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Game 66/82: Pistons (23-43) @ C’s (41-24)

Kind of wish he'd go back....don't you?

Detroit at Boston
8:00 P.M. EST.
TD Garden

Offensive Efficiency:

Boston: 106.8 points/100 possessions (17th)

Detroit: 104.5 points/100 possessions (23rd)

Defensive Efficiency:

Boston: 102.3 points allowed/100 possessions (1st)

Detroit: 109.6 points allowed/100 possessions (21st)

Probable Detroit starters:

Tayshaun Prince, Rip Hamilton, Will Bynum, Jason Maxiell, Jonas Jerebko

Detroit Injuries: Rodney Stuckey and Chris Wilcox are out. Ben Wallace is questionable with a knee injury, but he hasn’t played for last 6 games, so the smart money has him sitting out again, to give Maxiell more run/help the Pistons tank.

Thumbnail: The Celtics come back home for the 2nd game of a back to back, to face the lowly Pistons, who have started to put up a lot of points offensively, since the insertion of Will Bynum in the starting lineup. A younger, athletic team, the Pistons, on paper should be the exact kind of matchup the C’s have problems with on short rest. I’m going to forgo the regular preview format today, because well quite frankly, neither of these teams deserve the type of extended analysis for this game, that we pride ourselves on here at Celtics Hub. I mean, it’s doubtful the Celtics or Pistons will be putting a strong effort in this contest tonight….why should I? In all seriousness though, let’s break down a few things to look for tonight.

* Putting Up Points

It’s the one thing that Detroit has been doing well lately, and a lot of it is thanks to the insertion of the speedy Will Bynum in the starting five once Rodney Stuckey went out after his fainting incident in Cleveland. Jason Maxiell has also stepped up lately at the 5 spot in Ben Wallace’s place, giving this team more scoring punch down low, averaging 10 points and 9 boards a game in his last 10.

Overall, their offensive efficiency jumped by 0.8 points since the last time these teams met 2 weeks ago, an impressive feat in that short of a time span. The Celtics better be ready to match buckets with this crew tonight, if they don’t want to put in the work on the defensive end.

* Defensive Backslide

While the offense has improved lately for the Pistons, it’s been a bit of a double edged sword as their defense has regressed just as much, if not more in the past 2 weeks. They have given up 99+ points in 6 of their last 7 games and their defensive efficiency is down a full point in the past 2 weeks…..also an impressive feat in that timespan, but for the wrong reasons. The C’s will have their way offensively with this team, if they want to tonight, but whether they will be fazed by another lackadisical effort and slow start is a legitamate question.

* Detroit still has a little heart left

They were down 28 against Atlanta and closed it to 9 points in the 4th, before losing by 12 on Saturday evening. Still not great, but there is enough young guys on this roster right now playing so they won’t be throwing in the towel and getting complacent.

* Road woes

They’ve won one game on the road (in Sacramento) in the last month. Good news for the C’s.

* Ben Gordon is sucking

No really, it’s kind of pathetic. Averaging 9 points on 38 percent shooting in his last 10 games. I know, he has injury problems that are likely still lingering, but man the Pistons are throwing away money on this guy.

* Kwame Brown should be getting some playing time tonight.

That’s always fun to watch.


I just re-watched the Cavs game. It’s amazing how competent this team looks at time when they want to, yet how flat out careless they are. This team doesn’t give a s*it right now, no matter who they play. The good news for them is, there is really no way they should lose this game. The bench can’t play any worse than they did yesterday, so barring a repeat performance by them, C’s take care of business if they show up on the defensive end. They will when it counts to avoid the boos.

Celtics 103, Pistons 94

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    first game of the year i think i can’t bring myself to watch.

    the team dumars has assembled is so wrong on so many levels….and i just can’t risk watching jerebko do a varajao on us.

  • Jay P

    I’ll watch, halfheartedly at least.

    And you’re right Brian, the team really just doesn’t give a sh*t I think Lebron was right, their just bored and waiting for the playoffs.

    If it’s true, they are playing a dangerous game. If you watched the ABC game, Van Gundy said it well, when you go on stretches like that you develop bad habits, if you’re waiting for the playoffs it becomes very difficult to just “flip the switch” and break out of all those habits you’ve spent months building up.

    I see three scenarios:

    1) they really are done, and too old, no chance at all

    2) they think they can flip the switch, will try, and have developed too many bad habits/laziness, and it will by them in the ass

    3) they actually are able to flip the switch and become contenders again once the playoffs start

    I give it about a 40/40/20 respectively on chances for each of those scenarios.

