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ESPN Instant Classic? Come on Sklar Brothers, I know you’re reading this right now and I know you can make this happen.  This game had every thing an NBA fan could want.  It was a dog fight.  It was a gun fight.  Both teams played extremely hard on both ends of the floor and both teams deserved to win this game.

The narrative even played right into the hands of Celtics lore only to come up short of being memorable for the right reasons.  Ray Allen had not made a three all game and was given two opportunities to be a hero, to get off the schnide, to exhibit that shooter/killer instinct, to believe and back up the mantra “next one’s going in.”  He missed.  Twice.

Regardless of the unfavorable outcome for Celtics fans, there were so many things to love about this game from a basketball fan prospective.  That is not to say there weren’t quite a few positive things to take away from this game if you bleed Green.

This game was unbelievable for so many different reasons:

  • Rajon Rondo had a double-double with 16 points and 11 assists
  • Kevin Garnett scored 18 points and grabbed 9 boards all while showing flashes of the alley-oop offense returning.
  • Paul Pierce played 37 minutes and showed no ill-effects from the shoulder stingers while playing great defense the entire game.
  • The Celtics had 9 steals in this game by playing the passing lanes tough and anticipating Thunder passes
  • Russell Westbrook could not be contained, scoring most of his 21 points right at the bucket.  Just take a look at his shot chart:  See that collection of orange dots in the lane?  Each one of those represents a little shred of pride one takes in man to man defense that Russell Westbrook stole and put in his back pocket.
  • Kevin Durant scored 37 points and was 15 for 15 from the free throw line.  How do you guard Kevin Durant? The answer is simple: you don’t.  It was amazing to watch Durant miss fairly easy shots in the All Star Horse competition, and then watch him come out and absolutely shred players in real games.
  • Rasheed Wallace had his best game of the season.  I know his 27 point performance earlier in the season was really impressive and fun to witness, but this one was hope-inspiring.  Sheed played to his strengths, dominating the Thunder’s post players, hitting big threes within the offense, and got one VERY BIG offensive rebound.  Despite the loss, this game could have revved Sheed’s engine enough for overdrive.  Better late than never huh?
  • Kendrick Perkins had three big blocks- one in particular on some great help defense on Russell Westbrook
  • The Celtics shot 60% from the floor…and LOST!  That is almost unheard of.

The Celtics, of course, lost.  Thus, this game was not without any objections:

  • The Celtics got very little from Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels.  Daniels played some pretty solid defense, but he should be getting at least eight points.  He is at least eight points good. At least.
  • Despite my post earlier today describing Glen Davis’ ineptitude from outside of ten feet, he failed to prove me wrong.  (In your best John Stewart feel-good voice) two words: Shooooooooooottttttt Charrrrrtttt:
    Weak Baby, weak.

There is so much more I can write about this game but I want to hear from you.  Cheer up ILG, this was a great game.

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  • I love Green

    No, I won’t cheer up. Im gonna be pissed all night, all day at work, and until we defeat a healthy, relevent team I’m gonna be angry at this team.

    But yes it was an entertaining game, one we should’ve won though.

  • hank

    It was a great offensive game but i don’t know what you are talking about.The celts defense was again very porous.Yes Durant is a terrific player but the c’s could have done a much better job on the other guys.How do you shoot 60% and lose a game at home? simple… you play no team defense.

  • Dan

    That can’t be BBD’s entire shot chart. I’m almost certain he was blocked at the rim at least once.

    One other thing not in the summary: the fouls. If we look at True Shooting % or other stats that take that into account, we find that the Thunder actually shot at about the same % as the C’s. Throw in a couple more offensive boards and a few less turnovers for the Thunder and that’s the game.

  • Steve

    No, Glen Davis got stuffed under the rim by the all-defensive duo of Collison and Harden. Once in a blue moon, Davis will make a shot in a crowd under the basket. 99 percent of the time, he gets stuffed. I wish he got the hint and stopped trying to prove something he can’t and just pass the ball out. It negates any value from the offensive rebound.

  • DRJ1

    How do you shoot 60% and lose? By playing beat 5 guys vs.with 8. Refs stole this game.

