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So last night, after Nate Robinson’s off the backboard throwdown, (spare me the ethics lecture, Mike Breen), I couldn’t help but experience a flashback, to what was, in all seriousness, one of the highlights of the 05-06 Celtic season: An off the backboard, tomahawk dunk by the immortal Gerald Green.

Let’s compare that to last night’s throwdown:

Now, a couple things stand out about Gerald’s and Nate’s dunks.

1) TA is really good at throwing dunks off the backboard. Doc needs to find a way to incorporate this more into the offense.

2) As I said earlier, this play was one of the highlights of that 05-06 season. Think about that for a second when everyone, myself included, starts whining about this team, who though they may be floundering, is still 18 games over .500.

A word on the “controversy” surrounding the Robinson dunk and some final thoughts, after the jump

3) Re: The Celtics piling on with the Robinson dunk. I don’t buy it. Was it unnecessary? Yes. In my book though, if you are ever going to pull a maneuver like that, this was the perfect situation, up 25 with under a minute left against a bad team. The Pistons had long since quit at that point, so if they are going to give you the opportunity, I’m not going to admonish TA and Nate in going for it. It’s not like Detroit is going to hold any bad blood over it or be motivated by it, the C’s aren’t going to see them again this year.

So everyone who was worked up by this play….relax. It was a nice little show to reward the fans that stayed until the end in this blowout. Everything I said should be taken with a grain of salt, given I was one of those people in attendance, but if I was at Piston fan, I’d be more upset with my team for letting it happen, rather than Robinson and TA for showboating.

As for which one was better…..Green gets the nod in my book, for now. Curious to hear everyone’s take on which was more impressive, as well as whether either were “classless” moves. Maybe they were 20 years ago, but not in today’s NBA.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Jon

    well one thing this reminded me of was how much i hated gerald green.

    also just watching how each player handled the play was pretty interesting. gerald yelling an jumping around just shows the immaturity of that team 5 years ago. although nate hung on the rim he jogged right back to the defensive end quietly. this team doesn’t let their emotions get the best of them and more importantly knows when it counts. personally i think the last three games have been encouraging. the ball movement last night was terrific.

    as for the dunks i think TA did a fantastic job on hte one last night… did you see how far under the rim his was when he threw that pass up? and it always impresses me more and more to see nate whose 5 foot whatever throw it down. last night gets the win in my book

  • Adam

    Gerald Green’s dunk was more breathtaking to watch because of how high he got, but it’s always cool to see a guy who’s my height throw down like that.

  • Jason

    Definitely Green’s. Definitely zero reason for Nate’s dunk to even be a topic of conversation. People need to get the stop taking themselves so seriously.

  • hallik

    C’mon Gerald Greens Dunk was way better! The screaming shows emotion, not imaturity. It was a great play-non verbal basketball communication. Nate’s dunk was corny. Really nothing to celebrate, after getting spanked by Lebron! Thats why there was no emotion! 🙂

  • Jay P

    Greens dunk by a mile, I think it kinda caught Nate by surprise, once he realized TA was gonna throw it up there, it was too late for him to throw out any real acrobatics, otherwise I’d expect we’d see a lot more from a 3-time slam dunk champion.

    But Green’s dunk was insane, he was so high he was literally looking down through the hoop, and did you see how far his arm comes back when he catches it, he was full stretch. Amazing.

    And far all the crybabies out there saying it was unsportsmanlike… save it. Fans pay to see a game, they want to be entertained, that wasn’t show boating to insult another team, it’s giving the fans what they paid for.

    Detroit fans should be more upset that their team put up such a stinker that the game needed a play like that to keep people from falling asleep.

  • w2

    Mike Breen is terrible! Only slightly less embarrassing than Gerald Green.

  • Jeff

    Ok so for rating them I’d have to give it to Green as well, that was a sick dunk, with style all over it, Nate’s was nice but nothing flashy but can you blame him? its not like he had as long to gather.

    On the other note, Shut the bleep up for all of you saying “they shouldnt have done that” this is a professional sport, the pistons quit, they deserve to be punished, that guy didnt even try to play any defense. Doc put the bench in, they want their mins, so what if they game is over, they want playing time, and thats what they got. Please tell me someone would be upset if this happened with the starters in in the first half? no theyd say great play. thats just what it was a great play, in a great all around game by the celtics

  • Sam

    You got to give edge to Green, but I wasn’t upset at all last night by Nate’s dunk. Those that are well get over yourself there’s pelty of thing to merit getting upset over and that dunk isn’t one of them. Hello they gave us that, if they didn;t want to happen they should’ve I don’t know maybe at least tried to play some defense last night and stopped either TA or Nate.

