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Anyone who’s read the site before knows I LOVE Bill Walker. What’s not to love? He plays hard. He plays tough. He scores 21 points in 35 minutes?

That last one, albeit a bit surprising, is exactly what he did tonight against the Cleveland Cavaliers. For a player who hardly got any run in his two years in Boston, it’s a nice to see him make the most of his opportunity.

Still, it begs the question: why no love by way of PT when Walker was with the Green?

It seemed pretty clear that for one reason or the other, the coaching staff didn’t trust Walker to play the type of defense the Celtics needed him to.   Still, for a team searching for offensive answers coming off the bench, wouldn’t the Celtics have been wise to make the most of Walker’s youth and athleticism?

The answer is unequivocally in the affirmative. Walker showed tonight that not only could he put the ball in the bucket, but he could do it from all over the floor. In fact, here is his shot chart:

With the C’s looking for someone off the bench who can spread the floor, it’s a little disconcerting for Celtics’ fans to see Bill Walker go 2-for-5 from deep and make two foul line jumpers.

In no way does this one game make Bill Walker anything more than capable. The issue I have with him not getting the chance in Boston is that “capable” is all the Celtics needed him to be. With some talk brewing about bringing in Michael Finley, the Walker exodus really puts any of that “talk” in perspective.

The bottom line is, what is Michael Finley going to do in Boston that Bill Walker didn’t, or couldn’t do?

* * *

In other news, our old pal Lester Hudson was just assigned to Memphis’ D-League affiliate. I, personally, really hope Lester makes it in this league. His offensive ability can be electrifying.

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  • Blackberry33

    This makes me sick to my stomach

  • Let’s all keep mind that Bill Walker did this in a game the Knicks lost by a million points and for a team that doesn’t play any defense most nights. That said, he brought out a few moves tonight that surprised me, including a couple of baseline drives/floaters.

  • rav

    garbage game, they lost by 30. no need to read into this too much.

    maybe billy isnt the kind of guy who can contribute in limited minutes (i.e. needs extended PT to show off anything)

  • PJ

    What Zach and rav said. I like Walker and hope he learns to play well at an NBA level. To do that, he’s going to need extended minutes — something he’s not going to get on a contending team. So New York is a good spot for him.

  • dslack

    This is a team on which Rasheed Wallace and Tony Allen get regular minutes. You can’t convince me that tossing a few minutes to Bill Walker would have been that disastrous.

  • justin

    I think it just came down to Doc wanting someone with experience to fill out the spare minutes left over when Allen or Pierce or both sit. In a situation where he’s trying to win every game, I think he couldn’t spare any minutes and that meant going with what you know rather than a guy like Walker who had more potential than either Scalabrine and Tony. I didn’t agree with it and it pissed me off when Walker couldn’t see more than 2 minutes even during their blowout lost at Phoenix, or didn’t play at all against Toronto when Rondo, Garnett and Pierce were out but there was a logic to it. That Scalabrine played good defense at times (like against Carter in the Christmas game) or Tony played very well at times made sure that Doc wasn’t going to be forced to experiment.

    What really set Walker back was getting injured right before training camp and missing all the preseason games as well as the first month and half of the season. He had no track record of games to go off on during his rookie year so the training camp and exhibition games were going to be crucial to showing the coaching staff what he could do and how he could fit. Getting injured basically set him back to a rookie and prevented him from gaining Doc’s trust with him in game settings.

    It’s really too bad though. I know he’s played very little but I just liked him. After all the years of watching Pierce, I like Power 3s and that Walker very intriguing to me but what sealed it was his intelligence and well spokeness off the court. He’s a pretty talented guy who must perform very well in practice. How else to explain that Garnett last year randomly told the Boston Herald that he can play and to watch out for him next year.

  • Adrian

    honestly i would rather have B.Walker than T.Allen because when we spread the ball and it goes to T.Allen he always misses the shot, i cant remember the last time he made a jump shot, and as for his athleticism i think B.Walker can match that…anyone agree?

  • shane

    im gunna miss walker he was my favorite young player on the celtics .