    Sure, there were a few too many Celtics TOs, and some tighter defense would have been useful… but the Cs earned this win, and the refs stole it away. It’s as simple as that, bottom line.

    Which is why KG – for what I think is the first time ever – dropped the F-bomb on live TV when asked about the foul discrepancy, and why Doc asked the press to write about it, since he couldn’t say what he wanted to say (without generating a league fine).

    As Doc said… when they play badly and lose, they know it and accept it. But when they play a great game and lose because the refs decided to steal this one… that hurts. (Even though the loss actually means very little.)

    The good news is that they outplayed a very talented, tough, young team, and did it rather easily. I would HAPPILY take tonight’s performance by the Cs in EVERY GAME from now to the end of the playoffs — I’m confident that they would then, pretty handily, win the championship.

  • KOD

    Was at the game tonight and it was spectacular – especially if you like good offense. To put it mildly, both teams had it going on the offensive end of the court. Durant, Westbrook, Green for OKC, and Rondo, Sheed, and KG for the Celts.

    However, as good as the game was – it still had to leave an incredibly sour taste in the mouths of all Celtics fans. Reason for this was the egregiously poor performance of the officiating team. The calls were glaringly bad all night long, and the young road team got the benefit of virtually every call. How else could you explain a plus 17 FT disparity in favor of OKC? How else could you explain a home loss for the Celts in a game where they shot nearly 70% from the field through 3 full quarters, and 60% for the game? Durant himself made just about the same amount of FTs as the entire Celtics team attempted. And this in a game where the Celts took the ball to the hoop consistently and scored a ton of points in the paint.

    In what type of bizarro NBA world does a young road team get all the respect and every call in a game while the veteran-laden home team gets absolutely none?

    What a shame that the outcome of this otherwise well-played game was decided by the one-sided horrendous display put on by the officials. KG’s expletive filled postgame press conference will likely get the attention of the league, but in reality the league should review the game tape and fine the officiating crew for the embarrasing performance they disgraced the league with on Wednesday night.

  • GranTur

    Refs jobbed us……

    Nate made some nice passes that went unnoticed.

  • Say what you will in regards to the officiating — as bad as it may have been—anyone on this board who thinks the C’s are even close to competing for a championship — your delusional.Right now they will be fortunate to get past the 1st round. And if Doc is around next year the C’s don’t have a prayer of even finishing in the top 4.

  • DRJ1

    @Stephen– I’ll call your bet and raise you all-in. I think that if the Cs played like they just played vs. the Thunder in EVERY game from now till the end of the playoffs… they’d win the championship, and pretty easily.

  • Sam

    I agree great game overall, the refs of course were awful, Durant can’t be stopped he’s just that damn good.

    This was the first game where I didn’t want to scream at Sheed, “What the hell are you doing out there?” Instead I was like, “See what happens man when you play inside and work your way out to the three point line instead of the other way around.

    Ray missed those three’s at the end that would’ve made him the hero, but he’s still one of the guys you want the ball to go to in a situation at that.

    Rondo’s had 7 assists in the loss to the Spurs Sunday and 11 tonight, which means he’s 2 away from another record right?

    Pierce looked better than I thought he was considering the stingers.

    KG, is looking better and better as well.

    Perk, didn’t expect 3 blocks from considering his knee so good for him.

  • I admire your optimism –however I disagree with your point that if the Celtics played every game until the end of the year the way they played tonight that they’d win the championship. That is unless we are only talking from an ”Offense” standpoint.

  • Jrmz

    Stephen says:
    April 1, 2010 at 1:04 am

    I admire your optimism –however I disagree with your point that if the Celtics played every game until the end of the year the way they played tonight that they’d win the championship. That is unless we are only talking from an ”Offense” standpoint.


    I’m in an agreement with DRJ1. We played well tonight and defensively, we could not do ANYTHING at all because every touch on Durant was a foul to the refs. I mean how the hell then do you defend Durant? How in the damn world can anyone play defense when everytime they drive down the court, they either make a shot or get to the foul line. When even Sheed is playing well, how much more can we actually do? Or in fact how much more can ANY team in the league do after shooting 70% for 3 quarters, 60% overall? Would the Lakers have beaten em? Hell no. Would Orlando have beaten em? Heck no. When Orlando beat the Thunder earlier this year, there was no 15 FT difference. There was a 3 FT difference. When the FT discrepancy is at such a ridiculous level, I was surprised we even kept it close.

