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We Are All Witnesses

Rasheed Wallace has taken 3 three-pointers combined in the last three games.

This is not quite as infrequent an occurrence as Halley’s Comet, but it’s about as rare as me voluntarily going clothes shopping.

According to his game logs on Basketball Reference, the last instance of Sheed attempting three or fewer triples combined over a three-game span happened during the last three games of the…2005 season.

So, you know, cherish the discipline and all. Uncontested threes are generally better shots than contested twos, but not when you’re shooting 28 percent from deep and 47 percent or better from every other spot on the floor (per Hoopdata).

Sheed actually displayed that sort of discipline several times during the ’05 season and consistently up until 2004. His evolution as a player in terms of shot selection is startling and well-known.

For comparison’s sake, Ray Allen hasn’t had a three-game stretch in which he’s attempted three or fewer from deep since his rookie season, according to his game logs.

  • Jay P

    I wonder if this has anything to do with Robinson now taking more of them. Less shots to go around?

    Seems unlikely I guess. Anyway, I like the trend, lets hope it keeps up. The more time he spends within 10-15 ft from the hoop, the better.

  • Berkcelt

    Hmmm, interesting…2005 was probably his last year under Larry Brown who was probably the last coach to put his foot down with Sheed.

  • @Berk: Interesting thought. I admit that hadn’t crossed my mind, if only because I just assume Sheed’s jaunt out to the three-point line has more to do with his age/decline of athleticism. But you raise a good point.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    this is great news….this team is so much better when sheed plays inside.

    good point on larry brown. still hoping that doc is outsmarting us all and just saving his tough-guy moves to maximize impact when it counts.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I think 28 % lacks the startle effect that 72 % has……as in, if I throw this pass to Sheed behind the 3pt line there is a 72% chance that he is going to miss. If I were out on the floor with Sheed….and I was more worried about winning than Sheed’s feelings…than I would not throw the ball to Sheed behind the 3pt line—unless we were up by a butload. Thou shalt not tempt Sheed at thine own 3pt line. The other 4 Cs on the floor with Sheed should only pass the ball to him in the paint if they are really trying to win. The Cs should understand that some passes should remain unpassed….like throwing the ball to Perk too far from the basket or throwing Perk or Shelden fancy passes. Throwing Sheed a pass behind the 3pt line is really almost like a turnover, and we all know that since the Cs won’t offensive rebound that each possession is critical. You’ve only got ONE shot each trip down the floor so you’d better make it a smart, HIGH percentage shot.

  • I love Green

    I really do hope Sheed starts playing A LOT in the post. He’s pretty much unstoppable down there. I don’t care if him in the post doesn’t spread out the floor, we play better when he’s in the post.

  • DRJ1

    (1) Yeah… but the trend is bad. Zero 3s in game #1. One 3 in game #2. Two 3s in game #3. We have to hope he’s not on a curve.

    (2) He’s shooting 33.3% 3FG% over that span. That’s better than 28%, at least.

  • Idaho

    As bubbles has led on…if Rondo has as high an IQ as he is said to have…he may be as responsible for this stat as anyone by avoiding passing Sheed the ball when behind the 3-point line.

  • Still enjoying #17

    Good point, Capt. Bubbles

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