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If you believe in regular season tests and the importance of getting into a nice groove before the playoffs, you should probably start watching the Celtics now.

Here comes the toughest prolonged stretch of the schedule this season:

3/19: @ Houston (35-31)

3/20: @ Dallas  (46-22)

3/22: @ Utah (44-24)

3/24: vs Denver (46-22)

3/26: vs Sacramento (23-45)

3/28: vs San Antonio (40-26)

3/31: vs Oklahoma City (41-25)

4/2: vs Houston (35-31)

4/4: vs Cleveland (54-15)

Yikes. That’s nine games against teams with a combined 364-241 (.601) record. Sure, six of those games are at home, but a) these are really good teams; and b) we all know what Boston has done at home this season.

So what’s the verdict: Does this stretch constitute a referendum on how good this team is right now? Are you looking for proof they can hang with the good teams? Or is this just another string of irrelevant regular-season games before the post-season starts?

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  • w2


  • I’d probably sign up for 5-4.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    no idea about the record….but the Cs need to show they can consistently be competitive against top squads. going to be a fun stretch to watch. they now have some confidence from the stretch of games against the ‘john wall tankers’…lets see if that carries over.

    i’ll be especially watching marquis. he has been amazingly improved and aggressive over the last few games – after being called out a bit. his attitude and contributions on O have been great. i thought he was given way too easy a ride from everyone previously – he has actually been passive, lost and ineffective on O most of the year. go quis!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    question for the celticshub gurus…

    can the celtics O handle a zone?

    the thought came to mind last night watching the bucks-clips. bucks made a huge run in the 3rd on the back of electric play by jennings. clips switched to a zone and the bucks O just ceased and they blew the game. i ask cause i was thinking jennings was playing a rondo type game (+a few 3s)….and that maybe rondo is not exactly the prototypical zone breaker, especially with the lack of a J. any thoughts/numbers? thanks.

  • Joel W

    I’ll take the over. 6-3. Win in Houston and Utah. Beat SAC, SAS, OKC, and Houston at home.

  • Ben

    I’m not going to predict an out come but rather interpret the results:

    0-3 wins – It’s worse than I thought. We’re not going past the first round.
    4 wins – They are what I thought they were. Not title contenders, but they won’t go down without a fight in the postseason.
    5-6 wins – Maybe they can make some noise in the playoffs and win a couple series.
    7+ wins – I’ll eat my hat, but you’d have to think they’d be contendahs.

  • Good thoughts, Ben.

  • Berkcelt

    Well, just eyeballing the schedule since Christmas, my rough tally (without looking at the actual records) says we are 1-12 versus the very good-to-elite teams with the only win being @LAL-minus-Kobes.

    Looking at the next 9, I’d say Dallas, Utah, Denver, San Antonio (I guess), OKC and Cleveland fit into that category of team we basically haven’t beaten since Christmas. This WILL be interesting. If the guys play hard and compete, I’ll take what we get.

  • Sal

    6-3. decent groove into the 1st round.

  • DRJ1

    In the middle. They’re all still meaningless regular season games, but since we are within 15 games from the end, they need to be getting ready for the real thing, which is why Doc’s pushing harder now. If the results weight heavily toward one side or the other, it’ll mean something. Otherwise, we still gotta wait for the playoffs to see their complete game. (Especially Sheed’s.)

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Koolaid, I’m not a guru, but the Cs faced a zone vs the Pistons (I think it was the 1st time they played them), & it worked because it caught them off guard & Ray’s shot was off. I remember Tommy yelling, get the big to the foul line & pass it to him, but they didn’t do that. They lost that game to the Pistons. You bring up an interesting thought though…..how about the Cs throwing down a zone on the Bucks or whoever? I love the idea of mixing up the D. I think the first time you played zone it would totally shock some teams & completely take them out of their rhythm. Some teams would definitely struggle against it, and some teams would know what to do. I’m all for trying some different looks. If we are behind I would love to see some small ball with full court press with quicker guys like TA, Rondo, Nate, & Baby. I also wonder what it would be like if we went big sometime & played 3 bigs KG, Perk, & Sheed at the same time (with no passes to Sheed behind the 3pt line).

  • Koshal

    Sorry,4-5 here.

  • mitch

    9-0 ..If paul shoots 20 free throws every game, attack the rack!

  • joseramosceltic

    they are going to go 9-0 no one can stop them thats what i think koshal

  • Dave

    3-6 they have problems with good teams.

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