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The Celtics are interested in recent Spurs cast-off Michael Finley, according to Marc Spears. (Hat tip: CB).

Michael Finley will turn 37 on Saturday. The Social Security/retirement home jokes would be insufferable.

For the curious, the C’s have only a pro-rated veteran’s minimum to offer any buyout candidates, and the fact that I’m sitting here writing about Michael Finley is depressing so I’m going to stop.

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  • ranen645

    whats so bad about michael finley?

  • Rocci

    He’s old, turns the ball over more than a tenth of the time, has a true shooting pct of 46%.

    Small sample size this year, yes (only 395 minutes), but if one aging contender drops him, I can’t really see him being good for us either. I’d personally rather give a D-Leaguer a shot.

  • plans

    LIke say, billy walker. still bitter.

  • I love Green


  • w2

    Agreed…bring in Mo Almond before Micheal Finley.

  • he’s better than tony allen…….nuff said

  • Bill Walker is having a very nice 2nd Q vs. Cleveland right now…

  • I love Green

    Billys got 21 right now. Sad to see him get minutes, and perform well.

  • rkls134

    For those asking why San Antonio let him go, they do have George Hill, Roger Mason, a healthy Ginobli ahead of him on the depth chart. Blair can play SF too. I think he could help and is better than Tony Allen on offense and BBall IQ, maybe not on D anymore.

    I thought getting a strong rebounder and paint defender was and is a bigger need for this team, even before getting nate or any other G/F.

  • Ryan S.

    please no…as soon as i heard of the release i was terrified i might have to read about potential celtic interest..shoot me…Danny wouldn’t, would he? people have been questioning him on the role age has played in making this the 13th most powerful(?) team in the NBA.

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