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The Basketball Gods Will Remember the Effort (And Bogut is A Problem)

From the 1st quarter of the Bucks game:

Big Baby may want to avoid the TV for the next 24 hours. But you know what? I love the effort, and Big Baby is always willing to give the effort in this situation even though he must know it could result in something like this (slow mo after the jump).

I hope all the chortling TV crews who play this clip over the next day at least mention that Davis came over to help after Sheed got caught (a bit) out of position in screen/roll defense and responded with a desperate reach when the ball came to Bogut. 

There are guys in the league who would have seen Bogut coming in the for the dunk and ducked out of the way, conceding the points and keeping themselves out of the Sportscenter Top 10. Kudos to Baby for not being one of those guys.

  • Conall Mac Michael

    Perkins got absolutely owned tonight. It was embarrassing. Tonight’s game just really pissed me off. Also one of the commentators was the most annoying biased prick ever. Made watching the match a testing experience. Bollix!!!!

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    That would be Jim Chones.

    And, yes, Bogut shredded Boston.

  • I love Green

    Bogut has absolutley wrecked Perkins in both games this seaosn. The bucks are a potential first round matchup so that would not be fun to see for a whole series.

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  • rondoislove

    YES, I wasn’t the only one who was getting disgustingly annoyed with one of the commentators! He just kept rambling on and on and on about how great Bogut is and how Perkins defense is… well, not really good. I think I’ve become too accustomed to nationally televised games where the commentators are much funnier and aren’t (?) biased.

    Bogut did kill Perk though. :\

  • Sal

    Other than the fact that Perk was destroyed I took a peak at the box and a few things struck me.

    Second worse +/- points behind Perk? P.P. He was 3-13.

    Nate played a total of 11 mins. One of which was the very last min. of the game in which he touched the ball once(? can anyone check that)…..

    Finely – not bad. His J’s were wet.

    Ray took three shots. Made none. But we gained a piont in his total time on the floor.

    Overall, eh… starters lost it, bench played well. Bogut went to town, Ray’s D was great…

  • jay

    how does a guy who’s been on fire like ray allen get just 3 shots while a guy who’s been the exact opposite get 13, including the last shot? my goodness.

  • http://Aol.com Matt

    Didn’t watch glad I didn’t! Sounds like doc isn’t calling enough plays for Ray and too many pp isos!

  • Sweeney

    If you play D and hustle you eventually will get Posterized. It is the law of averages…Go Get Em’ Baby

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  • RICHHO214

    We just got to force Bogut out away from the basket. He’s got no jumper make him shoot.

  • RICHHO214

    The play by play guys did piss me off especially on that supposed flagrant foul on Baby. They acted like he took his head off. He went for the ball and I’m pretty sure he got his hand on it. I guess we know who the real Big Baby is, yes it was a hard foul but come on! Not a flagrant foul, not even close.

  • http://www.goodtimescomic.blogspot.com Jordan

    Bogut does well against Duncan too. Bucks for some reason have a winning record against the Spurs since Duncan came into the league. I think it’s the only team with one.

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  • Still enjoying #17

    I’m sick of the PP isos. Allow Ray Ray to make it rain.

  • RICHHO214

    RAY RAY ALL DAY DAY! Let him shoot the rock!

  • DRJ1

    The thought just occurred to me that maybe Doc’s right in going to Paul a lot, when he’s ice cold. This regular season, right now, is all about preparing for the games that count, the playoffs. They cannot win then if Paul is still shooting like this. So, it’s better to give Paul lots of shots now, and let him miss what he has to miss, so long as he FINALLY breaks out of this ridiculous slump he’s in, in time for the playoffs.

    There’s a good chance Paul WILL break out, because his overall physical condition looks excellent. He played with LOTS of energy and mobility. So it’s just a matter of getting his shooting touch back… should happen soon.

    But… I would still argue with Paul getting that last shot. Too risky. First, because the game in on the line with that one shot, so don’t risk the whole game to give Paul ONE more practice shot. Second, if he misses it (which was very likely at that point), it puts him back even further, by draining his confidence. So that was a bad call, regardless.

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