Post-game Reactions

He turns the ball over a lot. He can’t really shoot foul shots. He’s grouchy, ranks 3rd in the league in technicals and slumped through much of January and February.

But C’s fans feel a great deal of affection for Perk, and anecdotes like this one (from Doc Rivers regarding Paul Pierce’s explosion last night) explain a lot of that affection (via ESPNBoston.com).

There was a play right before they came out [of the game] where we should’ve thrown it to [Kendrick Perkins], and Perk said, ‘No, I told Paul to just keep being aggressive, we’ve got to get him back aggressive.’ So it’s great when everybody recognizes that.”

Team first.

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  • I love Perk!

  • tm

    Isn’t his struggle part of the reason why we are not playing well. Too many misses from close range, miss FTs, superman’s hand (hands of steel). I do have to admit he did stop a lot of annoying little fouls this year.

  • Sal

    Way to underrated as a player and as a professional. He and Rondo are gona be good for years to come…

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    perk-love: competitiveness, team play, will to win, being a grouchy a**hole to the opposition, defense on physical bigs.

    perk-hate: his D on finesse bigs, his mouthing at refs which leads to lack of ref-love, his insistence on breaking the elementary school hoops rule of never putting the ball on the floor near the hoop for no reason, his heavy build that says he might age fast (elton brand) unless he improves his finesse game.

    next year will prove what kind of contract he deserves…..great guy to have with the team for the rest of his career IF the money is right.

  • steve

    It seems Perk thrives when he gets his points in the flow of the offense. He struggles when he gets the ball on the low post and tries to make an offensive move and dribble the ball into the floor. Cutting and getting layups or dunks and putting back offensive rebounds suits him the best. And of course we have his usual great defense.

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