    Therefore, if we actually did play as well as we did tonight, and with fairer refs of course, I’d say we’re good for the playoffs.

  • Jrmz—Once again-The C’s did play well tonight–Offensively-However even taking n to consideration that the refs were babying Durant the C’s still allowed 109 on their home court. And their rebounding still stinks compared to where it should be. Offense comes and goes–but good D has to be a constant–not on again–off again, That;s the C;s main problem. That–and their clueless coach.

  • holy cow

    Actually, all of this t.i.t.t.y baby crying is a classic case of cognitive dissonace, or for you ignorant Bostonians – denial. The Celtic cans are in complete shock that they were in position to tie or break a shooting percentage record, and still got beat by a younger, hungrier….. and shall we say…. better team? It is OK Boston fans, you can still think about the good old times while you spend the next decade rebuilding.

    I loved KG’s shove at the end of the game. AN old man who knows his time is done, his tires are shot, and that he just looked into the eyes of the next generation of dominant NBA basketball.

    It sucks to be old.

  • The one good sign for tonight’s game is that Rasheed finally got his head out of his rear end and got down on the block where he belongs. Now if he could start moving on defense we might have something.

  • Dan

    I’m a lifelong Celtics fan like the rest of you, but lets be fair, the officiating wasn’t the only reason the Celtics lost. Sure, there were some questionable fouls in favor of KD, but PP also got some earlier on in the game. KD getting to the FT line is just a lump you need to take.

    The real problem is that the Celtics try to play tough defense, but are a step slow and so end up fouling. The fact that the C’s are among the leaders in fouls given up has been a pretty common theme. Let’s not pretend that todays game was an abberation.

    The better questions to ask than “Why were the refs so bad?” are “Why couldn’t Rondo stay in front of Westbrook” and “After getting HUGE stops in the last 2 minutes, who’s going to step up and score?”. A championship team would work to overcome adversity, not whine after the fact.

  • DRJ1

    @Dan– It is extremely difficult for 5 guys to beat 8. You cannot give a good team like OKC a 34-17 FT advantage, and several unearned bad-call TOs, and expect to win.

    Of course the Cs COULD have pulled it out anyway, by hitting a couple more shots, and stopping them a couple more times. Cs can always (and should always) get better. But that does not erase the fact that the refs stole the game.

    Note also that, if memory serves, BOTH of Green’s last 2 threes (and definitely the last one) were made possible by illegal screens… which were not called, of course, by the refs who stole the game.

  • DRJ1

    @Stephen– Cs “allowed” 109 points in part because the refs handed 28 of them to OKC. That’s the point.

    And if you want to argue that OKC was more aggressive… the numbers don’t support that. Both teams were aggressive, but the Cs were MORE aggressive. Cs scored 54 of their points in the paint, vs. OKC’s 40. Theoretically (grossly speaking), Cs should have gotten more FTs. Or at least a roughly equal amount. Not HALF. Not 34-17.

    And all of that completely ignores the evidence of our own eyes… play after play after play we saw no-calls for the Cs and BS phantom calls for OKC, especially KD. That’s what actually happened.

    Just like KG said.

  • Jrmz

    However, Stephen is right when he says Doc was clueless. I mean why was TA not on the floor. Why was Durant running circles around Daniels. After all, TA is one of the team’s best defenders and I don’t recall him being injured for this game unless I missed that memo.

    The bright spot in all this may be that 4th seeding is better than 3rd for us..in the first round anyway. Since the Heat look like they could be 5th and the Bucks after tonight’s loss to the Cavs and a tougher game schedule may end up 6th. So we may actually want to meet the Heat instead of Bucks in the first round of the playoffs.

