Post-game Reactions

Rasheed Wallace has been the subject of much disdain on this website, not just for his subpar play, but racking up technical fouls at an astounding rate. Sheed was far and away at the top of the pack for T’s with 13 technical fouls through just 53 games, setting a strong pace. The magic number for technicals is 16, in which a player receives a one game suspension, seemed almost a formality at that point in the year for Wallace.

Then a funny thing happened though…..Sheed cooled off and decided to keep his mouth shut on the floor for awhile.

Well maybe keeping his mouth shut would be an overstatement, but he has maintained a more….let’s say reasonable……on the court demeanor, in his last 18 games, racking up a whopping 0 technicals in that timespan.

So what has been the difference these last few weeks with Sheed? There have been certainly a few less “AND 1’S” and “BALL DON’T LIE” coming from the big man’s mouth. Given Sheed’s and the team’s poor play, prior to the past couple weeks, I would hope it’s possible that Wallace got the message that his antics weren’t helping the team…..well at all.

It’s one thing to rack up T’s when you’re the star of a team, it’s another if you are doing it while putting up one of the worst 3 point shooting seasons in Celtic history.  Adding to the disappointment with selfish technicals and an eventual suspension was just pouring salt on the wound for this offseason mistake by The Green brass. Even Sheed could see that.

So don’t applaud Sheed for being able to keep his mouth shut the past month. This kind of on court demeanor should be demanded from a role player like Wallace. So now that Sheed has wised up with his 3 point attempts and technicals, let’s see if he can make the next step in his game, becoming the X Factor for this team we all hoped he would be last summer.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • He could have been T’d up plenty of times over those 18 games. Either he’s been lucky or the refs are giving him more leeway as he approaches 16.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I think Sheed is trying to diffuse himself, & the refs are leery of that 16 number. I just wish Sheed would give up on the 3s (unless it is a blow out win) & go inside. Seriously, even when he misses, he has some beautiful post moves which are just absolutely exquisite. EVERY commentator I’ve ever heard doing games has lamented, why, oh why, does he not go in the paint more? Maybe we could hypnotize him or have all the cheerleaders form a pyramid & do a special Sheed cheer for every post shot. He gets those long arms extended & lets the ball loose so high that nobody is touching that ball. It’s such a thing of beauty and yet….. We might also have a marching band & streamers /confetti falling from the rafters with each Sheed post. It is not shameful that he cannot hit the 3. We could all care less if he never shot another 3. We would all love it if he would go inside where his post moves mystify opponents. It is shameful that he will not stick with the post game which could just totally demoralize the other team. The other team is smiling & filled with glee when Sheed SETTLES for 3s.

  • Jason

    This is the marathon version of playing with 5 fouls in the fourth quarter. You’re more cautious just to avoid fouling out. I don’t think Sheed deserves credit for any kind of wisening up.

    To nail home the point, I would guess all the early season leaders like Perk and Kobe have fallen off the pace right? They started off headed for 16, but they’ve chilled, too. It’s the way you play the game. Maybe you approach the line more quickly than others, but ultimately you don’t crossed it. Sheed’s no saint because he has 0 Ts in 18 games; he’s just playing the same game the other hot heads are.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    the Ts are one thing….but sheed seems to have cooled off his love of the 3 lately. i don’t know if he will ever give up the reaching on D and move his feet instead…..but he has definitely been improved over the last 20 games or so on all fronts. i have hope he will be a positive X factor in the playoffs.

  • Jason

    Btw, I’m still waiting for the pace numbers (and analysis, too) from the Denver game. When are those coming?

  • DRJ1

    My Sheed had BETTER step up for the playoffs, as he has said (or at least intimated) he will. When “the Big Boy shots” start, he better come up big. Do what he’s told… no more loitering at the arc… JUMP for rebounds…. BEND at the waist from time to time… etc.

    If he doesn’t, Doc’s got some options now. But not enough. There better be no such “if”. Just do it.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @DRJ1: if everything else is clicking in the playoffs, i have faith sheed will understand his role and be a big positive for this team. if things get rocky, he’ll be the last one who’ll help steady the ship.

    in sheed we trust

  • Cptn Bubbles

    From DRJ1….no more loitering at the arc… JUMP for rebounds…. BEND at the waist from time to time

    Nice! Especially like the BEND at the waist from time to time

  • Jay P

    I wont hold my breath.

  • strips

    lol @ the cptn: pyramids or special cheers!

    yeah, anything to get him to play inside…

    as for the T’s; call it what you want…maturity, shutting up, whatever. as long as he doesn’t do anything to hurt this team.

    he has played good D in the last few games right?

