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Over this weekend, after the Saturday afternoon trainwreck, I was spending some time doing what any pissed off Celtic obsessed fan might be doing……wasting time looking through this team’s numbers, trying to figure out exactly when and how it all went wrong.

Needless to say, over the course of this expedition, one guy who caught my attention was Rasheed Wallace. We all know the book on Sheed. He takes too many threes. He gets needless technicals. The only way he will knowingly exhibit some extra effort on the floor is if his defender is dangling a donut on the string in front of him. Ok, that last bit is just a guess, but we haven’t seen any evidence to disprove that theory.

Given this reality, I find it a bit ironic Wallace is playing for a team that receives “Tommy points” for showing any kind of effort that would resemble extra hustle on a nightly basis. How many points do you think Sheed has earned this year total? 2? 3? That might be a generous estimate. And what are the odds of Sheed getting the Tommy Award any given night? 100 to 1? 500 to 1? Unless he shoots the lights out, he’s not getting it and given his track record in that department this year, those odds should probably be higher.

With all that said, it’s painfully clear I am a bitter Boston Celtic fan right now looking for a target worthy of my venom. Rasheed Wallace fits the bill right now in more ways than one. He has many noteworthy flaws, that go beyond the 3 pointers and lackadaisical play. One in-depth glance through his numbers this year gave me more ammo on the guy that I knew what to do with. So I decided to spread it out for a bit.

Here’s what we are going to do here at CelticsHub. Every Monday, there will be a disturbing Sheed stat of the week. It will be some kind of number that drives us crazy about our 7 foot sleeping giant. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad stat, just one that makes me rip my hair out.

For instance, did you know that Rasheed Wallace is shooting 52 percent from 10-15 feet this year? That’s a terrific number, good for 4th in the league amongst centers that play 20+ minutes per game. Great stuff right? Well not really since he takes only takes just over 1 of his 9 total shots per game from that distance. What’s that? You pulled most of your hair out? Good, you’re getting the idea then.

To start though, we will go simple and pitiful for the disturbing Sheed Stat Of The Week and take a look at our forgotten friend….offensive rebounding. We all know how Doc Rivers isn’t putting much of an emphasis on offensive rebounding this year right? The team ranks 28th in the league in offensive rebounding percentage. It’s not a pretty number, but can be accepted. That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.

One man who has taken Doc’s philosophy to heart is none other than our man Sheed. The league average for a center this year in offensive rebounding rate is 9.8 percent, or in other words an average center grabs an offensive rebound when they are available 9.8 percent of the time on the floor.

How does that compare to Sheed? Well, he grabs offensive rebounds a whopping 3.2 percent of the time. Yikes. So where exactly does that rank compare to the rest of the other centers in the league that have played the position this year for more than a couple games?

DEAD LAST. I wish I was kidding. Rasheed Wallace is statistically the worst offensive rebounding center in the NBA according to HoopData.com the fantastic stat crunching site. Ironically, the 2nd worst offensive rebounder on that list? Tony Battie. Get that man a contract Danny so we can put those two on the floor out there together!

So how would you characterize that number for Sheed? Disturbing? Terrific, that’s what we were shooting for. Feel a little bit better now that you have blown of some steam? Mean neither, but it was fun anyway. Feel free to add your own disturbing Sheed stats in the comments. Until next week…..

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    sheed is a center?! i thought he was an overgrown shooting guard. maybe he should trade postions with nate.

    note: the bubbling locker room stuff is surely to explode if they don’t stack up a few quick wins. i’m counting the days until someone calls sheed out publicly. lets start a pool, first person in the Cs org to actually call out sheed? odds on doc are currently a zillion to one. i pick rondo….i have a feeling he’s about to start shooting his mouth and causing major fireworks all around.

  • JP

    Why did we give up a half season of Leon Powe for 2(?) seasons full of Rasheed?

  • The fact that Ben Wallace is outperforming says everything.

    He just needs to forget about the Three and play the damn post.

  • Jay P

    I really hope Rondo does start running his mouth off. We need it, someones gotta shake this thing up and get some emotions flowing.

    The media can rag on him all they want, mostly because he probably isn’t even reading/watching most of what they say anyway. But if a team member came out and said it, maybe just maybe it’d piss him off enough to go out there with something to prove.

    Might as well give it a shot, not like things can get much worse.

  • Sam

    Have I mentioned lately how much I miss Powe. This stat makes me miss him even more.

    Sheed has always been a player I’ve wanted to slap.If you ask me he’s chosen to never really play up to his potential. I’m going to shup up now before I go on a very long pissed-off C’s fan/what the hell is wrong with you Sheed rant.

    As for who will call out Sheed… I could see it Rondo too… him publically calling out everyone didn’t sit well with mainly KG. It did Hhowever produce a couple of wins. Maybe he needs to do it again.

    While we’re at it what’s up with Perk? Rondo should not be getting more rebounds in a game than him.

    My real point here is this if the problem with the team was just Sheed and his flatout refusual to go inside more and to stop shooting three’s, oh and his allergy to playing defense… oops there I go again.

    It’s something we could fix, that’s not all it is though.

  • Guys: Sheed has never–never–been anything but an average offensive rebounder, and he hasn’t even been that since around 2001. The Celtics did not sign him expecting him to grab any offensive rebounds, and we shouldn’t be expecting him to do so.