  • Jason

    Besides that horrible foul call on Pierce at the end of the game, I can’t blame the officials. Oklahoma got the line vastly more because they attacked the basket. It’s not like this is unusual for them. It’s part of their team identity and strength. They have volume free throw shooters like Durant, one of the best in the game, and Westbrook who can throw up big free throw numbers as well. Those two guys provide the added benefit of getting teams in the penalty and providing foul shots for the rest of their teammates.

    The only Celtic who gets to the line at all is Pierce. Rondo is another, maybe, but then again, you don’t want him getting to the line. In this game, I don’t know what if it was the stingers or not having the ball enough (a frequent enough occurrence), Pierce didn’t get to the line to match or at least narrow Oklahoma’s free throw advantage.

    That’s what chafes me the most, not using Pierce to get to the line. When they won the championship, one of the things that I admired about them was that they had every element needed to win. They could go to the low post with Garnett, they had a volume free throw shooter, they had three point shooting, they had speed in Rondo who could opportunistically push the pace and so and so on. With Pierce being relegated to a role player on offense most games, with Rondo captain of the ship, the free throw element is non-existent a lot of games.

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  • DRJ1

    @Jason– Cs were MORE aggressive. They scored 54 of their points in the paint, vs. OKC’s 40. Repeating that they got fewer calls is not an argument, it’s the point. KG, Paul, Rondo, Ray… heck, they all got the shaft.

  • MartzMimic

    Mmmm tears.

  • JP

    I can’t beleive Sheed actually hit the floor tonight, haven’t seen that all season. Great game, too bad C’s came out on the losing end.

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  • Perry


    Free throw discrepancy argument…legit.

    Offense clicking for sure, but it worries me that when this team needed a stop they bungled two successive possessions that would yield the same results.

    Down the stretch they couldn’t execute on either side of the court, and it’s becoming a reoccurring nightmare.

    Let’s just break this down with the Celts up 1 with two and change left.

    Just a horrible call on Pierce who appeared to have all ball. Durant makes em’ pay at the line. But at that juncture the Celtic offense gets trigger happy.

    On the very next possession they settle for a Rondo 20-footer with the shot clock at zero.

    Is that the shot we want?

    Green nails a three, then Ray comes back with a three point play of his own. Celts down by 1.

    Where’s the stop?

    Green essentially in the same spot drains another three!

    I’d like to see the tape again, but it looked to me like Kevin was responsible for the 3-point line because Sheed got pick off twice.

    They never adjusted and never scored again. Never attempted a shot in the paint.

    I’m not faulting Ray because he did make a play to the rim inside two minutes. True he missed two open threes, but so did Sheed with more than 10 seconds left on the shot clock. Yes he was open, and was hot, but collectively in the final two minutes they settled.

    Why didn’t the Celtics, who had a size advantage, try to win the game in the paint instead of the three point line?

    Am I knit picking or should I take this as another bad omen?

  • Dirk from OKC

    The C’s had 4 more fouls then OKC but shot 17 more FT..whats that tell you? 1. C’s had more and 1’s 2. Thunder made more 1 & 1s. 3. Nenad Krystic had to play a lot due to Collison and Ibaka fouled out or in foul trouble…Krystic is pretty bad at D.
    Add it all together and the FT complaint doesn’t make since…sure KDs rip move is frustrating…and Pierce may have had a clean steal…but yall are better then this….right??

  • Jay P


    Or it could also mean that the C’s were getting more away from the ball calls, and OKC was getting all the shooting calls. That would also explain the disparity between FTAs and total Fouls. Either way, don’t make that claim about “and 1’s” without some numbers to back it up.

    Away from the ball fouls makes more sense anyway because if you watch the replay on that game, if KD sneezed in the direction of the basket they called a shooting foul.

  • Dirk from OKC

    Number do make sense…but since I was just giving a list of reasons that could make a drastic difference in FTs like it was….
    You should take your own advice and give numbers for away from the ball fouls? but it is another good reason for the difference.

    I could only watch the first half and highlights. If you think it’s only KD getting “shooting” fouls then you got big problems..it’s a league wide thing…and I dispise it as well.

    KD is leading the league(I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) in FTs. So it’s not a random thing that he shoots a lot. and he is pretty good at em too.

