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Via Steve Bulpett at the Herald:

Michael Finley will be a Celtic. According to league sources, the 6-foot-7 veteran who turns 37 Saturday has agreed to join the club.

Can Finley help at all? We’ll have more later. For now, I recommend checking out the Q-and-A we did with Graydon Gordian of the Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell. An excerpt:

CelticsHub: Finley has barely played this season after playing 81 games last season and more than half of San Antonio’s minutes. Have his physical skills declined that much, or is the lack of PT more about the emergence of George Hill and the trade for Richard Jefferson?

48 Minutes of Hell: Although we do have some new faces in the backcourt, I think the biggest factor in Finley’s decreased minutes is his physical decline. Popovich has nothing but glowing things to say about Finley and is well known for sticking with veteran guys who have mastered this system (which Finley has) for longer than he arguably should. If Popovich thought Finley still had it in him, he’d have seen meaningful minutes.

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  • it rather makes me sick that we trade bill walker who ive been wanting to see play lots of minutes since he dunked on ratliff last year in the pre season, and we sign a 37 year old on a team that needs youth, but i do think he can play better than tony allen, but for some reason doc loves to play ta :/

  • I love Green

    Ahh what the heck, he’ll probably just log DNP, after DNP. Or he’ll see 3-5 minutes at the end of the 3rd quarter, or 4th if its a blowout

  • steve

    Maybe the NBA is starting a senior league next year and the Celts are just positioning themselves. Seriously though, I think he still has something to offer but agree with the frustration over Bill Walker never getting a run at playing time. I really thought he might have the athleticism the C’s needed but wasn’t given any game opportunities to show that. Of course we didn’t see him every day in practice either.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    maybe danny has an inside scoop that the league is switching to use team age as the criteria to decide the draft lottery instead of win-loss record.

    that said, finley might actually help this team….which is a sad state of affairs.

  • Jay P

    I don’t see why that’s sad. Finley is a veteran guy, who you can count on in crunch time. Weren’t people saying the same stuff in 08 with Brown/Cassell. Past their prime, won’t help the time… blah blah.

    I happen to think that one worked pretty well.

    I worry about his ability to keep up on defense, that’s my only concern. But he’s a good shooter, and that’s the one thing that holds up with age better than any other.

    If his defense can hold up, he’s a better option than TA for short minutes. And he wont get shaken in big games in the playoffs, or make stupid mistakes with the ball.

  • mitch

    i think finley will be better than people expect, he is a x-factor right now

  • smoog

    all finley has to do is space the floor with his ability to hit 3’s so nate can have room to manuever.

    which i dont see tony being the one who can do that.

  • Berkcelt

    I’m going to wait a year before I get upset about trading Walker. As for Finley, I can guarantee he can’t play better defense than Tony at the 2 and probably on most 3s as well. He can probably shoot 3pters better with his weak hand than Tony, but the exchange doesn’t seem like it would be a net positive to me.

    I don’t really get this from Finley’s point of view unless Doc guaranteed him a spot in the rotation (which would be dumb). I thought he wanted more minutes hence asking for the buyout.

  • Ryan S.

    I thought Finley wanted to go to a contender…

  • DRJ1

    Whole deal strike me as practically meaningless.

  • CelticJay

    He wont play meaningful minutes, but for the veteran’s minimum salary…. why not? We saw what happened 2 years back with Sam & PJ.

    Tony Allen scares me, especially when he has to make decisions with the ball or under pressure. Everyone knows his range doesn’t extend outside 15 feet, so that is a liability with Eddie gone.

    Next move? I would move Shelden Williams into the bench rotation and let Rasheed sit for awhile. Maybe he can work-out the next 2 or 3 weeks and actually lose some weight? Shelden brings a burst of energy and he’s not afraid to bang under the boards and run the court. I would really like to see him playing with Perk & Paul on the frontline when KG is resting.

    Come on Doc, bite the bullet and make the move. Every serious Celtics fan can tell Rasheed just isn’t helping the team.

  • Banner 18?

    Agreeing with everyone else here, Bill Walker is definitely a better player than Finley. I bet if Doc sat down with him and Danny Ainge and said “Bill if you commit yourself to defense, you have a spot in the rotation” then he would listen. It perplexes me why he never got the chance for solid minutes even when Pierce went down, but then again everyone knows that given the chance, Doc would buy Tony Allen a nice lobster dinner and then feed him breakfast in bed the next day. We all know TA can play D, but whose to say that Bill couldn’t albeit with a little motivation? Maybe he was demanded for by the Knicks in the Nate-for-Eddie trade, which would be acceptable because we needed Nate, but it sure did not seem like that at the deadline. Also, Finley’s not bad at shooting the 3, but he never seemed like the type who could shut down opposing teams quicker players, which has been the Celtics’ kryptonite all year long. Also @ CelticJay, I like the idea of telling Sheed that love handles and moobies are acceptable in your mid fifties, but not mid season when you’re playing 20-30 minutes a night for a team with championship aspirations. Shelden has also been more than adequate in the small amount of time he has been given, making him a viable option to replace Sheed. Then again, Doc wouldn’t want to upset Sheed now would he, they’re too busy being buddies while watching Larry Bird Movies instead of practicing.

