would even make it out of the first round if they were facing the Bucks.

    When I realized that the Heat were now the 5th seed, I started looking up a couple things. In the back of my head, I knew that the C’s had swept the Heat in the three games this season, I just wasn’t sure of each game’s stats. I know that “regular season games don’t matter” but this is what we have to work with right now, ya know? Each game was a single-digit game that pretty much went down to the very last minute. Wade did well in all three games and Beasley even showed up for one (I think it was one). C’s shot over 50% in two of the games, and a smidge over 48% in the other (I think C’s were without Pierce for that one). I looked all this up last night so I’m not sure if Miami out-rebounded Boston at all in any of those three games… but if they did, I don’t think it was by much. Rondo has actually done pretty well against them in all three games, and I think each of the Big Three had a good one.

    At this point.. I fear the following potential first rounders in this order:
    1. Miami
    2. Milwaukee
    3. Charlotte

    Truthfully, though, strictly from an “unbiased” point of view, I would want them to face Miami because I feel like it’d be a pretty good series that would include buzzer beaters, overtime(s), seven games, etc. At least if they get eliminated, it would be to a team that has a superstar, right? =\

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    feel bad for bucks fans, great run they had going. they are not a threat anymore.

    looks like dwade is coming to town in a couple weeks….

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I like Bogie. Feel bad for Deer fans. It was a horrendous fall which you would not wish on anyone, even Kobe. Hope it’s not anything permanent. Get well soon Bogie

    As far as seeding goes….WOW, you’ve gotta give it all you got to try & draw the Deer w/o Bogie. They still have good players, but we want the weakest team possible. If the Heat lost D Wade you’d want Miami, but D Wade was player of the month just this last month soooooo give it all you got NOW Cs & draw the Deer.


    Brendan, I think it’s funny how you call out Laker fans on Bynum being out in 2008, but seem to forget how much you guys have bitched about KG the last two seasons. Lame post. Lame writer . . . lame team.

  • I love Green


    Lame post, lame commenter, lame team.

    Lets get this 3 seed! I’m not in the mood to play Wade and watch him drop 30+ every game. Bucks will be an easier team without Bogut, than the Heat would be.

  • Dennis F. Savellano

    I agree with JMRZ. If we want to beat Lebron and the Cavs, it’s very good to start with Wade and the Heat. More or less, they are playing the same sets with lots of one-on-one on their superstar. If the Celtics get over the Wade, then they will be oozing with confidence to guard Lebron.

  • Jay P

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter at this point. Even with Bogut, the Bucks seemed to come back down to earth a bit the last couple weeks.

    The heat had half a game on them already, and will certainly locked up that 5 seed now. So as of now, if we want to avoid the bucks, we need the 4th seed anyway.

    That being said, either way, I don’t think it matters. The Heat are good defensive practice at defending those isolation sets, and the bucks don’t scare me (with out without Bogut.)

    If the Celtics play the way they did against (for 3 quarters) Cleveland, and the offense is clicking like it has been for the past 3 games, they can beat anyone.

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