  • sheed is by far the laziest player in the nba, he doesn’t contest shots, he’ll either just let the player shoot without putting his hand in his face or he’ll foul someone rather than go for a block, we really need to trade him this offseason it’s really pissing me off watching him play when he’s on the court. I was hoping he would have turned it around by now but he just refuses to play hard at all. Put sheldon in and we will be much better, sheed would only b good to hit jumpers which he cant do anymore :/

  • mitch

    Everything comes down to execution, you can tell a man to post up, have special cheers, even shoot the shirt launching device at sheed before and during games…The man has to execute on his own and figure things out without our RA RA go sheed tactics…He needs to just execute more and less time yelling STRAIGHT UP!

  • Joel W

    Sheed has really stepped up his game in the not shooting department. In March he’s been averaging about 11 FGA/40 minutes. That number was about 15 for most of the season, and the three attempts are way down. At the same time, he’s getting to the line 50% more, and his rebound rate is up a bit in March.

    I still can’t stand having him on the court, and don’t think he should be touching Sheldon’s minutes.

  • DRJ1

    Much as I have been disgusted by Sheed’s performance this season, I have to say two things in his defense:

    1) If it was some kind of plan, or even a feeling, he had to soft-pedal the regular season because he is going to explode with his best game in the playoffs — I don’t really have a problem with that. Even think it’s a good idea. But to make that work, he has to ACTUALLY step up, in about 2-3 weeks, max. So I guess you could say the jury’s still out on Sheed, at least till then.

    2) I would hate to be hatin’ on Sheed instead of the refs, if the refs were actually at fault. There’s no doubt in my mind that at least half of all Sheed’s techs this year were unearned. Maybe more. We tend to forget that… because the other side of the coin is also true: Sheed should KNOW by now how they are and control his big mouth accordingly. But that doesn’t make the refs ACTUALLY RIGHT. They’re still most often wrong as wrong can be. They’re still the bane of a fan’s existence. They’re still the lowest scum on Earth… you get the picture. My disgust with Sheed will never reach anywhere close to how I feel about the refs who ruin so many of our games, and who call techs for no reason other than they feel like it, or it’s fun for them, or because Sheed has the temerity to say “And 1” where they can hear it. Sheed’s a (lazy) kid in a man’s body trying to have some fun. Some of the NBA’s refs are beyond redemption.

  • Ray Leighton

    As much as we all have gotten really frustrated by Sheed’s play this season, some of the blame for this has to go on Doc. How long do you let a player keep shooting 3s when he obviously is having a terrible season from outside the arc?? It would be one thing if it were Ray — someone who has had a long history of being a great 3-point shooter, and you are letting him shoot his way back into form — but Sheed hardly fits that category. And the sad thing is that Sheed really could and should be our best low-post threat.

    During last summer, Sheed was the player that I wanted the Cs to get, because I couldn’t imagine any second-rotation big from another team stopping Sheed in the low post. But for some reason, it seemed to take Doc about 30 games too many to realize that Sheed shouldn’t be shooting 3s.

    Maybe Doc needs to be reading CelticsHub. 🙂

  • still enjoying #17

    I agree with Ray. Doc should recognize that Sheed isn’t hitting his shots and take him out when he refuses to stop jacking up 3’s….I mean, we can resign Antoine Walker for that.

  • DRJ1

    @Ray– No question, when you first look at it, you gotta conclude that Doc should have done something about Sheed earlier. I suspect, though, that like practically everything else, it’s more complicated than it looks. I can imagine where Doc might have felt he needed to walk a fine line with Sheed, so as not to lose him like Detroit did last year. But as Sheed has had time to acclimate and grow closer to this team, and as we started to approach playoff time, Doc started to put more pressure on him – a little at a time.

    There’s no evidence yet that Doc’s approach will not work. Sheed seems to be getting it together now, or moving in that direction, and if I had to bet, I’d say he’ll flip his last switch when the playoffs begin – just as we all want him to.

    It’s gonna be real interesting to see what happens in this little side-drama….. Actually, it’s not so little… could make all the difference.

  • AJ

    @Ray & @ DRJ1 — I agree on the Doc thing. But I feel despite the improvement in his behavior, there’s still a lack of effort. We’ve seen little plays of fantastic low post moves that reminisce of Sheed’s past play.
    But I think the biggest part is really his defense which simply just seems deflated. That seems to me, moreso, an issue of motivation. He doesn’t step out on shots quite a bit. The thing that annoys me more really is when he fails to make the (motivated) play, he just fouls the shooter, which I don’t really think is a good way out. I mean, one of the strongholds for Celtics basketball is that our offense comes from defense..right?
    I agree in the department he’s shaping up in shot selection and behavior, but what I’m really waiting for is that spark back in the backcourt D. Who am I to say, though…

  • aarongoil20100408
    I agree in the department he’s shaping up in shot selection and behavior, but what I’m really waiting for is that spark back in the backcourt D. Who am I to say, though…

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