    I was just excited to see Nate’s first dunk in a C’s uniform, it was his first right?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    let me ask it another way. when lebron is dancing and clowning around when the game is out of reach….how does that make you feel? …i absolutely want to see lebron eat elbow at that point. i loved when noah called out james on it cause no one on the floor was willing to do/say jack.

    i liked the dunk. all part of the game. to the victor go the spoils. the Cs best chance of winning is to become even more hated by opponents than they already are….detroit bad boyz style. they are not going to win the physical game but they can gain advantage by turning up the mental artillery (ex. kg on blatche)

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    in fact, i will guarantee the celtics lead the playoffs in fouls by a mile….

  • Joel W

    Agree with comments re: pro sports. In high school you can complain about running up the score, and maybe at the lower levels of college basketball. Once you’re above that though, get over it. These guys are paid athletes, and if they cared not to get dunked on like that they’d play defense.

  • Greens was better…..but Nate was more mature about it. Honestly that’s what garbage time is for. Ith the loosing teams defense has quit then be mad at them not Nate. What did u expect a layup? Please! That’s stupid! If I could I’d do a freaking back flip off the back board three60 between the leggs and rip the rim off shattering the glass in that situation! (gravity won’t allow all I just said but u get my point) anyone mad can grow up and let Nate dunk over u!

  • Banner 18?

    Oh Mike Breen, Mikey Mikey Mikey, relax with the comments at the announcers table. Yes the Celtics were up big, but it was also the Celtics bench vs. the Pistons bench (or starters but that’s not much of a difference anyway) and in trash time. Who cares if it was a blow out, are athletes not allowed to have fun anymore? Mike Breen needs to relax a little and enjoy the show!

  • KC

    I was pleased to see TA share the ball. He could have easily dunked it himself. Finley has stolen his thunder and his minutes, but TA was just being a very good teammate here, giving Nate a chance to shine. Instead of pouting about lost minutes, he seems to be taking a professional attitude and enjoying his team’s success.

    And Green’s dunk was way better.

  • I’m just pleased TA doesn’t hurt himself on any possible dunking opportunity.

  • DRJ1

    Just remember that Nate’s 5’6″. It’s incredible what that guy can do.

    As for the controversy. Two kids having fun, entertaining the crowd. What controversy? Other than that nauseating ref, that is.

  • Freddy

    both dunks are pretty awesome and im glad TA didn’t dunk cause he probably re-re-injured that gimpy ankle of his

  • Jay P

    Tommy mad a comment during the Detroit game about TA’s lost minutes that was right on point. I don’t remember the verbatim but the jist of it basically said how it was a shame that TA was really becoming a great contributor to the team, then he gets hurt, and just when it looks like he’s getting back to form, here comes Finley, who’s shooting so well and has so much veteran experience that it would be crazy to not have him on the floor.

    I really agree with that, but it’s good to see TA realizing the situation and being a professional about it, knowing he’s young enough to get his chances again, and enjoying just being apart of the team.

    Good stuff.

  • Freddy

    i meant he probably would have re-re-injured it

  • DeVelaine

    Biggest thing that I’m not seeing listed… Professional athletes are a bunch of guys getting paid to play a game and entertain those watching. That having been said… Showboating in blowouts isn’t bad… It should be encouraged when the home team is on the winning side.

    If this was in Detroit, then yes… It’s in bad taste. But it wasn’t. So why is this a big deal?

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  • strips

    hard to talk about TA with my foot still in my mouth…this guy has proven me wrong this season…

    and i do like green’s…you could almost feel hi dunk…though that doesn’t mean nate’s was not good…it’s just that to see nate up that high…its so surreal…

  • Jim Weeks

    I don’t have a problem with the dunk. It’s great that they can blow out the Pistons. But it would be nice to see that bravado when it matters – like the day before against Cleveland. The idea that the Celtics are bullies until someone punches them in the mouth, something Detroit isn’t capable of doing, might have some merit.

  • I love Green

    No problems with the dunk. Tell my Mike Breen to fall back, and fuck you Jon Barry who are you? Yeah you’re nonexistent, you wish you could’ve done things like at some point in your career.

    And of course no one complains when Lesavior does it because everyone thinks he’s the second coming of Jesus.

  • chris

    shouldnt have been a Tech really he nate didnt hang on the rim all that all I’ve seen kobe and labron hang on longer than that. must have been the way he pulled his feet up and touched the backboard with them.

  • rob

    greens dunk was unreal. he was looking in the rim and brang the ball from behind his outstretched arm. But i was so happy when nates dunk happend because after all thats what we traded eddie for right?

  • mitch

    refs just hate the c’s….i have seen players hang on that rim for way longer than nate and get nothing called on them…wouldn’t be suprised to see this one rescinded….But the damage is done

  • still enjoying #17

    Greens dunk was sick with his arm stretched out. It was way better than Nates. I was worried about the Finley pick up, but it’s working out nicely.