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KG’s Historic Night


I was going to look it up this morning, but the Herald saves me the trouble:

KG went 0-for-7 from the floor, failing to secure a field goal for the first time since his rookie year – Jan. 27, 1996, at New York. His previous high for missed shots without a make was five.

But the coaching staff had the same optimistic take as Brendan did after the game last night:

“He never had any balance offensively,” said coach Doc Rivers. “But there was something I liked and Armond (Hill, assistant coach) said it in the game. I said, ‘Boy, Kevin’s struggling a little bit out there.’ And he said, ‘But not on defense. He looks active. He looks great defensively. He’s just out of whack right now offensively. Let’s not worry about that. The fact that he has it on the other end, if we’ve got to take one or the other, we would take that.’ ”

Optimism after KG’s worst offensive performance ever—this is the 2010 Celtics, for better or worse.

  • Jay P

    This means absolutely nothing. The Celtics don’t need Garnett to be an offensive force anymore. Anything we get out of him if just a bonus. He’ll still keep teams honest and spread the floor with his jumper, just his presence alone is useful.

    We have scorers, lots of them, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce are both guys are who take over a game offensively at anytime. Robinson, Finley, if they get hot, can shoot you right back into a game. Wallace… well I want to believe he still can, but I’m not convinced of it anymore.

    Bottom line, it’s true that we can’t win without Garnett, but that’s only because of the defensive end, something which was clearly obvious in last nights game.

    Face it, the 2008 Garnett is gone, we may see flashes, but he can’t take over a game anymore like he used to be able to. But he still has that jumper, it was just an off night, and the rest of the team is must better than it was in 2008.

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  • Jer

    KG looked frustrated. at least, I hope that’s why he and Pierce spent a timeout forehead-to-forehead and yelling.

  • GranTur

    I think KG was thinking about his shots too much. When you think too much you can miss by a bit.

    All of shots were okay shots.

  • DRJ1

    We can be optimistic because KG looks PHYSICALLY good. Everybody’s entitled to have a bad game. KG had one in the 08 Finals, game 5. Said: “I can do better, and I will.” And then did.

    Our worry re KG is just health. If he’s healthy in the playoffs, we’re good. And no, there’s nothing that dissuades me from thinking he can be just as good this year as he was in 08… so long as he stays on the health curve he’s on, heading toward 100%.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @JayP: agree, this team comes and goes with that man’s D. he’ll still make his share of long Js as needed.

    @DRJ1: i disagree he looks physically good. he is visibly limping every game. opposing players see that and take it at him aggressively now. the only health curve for his knee will be offseason surgery. now, its just cross the fingers that he maintains where he is at currently (80% of ’08) for the playoff run. i’m not a doctor and i hope i’m wrong, but i’ve never heard of knees with that many minutes on them repair themselves by playing 30min per night.

  • NV

    So he struggled offensivly, but, when he was out with his knee, where did we miss him? Offensivly? NO. Defensivly.

  • DRJ1

    @koolaid– Well, I could not disagree more. I put KG at about 90%, with no reason to think he won’t get all the way to ~100%. And the knees do not need to “repair themselves” now… that happened in the months he took off last season and the offseason, after the surgery that repaired the major issues. All the time since he began playing this season and now has been spent getting his deteriorated conditioning back up… especially his legs. So far as we know, and from all indications, his knees are just fine, right now.

    Bottom line: we’re good.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @DRJ1: I’ll give you 90% :) Just think that the KG we see now is the KG we see for the rest of the year (and beyond). The expectations on him are huge. We know he will give whatever he has, its guys like sheed and nate that could potentially bump the team to the next level.

    So many x-factors on this team now. I’m optimistic these guys will collectively elevate and shock the world now that every non-celtics fan has given up on them. Regardless, I’ll be glued to the TV and cheering them on for the run.

  • clarnsby

    I always have a positive view regarding the C’s. Especially during playoff time. KJ and every top player have their off day. I have had a chance to view the Lakers this season. I don’t have cable so I am sort of forced to watch the opposition. The Lakers have a tendency to keep average teams hanging around. Bad move. The Lakers are very vunerable. The key to beating the Lakers is keep the pressure on for 4 quarters. Especially the last 5 minutes of the 4th.

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