    Good luck in the playoffs! You guys try to knock off Cle…and well try to take out LA…and meet in the championship…7 games like last night?? Ok Ill stop dreamin!

  • second_round_here_we_come

    man i didn’t need to look hard to see the difference we are with kg on the bench. i noticed how many head fakes baby takes before he goes up for the shot. if he could just dunk we would be all set! also marquis daniels has been useless of the bench. we need a young athletic pwr fwd next year.

  • Dirk from OKC


    Not trying to be a hack…but Jeff Green was drafted by the C’s…do you wish you had him instead of Ray Ray?? or are you satisfied with the way the last 3 yrs have gone…the ring does look nice!

  • DRJ1

    @Dirk et al– The # of fouls is misleading and irrelevant. It’s the NATURE of the fouls and the FTs handed out that count. As a perfect case in point: KD gets 3 FTs for getting fouled behind the arc even though there was no semblance of a shooting motion, which was very obvious. Paul gets fouled in the EXACT same way a couple of plays later, gets the whistle (so you see, the fouls “evened out”)… but zero FTs. If you’re going to steal a game, as these refs did, this is how you do it. So people will say “but the number of fouls were close.”

    And I’m more than a little sick of comments like “you guys are better than this,” or “stay classy.” What horse manure. I’ll tell you what’s not classy, spineless and silly: ignoring reality because it’s “uncool” to blame the refs or to “make excuses.” And what about those times when the refs actually DO steal the game? What, that NEVER happens?

    The evidence was right in front of our eyes. Play after play after play. So much so, that for (what I think is) the first time in his life, KG let the F-bomb loose on live TV when asked about it. KG knows this game was basically meaningless. But he’s got pride. He does not like being grossly ripped off as he and his team were in this game. Same applies for Doc. Bottom line is: What’s true is true, and if you don’t speak it, then you’re worse than useless.

  • DRJ1

    @Perry– There’s no question that the Cs could have played even better than they did, and pulled this game out despite the refs. That’s probably always true.

    That 2nd Green 3 was set up by an illegal moving pick… one of dozens of OKC violations the refs ignored. Not sure about the first one… and I’d have no problem agreeing the Cs should have done a better job defending it.

    None of that changes the story of the refs stealing this game.

    A couple of other things come to mind… 1) When you’re in a game of 5 vs. 8, it’s hard to stay focused and intense, I would think. 2) Though I think the Cs played very well altogether, there were lapses, for sure. This game, after all, was still pretty meaningless to the Cs… much as they tried to win it, their motivation will be a lot higher in the playoffs, when winning games will finally count for something.

  • Dirk from OKC


    Like I said earlier I only got to watch the first half…and the fouls you described were in the second I believe. KD does the ‘rip move’ about every game..so to see him get the call is not surprising.

    Refs do alter games..obviously..but (again from what I watched) this didn’t seem the case. Boston plays tough D…which is why they are # 1. but sometimes you get called for it.

    I say ‘your better than this’ b/c I assume since people post on here means they follow the games…and if you watch games..you know the C’s are a ‘scrappy’ emotional team. (The Wallace, believe it was him, play where he just grabs Ibakas arm and pulls him away from a streaking Ray? comes to mind.)

  • Dirk from OKC

    and every other pick in the league is an illegal pick, and players walk all the time…this isn’t a last night issue…it’s an every night issue.

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  • you guys need to wake up. the c’s are a step slower than the thunder and committed numerous fouls as the KD and RW were running by them. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?categoryId=2459789&id=5045778. About the :47 mark Daniels nearly tackles durant after he goes by him and then throws a fit about being called for a foul. Show me proof of a bad call in the thunders favor or quit whining.

    The C’s are just slow

  • Perry


    Thanks — I have to watch that clip again because you and everyone else agree it was illegal. Cryin shame.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    Anyone complaining about the refs, watch the next game on mute so your opinions aren’t polluted by TommyH. Yes, KD got some freebies, but Pierce has been a master of drawing phantom calls for years. NBA fouls are generally called by what happens before the incident that led the foul. You get the advantage on your man man and get him reaching, you can work the call all the time. Besides, we all got to enjoy a KG Fbomb.

