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Rondo: “I Don’t Think Anybody Can Beat Us”

Rajon Rondo is either appropriately confident or the guy standing outside his burning house telling anyone who will listen that the house isn’t actually on fire. Because he had this exchange with HoopsTV (hat tip: Kevin Arnovitz at TrueHoop):

HTV: The East is very tough this year with talented teams like the Cavs and Magic front runners for a trip to the Finals. The Celtics have kind of been left out of conversation regarding who may make the NBA Finals this year. What are your thoughts on that subject?

RONDO: Nothing. (It means) we beat ourselves if we don’t win it. I don’t think anybody can beat us. Atlanta swept us already, Cleveland is up two to one (now 3 to 1), Orlando is up two to one, but at the end of the day I think that we can beat any of those teams (in a playoff series).

The best part about this is how Rondo lists—accurately!—Boston’s horrid record against the East’s other three elite teams and then says, basically, Who cares?

What would Rajon say if he were on the Nets?

  • Jason

    Overall I love Rondo’s comments, not just these but all the disdain and sarcasm he shows for stupid questions. I care zero about playing the media relationship game and am glad a player has both the intellect and nerve to say what he really thinks and feels. That being said, I still can’t love this statement unconditionally because even if the Cs are better, when are they going to put their money where their mouths are? Huh? When? Eventually you have to put up or shut up. The playoffs can’t start soon enough for me because I’m dying to have this “are they for real or not?” question answered. It’s been a most frustrating regular season mostly because we can’t figure what this team really is.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    love the tude. if you don’t think you can win, it’s already over.

    would love to hear all the celtics increase the public smack-talking….make the other teams hate u even more and try and throw them off their game.

  • Dave

    True Hoop grabbed the money quote:

    RONDO: I don’t care who we play in the Finals.

    I am not convinced that the team can back this up, but I am anxious for the real games to start so we can see. Get healthy fellas, and lets see if you can make your marks in May and June.

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  • Cptn Bubbles

    Rondo thinks he is the best point guard in the league. That is a very good thing. I’m glad he is confident, but I want him to back it up with hard work & the desire to just flat out embarrass whoever he is playing against. If Rondo is just being arrogant & running his mouth then it’s just like the kid on the playground who everyone hated because he was all mouth & no action. When Rajon WANTS to play very hard he can shut people down & get his teammates playing out of their minds because he gets them super uber ez baskets. The problem is some nights Rondo is lazy or mentally somewhere else & he lets the pg from the other team into the lane & basically shadows them around the court. Shadows don’t play D. They just watch. Rondo can’t make the other Cs play D the right way, but he can solve 20% of the defensive problem by putting the hammer down on the opposing teams pg. If most of the opposition’s offense runs through their pg then you are cutting off the head of the snake. I would like to see him go mongoose now & set an example, but this is “the regular season.” Somebody asked me last year who would win between the Cavs & Magic. Everyone was picking the Cavs. I said I thought the Magic could beat the Cavs. People laughed at me & asked me why I thought that. I said, just look at what the Magic did to them during the regular season. Everybody told me, yeah, but that was just the regular season…..

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  • Dan

    It’s not like he was going to say:

    “Actually, we just can’t beat Altanta,”

    even if deep down this is what he thought.

  • Dan

    Following up, there are really only a handful of players that should ever be allowed to talk to the media. Most guys fall under the following, with the extremes coming out in post-game interviews:

    1) I’m crazy, don’t expect anything relevant/on topic from me (Artest, Marbury, etc.).
    2) I don’t respect the media and couldn’t care less about what they ask (Rondo, most coaches).
    3) I appreciate you asking me, but there’s really not enough going on up here to make my answer very interesting (the majority of players).
    4) I’m very honest, thoughtful, and have a deep appreciation and understanding of the game AND an ability to communicate it (Nash, Paul, KG).

  • Dan

    *That’s CP3, not PP.

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  • Anthony

    I dont understand the fuss over the comment. What’s he supposed to say??… “Yea, we have a horrible record against these teams and I’m pretty certain we’re going to lose against them in the playoffs”

    Didnt Boston sweep Atlanta the pass 2 year, yet everybody still stuck on how Atlanta gave them trouble in the first round??

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