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I love this tidbit from the Boston Herald’s Saturday notebook:

The addition of Finley puts the Celtics in an interesting position. Nine players in the league have played 1,000 or more games, and four (Finley, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Rasheed Wallace) play for the Celtics.

Pierce, who played his 861st game last night, isn’t far behind.

“Yeah, so we’re old,” said Rivers. “We don’t mind. We could be young (and stupid) or old and dignified, like us.”

Without looking it up, can you name the other five guys in the league who have played more than 1,000 games? The answer will be after the jump. We believe in the honor code, so you if you claim 5/5 in the comments, we will believe you. Winner gets a cookie.

Courtesy of Basketball Reference:

1) Shaquille O’Neal: 1,170 games

2) Jason Kidd: 1,168 games

3) Juwan Howard: 1,099 games (!)

4) Derek Fisher: 1,009 games

5) Kobe Bryant: 1,006 games

Of note: Steve Nash (997) and Joe Smith (996) are about to join this club.

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  • Blackberry33

    Wow Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher both 1006 games thats a lot of wear and tear.

  • GranTur

    I got Shaq and Jason Kidd.

    My other three were Nash, Antonio McDyess, and Lindsey Hunter.

    I spent a long time thinking about this one but still only got 2…

  • asd

    3/5 other guesses nash, ducan

  • I love Green

    Yeah i didn’t get Kobe or D-Fish.

  • @blackberry: Fish is actually at 1009–that was a typo initially.

  • pilgrimtraveller

    earlier in the season, when lakers’ fans were still confident of a repeat, they would tell us that the celtics were too old to compete. they didn’t listen when we replied that the lakers were very nearly as old. now even lakers’ fans admit that fisher is as mobile and useful as traffic cone, and even bryant, as talented as he is, is admitted to be mortal. the celts seem to be rounding into shape just in time for the finals, while the lakers look exhausted. meanwhile, cleveland and dallas look like main contenders.

  • DeVelaine

    I got Shaw, Kidd, and Howard. I thought Duncan had more. Never would have guessed Fisher or Kobe.

  • DeVelaine

    Err… Typo. Shaw -> Shaq.

  • jay

    got kobe, shaq, and kidd. my other guess was nash. couldn’t even think of another to complete the 5

  • DRJ1

    Got it. But I want a lollipop!

  • Jay

    i definitely guessed Paul Pierce. then read the first half again and decided that I have the mental capacity of a 5 year old with legitimate ADD.

  • DRJ: What flavor?

  • sal

    i had:

    2) j kidd
    3) kobe
    4) ilgauskas (or however u spell it)
    5) Allen iverson

    i was debating bout kobe, but i took into consideration all the playoff games. i was so close to putting joe smith cuz i know hes been around so long but was debating how many games hes actually played in considering hes no star. But how come no AI? is it cuz he took the season off so ur not counting him? someone hit me back with that AI answer

  • rav

    I got Shaq and Kobe. Didn’t realize that Fisher, Juwan, Kidd and Nash were so high.

    I was also surprised at Joe Smith, but then I remembered he was drafted the same year as Sheed and KG so it makes sense.

    Edit: Just realized that playoff games count, I guess this is what gives Fisher et al. high totals.

  • Jay P

    1) Shaq
    2) Kidd
    3) Duncan
    4) Nash
    5) Kobe

    3/5 and honestly I didn’t think I was right on Kobe, but couldn’t think of a 5th, so I threw him in. Makes sense in hindsight though, since he came outta high school.