    His offensive rebounding rate is absolutely atrocious, yes. But it’s almost exactly where it was last season.

    This is who Sheed is: A bad offensive rebounder. What he has never been until this season is a prohibitively bad three-point shooter. That’s the real concern–the decline from 35 percent to 28 percent from deep.

  • hallik

    Dead last I believe it, hell, to grab an offensive board you have to be near the hoop! Most of the time ‘Sheed is out chucking from the hash mark. Hate is a strong word, but Acie Earl is better than ‘Sheed! I had it with ‘Sheed should have traded his dumb behind to the Bobcats for Gerald Wallace’s heart and commitment!

  • Conall Mac Michael

    Disturbing stat, Sheed leads the entire league in double cheese burgers devoured in between games. 103 to be exact.

  • Sam

    Zach that is very true my real wish is that he’ll stop chucking three’s and plant himself inside more.

  • I love Green

    Heres a disturbing stat: We signed him for 5 million this year, 6 million next year and a player option for a little over 6.5 million.

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  • Honestly. Don’t be so kind to Sheed, this article only begins to summarize my fury with the balding monster.

  • newyorkceltics

    I think I’m starting to miss Raef LaFrentz

  • Ray Leighton

    I’m probably anticipating a future column, but the other (predictable) problem with Sheed is that he also has one of the lowest shooting percentages (effective or absolute) of any center in the league. Something like third to last among centers averaging more than 20 minutes.

    Now is one guy the problem? Well, maybe, maybe not. But I think that one position is the problem — the C’s are having major troubles at center. The stats courtesy of the usual websites indicate that although Perk still ranks up there in shooting percentage, he also happens to be one of the worst centers in the league when it comes to turnovers and assist-to-turnover ratio. You may not even recognize the names of the centers ranked lower in these categories. As has been noted on this website, you expect Rondo to have a lot of turnovers, but like Steve Nash, he also is still among the league-leaders in assist-to-turnover ratio. In fact, both Pierce and KG are also in the top 10 for assist-to-turnover ratios at their respective positions. So who is turning the ball over so much? Perk is turning the ball over close to 1/4 of his possessions!

    I like Perk, he works hard etc., and he is in for his defense, but what drives me nuts about his turnovers is that they shouldn’t be happening — watch the next time Rondo drives to the hoop, draws the defense in, and flips a pass underneath to Perk. You get taught in high school that when someone is throwing you a pass in a hurry from six feet away, you better have your hands up and ready to catch it. But Perk never has his hands up! He seems genuinely surprised when Rondo passes him the ball, even though this happens 2-3 times every game for an entire season. And then Perk either bobbles the ball out of bounds, or if he manages to grab the handle eventually, he has given the defense a chance to double up on him, and then he gets his shot blocked when he should have had an easy dunk. It just doesn’t seem like Perk is paying attention sometimes; the focus is not there.

    Now add to this that Sheed’s shooting percentage is pathetic, and a missed shot (especially when there is little chance of getting an offensive rebound) is effectively equivalent to a turnover, and we have an offence where we are likely to give the ball away if either of our centers touches it.

    Time to play some small ball?

  • Ross in Maine

    As I’ve read this post and all the comments, I was thinking ‘no, that’s not it … close, dancing around the bull’s-eye … but still not the entire picture.’ Then I read Ray Leighton’s post. YES. That is one of our biggest, if not the biggest problem: CENTER. (I love Perk, so this is particularly hard to write for me) Three Centers that can’t (or wont) effectively and efficiently play the low post. THIS is W-H-Y Ray Allen and Eddie House has suffered on threes, no serious interior threat and so they can be run off. We usually think in terms of good three shooters spreading the floor and opening up the paint for some easy baskets .. but you know what: it works both ways. No threat in the paint (other than cutters) and the perimeter guys suffer. Center woes are also why turnovers have been so high, even when many players ratios have been good.

    If you add in the fact that the Celts have been playing with low energy, walking up the floor, giving up fast breaks and getting few and sprinkle in a healthy dose of injuries and some declining (mostly KG) superstars and grind it all together out pops a 36-21 record and a loss at home to the likes of the Nets.

    Now, usually when us ‘arm-chair’ coaches and commentators think we figured something out, I’m thinking “Quick, somebody tell Doc and Danny” or “God, I hope one of the captains read this” … but in hind sight, in this instance, it is crystal clear to me that Doc and the coaching staff are way ahead of us this time. Thus Perks minutes. Thus the play calls, and the addition of Nate for his cutting and ball handling (another thing to help take the offensive pressure off the big men)

    certain things can be fixed: execution, plays, energy, team cohesion, etc. our weakness at power forward and our head problems with a lack of a killer-instinct early in games have laid bare our other deficiencies which are usually made up for. No longer. The bottom line is, Doc and Danny know these things and we will either heal up, buck up and win … or we’ll be play-off fodder. Should the latter happen, I predict that Sheed, KG, and Ray will all be on the chopping block and we will rebuild. When we DO rebuild, I sincerly hope Perk is there, he has the potential of being great.

  • dt

    As Piston fan who had watched Sheed completely disappear in the playoffs last year against Cleveland I had no idea why Boston even wanted him lol. welcome to the world of Rasheed Wallace.

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