  • Scenario #2 is closest to the truth, I think, with scenario #1 being closer to the truth than #3.

    In any case, I’m recording this one b/c I’ve got family friends in town for a night. Will I watch it later? Probably. Could it be torture? Of course.

  • Joe

    looks like u watched the game so closely (cavs/celts) that u predicted the same score for celts/pistons hehe

  • Dee

    I am sooo disappointed in this team. Injuries aside there is no excuse for the lack of effort and hustle on display on this team. I played D1 basketball and there was an effort statistic kept; If the Celtics keep that I ‘m sure they’d grade low on that metric every game. I guess what I’m driving at which I really don’t hear much is that this is on Doc Rivers. Not that he’s not pointing out the obvious, because he’s not blind he sees it. But I believe the team has tuned him out to a large degree. I think he gives some of the players too much respect when he needs to hold them accountable for not doing the fundementals and going hard every minute they are on the floor. I believe when KG was healthy all Rivers and his staff had to do was X and O and KG would police a lot of the effort, accountability stuff himself. Now that push comes to shove, the coach has to step up and demand that the team be accountable for defensive rotations, blocking out, diving for loose balls and of course to a lesser degree taking care of the ball. I have great respect for Rivers coaching acumen but if you look at his track record in Orlando and his early tenure in Boston he is not a coach to change the course when things begin to go awry. If he has the players and they buy in great! But I do not believe he is a coach that can rectify adversity and turn around the lack of discipline this team seems to be displaying. Injuries are not an excuse when it comes to intangibles and that’s what this team lacks. I would feel much better if we lost but played 100% the right way rather than giving away games based on lack of attention and discipline.

  • shane

    celtics are probably going to lose again tonight i just dont enjoy whatching them -_- it feels even worse now then wen they were garbadge in 05 06 ? atleast i wud whatch and say ok were prob gunna lose and b right en sometimes they will pull away but now i say wow nets ? were gunna crush them memphis were goin to crush them ohh wel my win or lose by a few points against cavs no i dont even do tht anymore the celtics are old i wish ainge cudove worked out a deal w. timberwolves keeping big AL ikno he tried so hard but cudnt pull it off . make yhur prediction .. i think celtics still cudda won tht championship in 08 rondo/ray/pierce/jeferson/perk ? dont get me wrong i love kg its just ik wen he retires evryone is goin to miss big AL .

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Very well said Dee! Amen! You can see there is no accountability because Doc doesn’t take repeat repeat repeat offenders out of the game. Doc has power to put guys not playing Celtic ball into bench prison. Thus setting an example to others and making everyone see he was serious about what he said. Doc is way too much of a player’s coach. It might cost him a game or two to make some attitude adjustments, but he needs to get them to play the right way using minutes instead of whining to the press.

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  • Word—Dee and Cptn Bubbles—It is largly on Rivers and he needs to stop arguing with Rasheed and plant him on the bench–Indefinately if necessary.He is a cancer that is killing team chemistry. Make an example out of Rasheed and Doc may be able to keep this ship from sinking.

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  • I love Green

    Looks like Gino’s dancing tonight. 65 points at half, Pierce being agressive, and the defense looking good. We REALLY need to start rolling into the playoffs, because the 4 seed would not be good facing the Cavs in the 2nd round. Let the Hawks toy with them first

  • I love Green

    Tony to Nate off the backboard! Yeahhhhhh! Haha and the announcers saying “there’s no need for that” oh boo hoo we’re the Celtics and we’re mean.

  • Patrick LW

    F**k TA and Bighead Nate for that bush-league dunk play at the end of the game – this team has no reason to gloat, especially at the expense of a depleted and weak Pistons team. What a couple of a**holes.

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  • Ross in Maine

    PatrickLW, get real!! I’m so sick of everyone (especially so-called professional announcers) whining about a dunk!!! This was not a shlub-dunk, but was an exclamation point dunk by arguably the greatest dunker of all time (3 time slam-dunk champ) a little respect for little Nate with the big heart please! People, you don’t score 5 points for a dunk. No one gets hurt or injured either. If that were the case then MAYBE your argument would be valid. Maybe if this had been on the Piston’s home court you might have some sympathy. But we were in OUR house, and this team and crowd needed that dunk. No harm, no foul. I predict the T will be rescinded too, Nate’s feet were 4′ off the ground, is he expected to break his back to come down faster?

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  • Nice post, keep it coming :)

  • I must admit they have been rather dissapointing, but i put that down to injuries. You would think they spent most of there free time starting bar brawls!