  • Banner 18?


  • NickFaldo

    The problem isn’t that Walker was traded. That was worth it to get Nate, especially if he is resigned. It was that Doc never gave him, Giddens, or especially Lester Hudson a chance. If Lester had developed as the backup point guard, a different hole could have been filled at the trading deadline. Doc has yet to prove he is that great a coach. I believe any coach with a pulse probably couldn’t have lost the 2008 title. Doc needs to improve or be fired. It’s to be seen what Ray will have left in the tank for the playoffs after how Doc used him. Same with Rondo. Ridiculous.

  • Banner 18?

    @ NickFaldo. I agree that Doc’s not perfect, but he’s not terrible either. Not all coaches have the ability to win a title, even with all the talent in the world (Hi Steve Van Gundy and Mike Brown, how are you guys?). In that respect he deserves credit, but he also doesn’t seem to like playing younger players and letting them attempt to establish a rhythm or gain some PT unlike other coaches (Hi Steve Van Gundy (Courtney Lee, Ryan Anderson) and Mike Brown (JJ Hickson), how are you guys?). And by 2008 title I assume you mean the 2009 title? Because last time I checked we won the 2008 title…

  • DRJ1

    @Banner: Read Nick’s post again. He said it right about 2008…. double negative.

    Doc has the laudable quality of being a good “players’ coach”… meaning he communicates well with the guys, knows (or at least, “knew”) how to get them motivated. That is the one thing he did in 07-08 that was uniquely helpful. But he’s pretty weak when it comes to rotations and certainly weak at mining value out of newbies.

    The failure to recognize Walker’s (now steadily rising apparent) true value is not insignificant. It’s true that we would have probably been willing to trade him anyway, especially for Nate… but they could have driven a much harder bargain if they had identified his full value prior the trade. That didn’t happen, so the team loses out.

  • Steve

    Is there something in the Kool-Aid that is giving you all short term memory issues? Doc brought the “kids” along so well that over half of them are still contributing to teams now. Do you all forget already the days when he was forced to teach Al, Ryan, Delante, Bassy, Perk, etc. how to play in the NBA? I know that there’s a lot of you that just tuned in after KG but trust me, Doc can coach the young guys too. Next up… Who is “Steve Van Gundy”? Any relation to Stan and Jeff? If Finley can shoot 3’s at a decent rate and play a little D then he’s Eddie House this year. We probably can’t resign Nate unless he’s willing to stay for less than he’s worth. Walker never did much more than Gerald Green did in his days in Green. (Another of the Kids Doc had to work with). He had highlilght dunks and little else. He was told his rookie year it was Defense that would get him on the court and he never got on the court. You connect the dots here. Since we weren’t at practice when he got play time we can’t say for sure but given his spot on the bench that was molded to his posterior gotta think he wasn’t doing what Doc asked. Now we say “Hey he’s scoring 20 for the Knicks. TA would be a 20 a night guy for them too. What’s your point? Nate scored 41 there… Eddie scored 20+. It’s a run and gun system. He didn’t fit in with what Doc wanted in Boston so he isn’t in Boston. Not the end of the world. Not another Eric Montross. And as for Lester… Did you REALLY think the 58th pick in the draft was going to be on the roster? He was a nice story but he can’t cut it in Memphis. No shot in Boston.

  • DRJ1

    @Steve: Yes, but the thing is, Doc’s pathology with youngsters began with the arrival of the Big 3. Prior to that, there were no vets for him to be Vet-Struck by.

    Now… he has a problem. How expensive a problem regarding Walker, we don’t know yet. But it’s still a problem for Doc.

  • matthew

    i don’t think doc’s a good coach. he just kisses up to management and his valuable players’ asses. no backbone. i hope they fire him.

  • Adrian

    i don’t think doc gave the young kids a chance. As far as Finley i hope he plays as good as defense as T. Allen because i cant stand this guy on offense even when he attacks the basket which hes good at he cant even make free throws when he gets fouled

  • matthew

    i get even more mad when TA slaps his hands everytime he fucks up as if saying, “darn. i should do better.” with your salary, you crappy moron, you HAVE to!

  • Still enjoying #17

    I think Billy Ocean will help spread the floor when he does play…but he won’t be given that much playing time.

  • Get out of my dreams! And into my car!