    Overall, a great game. We know the guys can play D but I didn’t know they could score like that against a strong D. Although we will haven’t beat a top team other than Mavs in ages…..this game has renewed hope.

    I’m saying it now SHEED IS GOING TO TEAR IT UP IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!!…..wouldn’t be surprised to see him play more minutes than perk. He plays like that, this team is dangerous again.

  • Dirk from OKC

    Not gonna lie Ollie I didn’t see any fouls really in that vid…esp not around th .47 mark.

  • http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5046383. In this video is the second three by green at the 2:19 mark and your so called illegal screen. The screen was textbook. The play right before that is the KG oop. After he scores he comes up complaining he was pushed. He was not pushed although he did push off of Westbrook at the top of the key for the pick.
    Quit whining

  • Dirk from OKC


    Im pretty sure OKC is top 5 in D…so you played a pretty good unit last night…60+% helps…

    I tip my hat to you not blaming the refs…although they did have a few questionable calls. you are truely a gentleman and a scholar.

  • @Dirk
    The Thunder are sixth in defense. C’mon maaaan, readd myyy preview (pouts, takes ball and goes home)

  • Dirk from OKC


    My bad..my bad..
    I gave you a Ferrell quote, so we should be even?

    This is my first time to the site, really just wanted to see what was being said bout KG and the FTs and such, but

    Celts fans have a history that Thunder fans could learn from, so I may drop back in once in a while..plus your between game topics (just got done reading a few) exite me. Pause.

  • Jax

    For all of you who think that there was a large foul discrepancy in this game, you have obviously not done your research.

    25 fouls for the Celtics.
    21 fouls for the Thunder.

    There was a large discrepancy at the free throw line, but that was due to Boston getting a majority of their foul shots “and 1” style.

    A difference of 4 fouls is minor. The ball just didn’t bounce the Celt’s way.

    Compare this to the Cavs/Bucks game last night…

    29 fouls for the Bucks.
    12 fouls for the Cavs.

    Now THAT, is a foul discrepancy worth complaining about.

  • Jay P


    Read up, you’re making the same argument Dirk did, there’s no numbers to back up it being “and 1s” and it could just as easily have been the C’s only getting non-shooting calls, and OKC getting all the gives on shots.

    And don’t say it’s because OKC get to the rim more, because the box score does show points in the paint, and it’s not even close, C’s were FAR more aggressive inside, but did not get to the line.

    You can’t look at total fouls and say there was no discrepancy, officials can have just as much bias in when they call shooting fouls as total fouls, and those are the calls which make the difference, because they put points on the board.

    Look at the numbers and make an argument rather than just coming here and saying “it was and 1s.”


    I would take my own advice, but I didn’t present the argument in the first place. I was just pointing out you can’t make this all-knowing claim about “and 1s” without looking at the other possibilities too, that being non-shooting fouls, which are EXTREMELY open to official bias and judgment.

    The burden of proof lies on the accuser.

  • Dan

    I agree with the comment about watching on mute. Since I have LPBB, I’ll usually put the audio for another game on. It sounds as though some of you guys but into Tommy’s theory that the all refs met at the beginning of the year and decided to collectively call certain things only against the C’s.

    The Celtics are among the leaders in FTs given up. KD and the Thunder take a ton of them on average, and make them. Put those two together and this seems like a perfectly reasonable outing.

  • DRJ1

    {Shaking head in disbelief} — all the arguments back and forth about stats, and when fouls were called, etc. DID YOU WATCH THE GAME OR NOT? The bad calls were coming so fast and furious, I actually lost count. The most egregious were like the 3 FTs KD got FOR NOTHING… followed by an identical foul on Paul (behind the arc) that netted him zero FTs. Or the foul called on Paul for hitting NOTHING but ball. And there were dozens of others.

    If you choose to blind yourself for the sake of appearing “cool” and “tough” and “non-whiny” — be my guest. I doubt you’re tougher than KG, and he saw fit to vent his disgust with the refs in this game, possibly for the first time ever. I am content to be on the same side as KG. Blind lemmings were never my cup of tea.

