Post-game Reactions

Remember when the Chris Paul v. Rajon Rondo “feud” was the news of the day for about 36 hours?

Sigh. Now we’ve got another dust-up, this one involving Stephen Jackson and Paul Pierce. I forgot to note this in my recap of last night’s blowout, but Jackson is claiming that Pierce said something to him during the 3rd quarter after Stack Jack drew a shooting foul on Ray Allen. Via the Globe:

“It turned disrespectful when certain things were said. You can be emotional, talk to your teammates and do all that, but when it’s getting personal, and you’re directing certain things at people as far as their manhood, that’s when a problem comes up. And I guarantee you, if I wasn’t in this gym that wouldn’t have said that to me.”

I have no clue what that last line means. Does it mean that if they weren’t in a gym—in public, on national TV—Pierce wouldn’t have had the guts to say whatever he said to Jackson, because Jackson is just too damn dangerous?

I love this little addendum from the Globe’s story.

Mid-answer, however, a Bobcats media relations member cut Jackson off, asking that all questions pertain to the game, even though the on-court conduct was what Jackson was addressing.

Poor Bobcats PR guy/girl.

Pierce is claiming he said nothing offensive.

Anyone in front of a TV and have a recording of the game? I’m currently not, so I can’t slow down the tape to see if the cameras caught Pierce’s alleged trash talk, and if some slow-mo lip-reading might help us play detective. I don’t remember the replays being of any help, though.

I do know that when players start talking about challenges to their “manhood,” that I can make some educated guesses about what word/s Jackson believes he heard from Pierce.

This will all blow over quickly, and we can all move on to Friday’s game. But for today, expect some commentary like this post from Kurt Helin, the outstanding blogger at Pro Basketball Talk (NBC’s new blog) and founder of the Lakers blog (boo!) Forum Blue & Gold:

This is far from the first time, complaints about the Celtics talking go way back, beyond the Knicks last year to Kevin Garnett barking like a dog and slapping the floor in the past. On one level, the Celtics were pulling a little vintage John McEnroe — yelling to fire themselves up more than anything. On another level, the Celtics style has been about intimidating teams, not just beating them, and talking is part of that.

The problem is teams are not that intimidated anymore. They push back.

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  • Rocci

    Allow me to disagree with Kurt here. I don’t really think anyone actually gets intimidated when being trash-talked to in this league. It’s more that it just pisses people off and when they “push back”, it takes them off of their game because they make it personal and try to do too much. It’s a gamesmanship thing – it’s not that teams aren’t intimidated (they weren’t before anyways), it’s that we simply aren’t as good.

    I think the best way to counter the C’s trash-talking is to ignore it, rebound opportunistically, and take advantage of their many turnovers on the break. And that’s what we’ve pretty much been seeing up until last night.

  • GranTur

    I’m guessing Jackson just overreacted to something in the heat of the moment because of how frustrating the game was for him and his team.

    As far as the Cs’ trash talking goes:

    The intimidation factor is going to rebuild itself and even Pierce was talking about doing more of that because that’s the kind of people they are.

    I agree with Paul and I always have thought of the Celtics as “that” kind of team. That’s one of the reasons why I loved the Rasheed Wallace pick-up.

  • celticsblow

    this is all we have to say about paul pierce…


  • Laker Fan


    While that picture cracks me up and his acting that game killed me (and our team…), I still think of Pierce as one of the toughest mo-fo’s ever. Don’t forget that he was stabbed 11 times in the face, neck, and back and had a bottle smashed over his head while breaking up a fight at a night club; and he still played all 82 games the following season. That’s a man…

  • Taco_Jones

    celticsblow, where’s the pic of him coming back to the court and winning the game?

  • John

    why do people say “i have no clue what that means” and then write down exactly what it means? i don’t understand this rhetorical device.

  • @Taco: I had the same question.

  • Rocci

    @Laker Fan (the 2nd one): I give you my respect for coming here and not being a complete douche like that other guy.

  • I love Green

    I doubt Paul said anything to bad to Jax. They were down 20, Pierce was on fire, and Jax couldn’t make a shot to save his life. He was just pissed off

  • NickFaldo

    John, that’s true. It’s pretty obvious what Jackson meant, not that he’s dangerous, but it was typical you wouldn’t say that to my face in private away from our jobs. However, if you keep up with this type of observation, expect emails from Zach telling you he doesn’t get paid nor appreciate being called out in public like this. He emailed me twice. The second one I deleted without reading. Zach, here’s a hint. I don’t know you. Don’t send me private emails. Thanks.

  • DRJ1

    @John & NickFaldo – What’s hard to understand? “I have no clue” means “who can fathom the mind of Steph Jackson?” Guessing what he meant then follows. If you have a problem with that, maybe you should take it elsewhere.

    Yeah, Jackson was doing his macho-stance thing, and the PR person realized where this was going and wisely ended it.

    Tape is useless. But as Zach said, and from Paul’s rather disingenuous response, it’s not hard to imagine what Paul said. Something to do with either Steph’s mother or anatomy or both, no doubt. Poor Steph. Did that hurt your feelings??

  • bing

    Capt Jack is a nut case.

    Last year after he thought he was hard done by against the Lakers he said: “I’m going to be me, but I guarantee I won’t feed into the nonsense. If it came down to a real fight, I know what would happen.”

    And now this “if it wasn’t in the gym” rubbish.

    Grow up, dude.

  • sal

    Im curious to see who would win in a fight between jackson and pierce. Jackson is a crazy rediculous nut but pierce is a beast. I feel jackson would just go off and lose his composure charging at pierce but then pierce would step back calmly and hit him with a left hook to the face. oof.

  • @DRJ: I had the same thoughts about a dirty word for a body part being dropped, but who knows.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    @NickFaldo you are allowed to write comments and insult people on this site, but if you receive an email it is crossing the line? touche. if you were so insulted, why don’t you just go away. welcome to the internet, dude.

  • JD

    Typical Celtics. All bark, no bite.

    Example – KG always does his little dog act towards the smaller players.

    He tried his toy poodle act last year with Lamar Odom, but Odom don’t play that, and KG ran away like the
    little beyotch that he is.

    The Celtics won’t make the finals this year, but if they did the Lakers, and Ron-Ron would smack the bark right out of him, and Pierce, and Wallace, and FatBaby, etc….

  • @JD: I have to admit, I think I’d take Ron Artest in a fight with just about anyone in the league. What that dude did to Melo the other night was something to see.

  • celticsblow


  • Supratrain

    It’s common knowledge that Peirce was stabbed by just a spork.

  • A spork? The dude almost died and came back and played in every preseason and regular season game…or mayb u could talk about him losing his teeth and then playing the rest of the game, having ridiculous hours of surgery and then playing again. Or that he torched the Lakers on his knee…dude is like a Hockey or Football player…

  • Celticjay

    What game are you watching? KG has owned Kloe Odom ever since they first met in 2008! During the Finals both KG & Pierce punked him so bad that he actually started complaining they were down 38 in the clinching Game 6. Where did Kloe go off to in the 2nd half of the game in LA? He got punked by KG & Perkins. When you beat us in a Finals Series… come back. Otherwise, STFU.

  • rizzo5442

    Does the world have to wait another 20 years to see you guys make it to another Finals? This is not the 80s your team is a one shot wonder.

  • rizzo5442

    Pierce is a great player, the moment KG got there with that crazy stuff he becomes a tough guy, same as Perkins a D leager.

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