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No Eddie Tonight; Lotsa Bill Walker?

And no Wilson Chandler, either, according to Newsday’s Alan Hahn (via NBC Sports). Eddie is dealing with an Achilles problem I hadn’t heard about, and I wonder how close we are to having the Achilles tendon renamed the Beckham tendon.

In any case, that’s a downer. I’d have liked to have seen Eddie play. Chandler is obviously a bigger cog in New York’s offense and has served as Mike D’Antoni’s preferred power forward for long stretches. The C’s enjoyed posting up KG in that match-up. What do the Knicks do now? The obvious move would be to slide Al Harrington into Chandler’s spot in the starting line-up. Harrington has hurt the C’s this season.

Still: This marks a second straight came against a bad team even further depleted by injuries. Good thing—the schedule is about to get brutal.