Post-game Reactions

Update: The prognosis is a sore left knee for Perk. His status is day to day. 

Update #2: He’s out Sunday, too. 

An update from the TD Garden, where Kendrick Perkins will be inactive tonight. No word yet on the reason, Head Coach Doc Rivers did not comment on the move in his pregame media availability period. Rasheed Wallace will start in his place.

Quick Analysis: Common sense here says Perk is sitting tonight against an inferior opponent as a way to just give him rest when the team doesn’t need him. In Utah earlier this week, it was noticeable how much he was struggling with his lift, so this could be some kind of foot/leg injury the team is being cautious with.

More updates on Perk’s condition from The Garden as the situation develops.

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Brian Robb

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  • john

    Sore knee..nothing serious

  • rondoislove

    He’s out Sunday too? Yikes. Is it just me or does it seem like the Celtics have gotten into hiding things now? (i.e. Pierce’s most recent procedure on his knee)

    P.S. — This has nothing to do with this particular post, but I thought some of you might like it. I came across it on one of my friend’s pages…


  • DRJ1

    Doc gave us some great news tonight, before the game. He said that the reason we’ve sometimes seen two different KGs from game to game (e.g., Rockets after Knicks) was that they’ve been working him extra hard between games, so that sometimes he just can’t bring it in the actual game (due to over-tired muscles). That means they’re having him do extra-hard muscle-building exercises. Doc finished by saying KG will DEFINITELY be completely ready for the playoffs, which is their goal.

    This is huge. It removes almost all doubt over which KG will show up for the playoffs… it WILL be 100% of the 2008 version.

  • Jason

    Just starting the 3rd Q of the Kings game and perusing the boxscore and I just love what I see.

    Rondo: double-digit assists
    KG: double-digits boards
    Ray: 60% from 3
    Pierce: 9 fouls shots
    Team: 11 steals, only 6 TOs
    Kings: 36% shooting, 6 blocks against

    It’s only the Kings, but those are great indicators of success for this team, no? Rondo dishing, KG boarding, Ray stroking, Pierce driving, excellent D. That’s the formula, right, the way it’s drawn up? Good stuff.

  • Mike

    Yes indeed, Jason. The Green machine is running on a cylinders tonight.

  • Jason

    Kiss of death. As soon as I post that, they end up getting out scored by 15-20 the rest of the game. Yeesh

  • Jason

    Thunder SPANKING the Lakers. Wow.

  • rondoislove

    @ DRJ1:
    As much as I’d love for it to be true, I don’t really think KG can come back 100% to his 2008 form.. =\ Age really can have an effect on people who’s careers involve so much physical activity and as we all know.. KG has put a lot of miles on his long, skinny legs. Of course I’m not saying he won’t be any good for the playoffs.. just not 100% 2008 form.

    Thunder just SPANKED the Lakers tonight 🙂 I wonder.. was the Thunder defense THAT good or was the Laker offense THAT bad tonight? Kobe alone had half the team’s turnovers with 9 all by himself.. wow.

    Atlanta also lost to the 76ers tonight so the C’s have the better record… for now.

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  • DRJ1

    @rondoislove– That’s exactly why what Doc said was so great to hear. I’ve been thinking the same thing because of his up and down performances. But I understand those now, and I note that his peaks keep getting higher and higher, even now. I believe now that he will reach the full 100%.

    We’ll see, and soon, obviously… it’s just that what Doc said was very encouraging.