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The Celtics have crept up to 10th in defensive rebounding percentage after falling as low as 17th this season. It is essential this trend keeps moving in this direction if the C’s want to do any serious damage in the playoffs.

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Zach Lowe

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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    classic sheed

  • Jason

    This is admittedly bad, but he’s not the only culprit. All the bigs and even the the wings are guilty of this throughout this season. They need to revisit basics, meaning 10-year-olds know this stuff basics, like “ball goes up, find a man to box out.” That’s it.

    Btw, I’m curious what the correlation is to Rondo playing better perimeter D to the defensive rebounding improving. Less penetration, fewer rotations, fewer bigs out of position for rebounds. The rebounding might be the improved metric, but is the underlying cause simply better rebounding effort, KG getting healthy, playing some poorer rebounding teams and/or playing stouter perimeter D? The “what” is nice, but I’m interested in the “why” and ultimately in knowing whether or not it’s a blip or if it will be sustained.

  • @Jason. I know Sheed isn’t the only culprit, but I thought this was an egregiously bad “box out” worth a quick post.

    Your point about the perimeter D and offensive rebounding is a good one. I generally think the C’s fare pretty well here. Compare them to a team such as the Hawks or Denver, who switch on almost every screen/roll, and you can see that at least the C’s aren’t caught with Ray Allen or Rondo trying to box out a big guy too often.

    The fact is that in a screen/roll league, there are going to be rotations on most possessions, no matter how well Rondo plays. But he can certainly play at a level so high that it helps limit the length/# of those rotations.

  • Jason

    First, I’m no Sheed apologist. I know this is one example, just saying it’s been systematic.

    Anyway, it’s not necessarily the screen-roll D or switches or mismatches, but the out-of-positioning and glass vulnerability it forces. A wing gets in the lane, a big has to step up and contest, the shot goes up, the big is defending the shot and way out of position while his man is rolling unabated to the rim and has no resistance to an easy offensive board. It’s that particular situation I’m curious has been significantly mitigated, basically allowing the big men to remain close to their own men and able to box them out instead of being forced to abandon their men because of lax perimeter D.

  • Jason

    And yes I pointed out Rondo, but I really do hold the entire wing defense responsible as a whole. The reason I only stated Rondo was because a) he’s got this rep as a gambler and not keeping his man in front and b) the way he hounded Brooks just sticks in my mind and I can’t help think that Rondo’s making a conscious effort to stay in front more and that in turn is one of the big reasons the defensive boarding has improved. Nothing scientific or from breaking down tape, just trying to spark a cause-effect discussion.

  • Ray Leighton

    Jason actually is bringing something up that Doc said a couple of months ago when a reporter asked him why the Cs were doing so poorly with defensive rebounds. Doc said that the perimeter defense was allowing too much penetration and it was forcing the big guys to come up and help and that this took them away from the glass. This seemed to be during a stretch when it seemed like Ray was getting beat a lot, and Rondo was perhaps gambling too much.

    That said, the comment bothered me for two reasons — first, the defense seems to be at its best when KG is cheating up to help out (maybe what Doc was really saying was that a healthy KG gets back in time?), and second, none of the above changes the fact that the Cs were not boxing out.

    Zach, thanks as always for the great (although sometimes painful-to-watch) clips.

  • DeVelaine

    @Zach: How did you manage to start getting clips from your DVR to your computer? Or are you just finding these online somewhere?

  • @Dev: There’s a little gadget you can buy that can pull clips from your DVR to your computer. Several, actually, depending on whether you have a Mac or PC and how much you’re willing to spend.

  • Jay P

    Is it just me or does it look like Sheed actually steps out of Birdman’s way?

    “Oh… I feel someone coming in behind me, I better move a step to my right otherwise he might make contact with my McDonald’s belly and cause my fat ass to wiggle around.”

    God I hate him.

  • DeVelaine

    I probably already have such a device, but I’m probably going to be breaking out the google-fu to find something that’ll do the trick in Linux.

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