  • stephen

    Ok–Did the refs cost the C’s the game last night or didn’t they? Good arguments both ways on here. The Celtics have 2 games left on this home stand.For the 2 prior seasons before this one–If the Celtics felt they had a game stolen from them by the refs, they would take it out on their upcoming opponents. Settle it on the court!!! — Houston on Friday and then Cleveland on Sunday — National Tv —- If the C’s have any mojo left—-Prove it !!!! — Talk is cheap—Show me the money!!!!!

  • DRJ1

    @stephen– they may or may not (show you the $). These games are all practice / experimentation time for the team and for Doc. Actually winning them doesn’t mean much. (Unless they remain pissed off… in which case it would be fun.) Crunch time will begin when the playoffs do.

  • Dan

    @DJR1: Of course I watched the game, why else would I comment on it.

    One example in particular. The questionable foul given to Russell Westbrook (in the 2nd maybe?) where he shot an airball as he fell backwards. Tommy got furious at the replay claiming there was minimal contact. People here have said it was a blatant bad call.

    Head over to Daily Thunder – which along with this site is one of the best NBA blogs around. People in their recap comments are KILLING Tommy and calling him a homer, claiming it was obvious (albeit somewhat incidental) contact. They also got furious about a lot of the calls that Pierce drew.

    My point: two people can see the same thing and come to opposite conclusions. Unless you have reason to think the game was deliberately rigged – which is a touchy subject in the NBA, but probably not relevant for a meaningless regular season game – then I just think its hard as an admittedly biased observer to claim the refs cost them the game. This was not Game 6 of the 2002 WCF.

    It’s also not as if there weren’t obvious flaws in the C’s game plan and execution. They also had multiple chances to win it down the stretch. The Thunder hit their big 3’s at the end, the Celtics didn’t.

    Also, about your “whiny” comment: Even if I agreed that the referring was awful, instead of on par for the NBA, my point was that it isn’t productive for the players to be going to the Rasheed Wallace route and blaming everyone else. That’s not the sign of a winning mentality.

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  • stephen

    Dan — In regard to DJR1’s comments I will chime in and say that these games being played down the strech run here are just ”experimentation” as he put it–well I’m glad he said that because therin lies the problem with many of the Celtic players attitudes who are approaching these games like that and if it doesn’t change and soon—The C’s will find themselves ”experimenting” their way right out of the playoffs—-Early!!!

  • DRJ1

    @Dan– I think we agree on most everything. Tommy’s often ridiculous… I pretty much ignore him these days… don’t think his brain is what it used to be. And I agree that the Cs’ game was certainly flawed.

    But we need not worry AT ALL about the Cs’ getting whiny or blaming others. This is the #1 first time ever that KG has ever done this, to my knowledge. He had good reason last night. But there’s no danger of Sheedism spreading to the team… it’s the other way around, I think, coming soon.

    And I absolutely refuse to hazard guesses as to WHY the refs stole this game… none of us has any data on which to base any guess. Possibilities range from one ref having a pimple on his butt, all the way to some grand conspiracy, and all points in between. All I know is that they did steal it. And they do this kind of thing from time to time all over the league. Who knows why. It sucks, the refs are the NBA’s biggest flaw… etc., etc., and all we can do about it is (a) continue to complain when it happens (silence is the worst option), or (b) stop following the NBA. Someday I will choose option b… but not yet… not yet. Got a couple more championships to win first. 🙂

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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    KG was pissed because he couldn’t close out on Green’s two 3s that sealed the deal. Couple years ago he would have been able to cover that ground easy. No stress. I enjoyed the f-bomb entertainment and glad to see this team getting fired up.

    I am a Celtics fan, and the only call that got me angry was Pierce’s late strip on KD, it was a great play…..but live by the reach, die by the reach. The rest I thought balanced out ok over the game.

    I know I’ll get hated on for this, but Cs fans gotta chill out and enjoy last night’s game. The Cs proved they can score big on an athletic D even with Ray ice cold. Sheed is money. The guys are fired up, emotional, and have something to prove. Last night’s game was a very, very positive sign for the playoffs.

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  • DRJ1

    No hate at all koolaid– agree, the game was a net positive, bodes well going forward into the playoffs.

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