Post-game Reactions

Sure sounds like it. Here’s Doc in the Herald:

“We have to do a better job of getting him the ball on the post and activating him, maybe,” Rivers said. “Sometimes players need to be activated to get them going. So maybe that’s it. I don’t know. I’m reaching. We need him to be the best defensive player on our team at times, a better rebounder.

“It could be his confidence. Your hand is hurting when you come back, you’re scared to do things. He does still lose the ball a lot with that hand. Confidence has to be a factor.”

This sounds to me like a coach talking about a player he feels is still an important part of the team.

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  • Sam

    In away he is, but I’ve watched since he came back and to me it looks like he still winces whenever he catches a pass… And does like Doc said lose the ball with that at times as well. That’s understandable, you don’t heal heal from a thumb injury like he had quickly..When he’s on his game and confident he getting points in the paint, he’s handling the ball well, and he’s rebounding. We need him too confidently do that.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    doc is more worried about being liked than being a good coach. he’d say the same thing about sheldon, TA, scal, finley, sheed, whoever.

    he no longer has a team that can coach themselves. he needs to adapt his approach and tighten it up. the warm and fuzzy thing is going to get him fired by next year.

  • still enjoying #17

    Tony Allen is a better defender, and from what I remember reading in an earlier post, has similiar offensive numbers…..AND is much more of a spark off the bench. Let T.A. play, he is hitting his stride (don’t play him in crunch time though, still scares me)

  • Craig C

    Maybe they should start Daniels and bring R. Allen in off the bench! I think I read an article about that not too long ago.

  • Jay P

    Daniels is still very dangerous in the post, he can turn and hit that short jumper extremely well, and if he spins off his man and get’s baseline, he’s proven to still be a capable finisher in close.

    They just need to alter how they use him, post him up and let him operate, stop thinking of him is this slasher/get to the rim type guy. Get him in the post against favorable match ups (and there are lots of them in teams second units) and let him go to work.

    It’s simple, with TA and Daniels, both have shown to be capable defenders (edge to TA though, no doubt) and it’s all a matter of the match ups for who you play. This is where Doc needs to start thinking about his lineups more.

    Teams which have slower, bigger swing men in, put in TA, let him drive past and get to the rim, get the team running. Teams which have second string swing men who are smaller and more athletically, put and Daniels, run the half court sets and get him posted up.

    It really doesn’t seem that complicated to me…

  • Berkcelt

    Doc is reaching, I’m just not sure why. I only see room really for one swingman off the bench in the playoff rotation. Finley’s the only one who can shoot, so if we need shooting he’ll play. TA is by far the best defender and since according to Doc defense is the most important thing it seems like he should be the default swing guy. I guess if there’s a big 3 on the other team and Paul has to sit, you can make a case for Marquis, but I think I’d still go with TA in most cases (including Lebron).

    I just hope Doc doesn’t keep flip-flopping so it ends up both Tony and Marquis are out of rhythm come playoff time.

  • Perry

    If Pierce is forced to sit it will be interesting to see if Quis, who practiced with the first unit yesterday, can locate his game. I still believe in this guy, and I hope he can regain Doc’s trust.

    Part of his tentative play may stem from a role reversal. When the season started he was rounding into a pretty decent quarterback. It’s no coincidence when he bang up his thumb, Eddie started having trouble getting good looks.

    Now he’s back to the 3 spot, and hasn’t consistently responded to Doc’s substitution patterns since the Nate/Finley acquisitions.

    He seems to have enough quickness and length to shut down 2nd line guys, but the key for him will be to defend the iron…JJ, Carter, Lebron, etc.

    Defensively is where he’ll earn the minutes. If he can’t hold down the fort for 10-15 minutes we’ll see more of TA. Otherwise Quis should be the guy backing up Pierce and Ray once the playoffs get started.

  • I love Green

    He’s just gotta start being more agressive. Start looking for his own shot again, and stop hanging around the 3 point arc.

  • stephen

    Marquis Daniels has given the C’s next to nothing. Another ”Minor” thing our brilliant coach seems to be overlooking. So what else is new.