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You know how crazy people—at least as portrayed in the movies—believe that everything happening on TV is somehow about them? That the president is talking directly to them, or that advertisements have hidden messages only they can understand?

There was a moment this morning when I could briefly relate to that sort of movie insanity. When I read in this Boston Herald story that the Celtics are at least kicking the tires on Larry Hughes (recently bought out by the Kings after being dealt there in the massive Houston/New York/Sacto deal centered around T-Mac), I thought to myself, “It’s as if the Celtics are conducting a personal experiment to see how many of my least favorite players they can sign before I get really angry.” And I suspect I’m not alone feeling this way.

Of course, the answer is basically infinity, since loyalties are to the uniform and all. But between Stephon Marbury, Nate Robinson (whom I believe I can grow to like) and the mere mention of the name Larry Hughes…yikes.

I mean, Larry Hughes inspired someone to buy the domain name and create the site called www.heylarryhughespleasestoptakingsomanybadshots.com.

If you like contested 20-footers, Larry Hughes is your guy.

Larry Hughes hasn’t shot higher than 40.9 percent from the floor since 2005!

I’ll say this, though: When Hughes is motivated and part of a non-dysfunctional team, he can be a competent—and sometimes even trouble-making—defender and a decent ball-handler.

Oh: He also has a broken finger.

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  • Nick

    There’s not really many options in the free agent market..but no more dysfunctional guards please, this team already has too many personalities.

  • Jay P

    Ya, I’m not a fan of the Hughes thing. I think we have our fill of bad shot taking in the second unit already.

    Watching the geriatric show of the starters, and Sheed jacking up 3s 59% of his shots infuriates me enough, I really don’t need yet another reason to throw my remote at the TV.

  • Blackberry33

    Can he score? Yes, we can use offense.

  • Mike

    Can he score? Yes, but not very efficiently. But by all means, sign him and give him 20 shots a night. Just know that you’re bringing in someone who’s more interested in planning his next tattoo than he is in playing basketball.

  • Johnny

    the only name thats been thrown around that i’m relatively ok with is michael finley, if only for his experience and range, even if thats fading quickly. but come on! larry hughes? i haven’t thought of him as a “decent” player in his entire career. we don’t need another guard, we really don’t, we need a true F to back up pierce and let marquis play guard for ray. but even thinking larry hughes as an option is ridiculous in every sense. i know there no real option in the market right now, but certainly there has to be better than larry hughes.

  • Kwiss

    I love your post because similarly, since Boston likes stocking up on geriatric players too, my first thought when I saw that Finley was waived by the Spurs, was, “I can see Boston making a play for him.” Next thing I knew they supposedly were considering him. The difference is, I like Finley – make that, I liked Finley a few years ago. On the Celtics he’s just funny.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I’d much rather have a slower Finley who has hit some very big shots than a self absorbed Larry who will hurl anything he can get his hands on basketward.

  • Jacob

    That’s not just how crazy people are portrayed in movies, that’s a real symptom of psychotic and/or delusional disorders called “ideas of reference.” Not all people with those disorders have it, but it is something you might want to bring to a psychiatrist’s attention…especially since the belief that the Celtics are going to win a championship this season is most certainly delusional.

  • Jon

    How long has Hughes been in the league. It seems like too long. To win this year we need to make a move, but I’m not okay with going all in on another season. the 07 deal is clearly catching up to us. We need to get some youth. Throw away the 30+ guards thing, it won’t work. We already have one of those we can’t get rid of. If anything we should go for another PJ Brown type situation. He was huge for us in 07. He can be minutes and fouls Perk and KG aren’t getting. Every possesion he plays is another 3 pointer Sheeds not take. I think the answer is in the front court. We have a nice potentially get piece in Robinson, now lets get another one of those that’s over 6’8”.

  • Adrian

    i agree we need an athletic mobile young player that can play Sf, and Pf

  • I love Green

    helllllllllllllll noooooooo

  • urbeltic

    Can I get a drumbeat going for a return of Antoine?? He is a seasoned veteran and would fit in well chemistry wise, and he could hit an open three ball at least 2 out of 10 times. The bottom line is that Hughes & Finley are the same thing as Toine minus the wiggle. Plus, Toine would play extra hard so that he could keep chippin away at that credit card debt he’s got running.

  • Oh wow. Now I did not expect ‘Toine’s name to come up.

  • ed judson

    I’ve lived in St.Louis since 1982 – not a good thing for a sports fan, let alone an NBA fan. This is the only place in the world where the media mentions “Larry Legend” and isn’t referring to Bird. Of course most media with St.Louis connections can’t spell NBA.

  • I love Green

    Pretty sure I just lit that drum on fire that was beating Antoine back into town.

  • Brett

    Hughes is a baller. Product of bad teams, untimely injuries, and stupid depth charts. We need a lock-down wing defender. I’m sure the rest of the second unit would be happy to take shots for him.

  • If Larry Hughes bothers you, you’ll be suicidal if they eventually sign Tayshaun Prince and/or Shawn Marion. I know I’ll be.

  • mitch

    Experts Shmexperts……no one knows who we are picking up and why…from the rumors of hinrich to dj augustin who i hate…..to larry hughes and michael finley??? lets just sign mikki moore again for the stretch run and lets also sign vin baker who paul pierce is gonna talk out of retirement to come play with the celtics…..no more old guys!

  • Arvin

    OK, I would go for Michael Finley. Seasoned veteran who can provide a little bit of offense. Twoine, uh no. One go round was enough. Larry, only if Bird comes out of retirement, oh Hughes, again no. I’d even go for PJ Brown. I bet he would not get as many shots blocked as Mr. Davis! We need offense, however . . .

  • Draylon Williams

    Celtics went for Finley. Hopefully Hughes will end up with the Lakers. Become something like Ron Harper who hadnt did too much until he hooked up with Jordan

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