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The Next Seven Games: A Chance to Get Right?

Save for a couple of games against New Jersey (ahem), the C’s schedule since late January has been brutal. Seven of the team’s last 15 games have come against Atlanta, Denver, the Lakers (twice), Orlando (twice) and Cleveland, and that 15-game span also included five straight road games against Western Conference teams.

The C’s went 7-8 over that stretch, with only two of those wins coming against teams that currently stand at .500 or better (@ Portland and @ the Lakers, with both teams battling injuries).

The next seven games represent something of a reprieve. Only two come against teams with .500 or better records (as of Sunday morning), and none are more than two games over .500:

3/2 @ Detroit (21-38)

3/3 Charlotte (28-29)

3/5 @ Philadelphia  (22-36)

3/7 Washington (20-36)

3/9 @ Milwaukee (30-28)

3/10 Memphis  (30-29)

3/12 Pacers (20-39)

After this stretch, the schedule gets tough again. There are a couple of ways to look at this.

You could say the C’s should clean up against the mediocrity of the league, and that if they don’t, the problems we’ve seen since Christmas are undeniably real and serious.

Or if the C’s don’t play well, you could just chalk it up to their self-professed (according to Kendrick Perkins, at least) boredom with the regular season and inability to get up for games against the dregs.

Personally? Boston should be beating these teams, though there are two back-to-backs in there, Milwaukee has won six straight (and is giving the Hawks hell in Atlanta as I write this), and the Bobcats are a tough out when healthy.

And, hell, the C’s just lost at home to the Nets, so no win is  sure thing right now.

But beating up on the bad clubs would be a nice sign that things can still turn around.

Predictions? I’m going with 5-2.

Let’s hear yours.

  • Freddy

    i hope they kill all of these teams so shelden gets some playing time and the whole teams morale gets boosted a little

  • Koshal

    I’m predicting at least 3 losses.Probable losses to the Bobcats,Wizards and the Timberwolves.Just a prediction.

  • rondoislove

    Sigh. I don’t even want to think about an “easier” schedule for them anymore. It scares me because I’m afraid of what the outcome will be.

  • GranTur

    The Celtics don’t care.

    They got spanked by 20 after leading against the Cavs…

    Then they got embarrassed at home by the Nets.

    They obviously don’t care. The playoffs couldn’t come any sooner.

  • KY Celts fan

    Charlotte, Milwaukee, and Memphis are tough games for any team. And we’ve already lost games to Detroit, Philly, and Indy this year. Who who knows? We could go 1-6 for this stretch.

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  • Sam

    I say 5-2, or at least that’s what my optimistic heart hopes for when it comes to this team right now. These games if they put their mind to it can be used to fix whatever problems their might, be and it’s ovbious that their is some. I don’t know if it’s the fact that this team hasn’t played together healthy enough this year or not, but the chemistry is out of whack and they aren’t communicating out on the floor with each other like they used too.

    I’m not giving up on them yet, even though losing to the Nets should be against the law. I still have faith in this team and these players even if I want to slap them all upside the head and scream get it together..

  • I think @MIL could be one of the losses. Charlotte on the second end of a b-to-b is tough, but it is a home game….of course the C’s home record is worse than their road record, so…

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    this prediction is an impossible task….any 5 dudes wearing the same shirt is a possible threat at this point – especially if they have a mobile big man.

  • @Kool-aid: You’re right. Predictions overall are pretty impossible. I mean, look how unpredictable the league has been this season. Everyone was touting SAS as a threat to the Lakers, the Grizz and Thunder have made everyone look silly.

  • strips

    with the way things are going it’s more likely going to be 3-4…

  • They will go 6-1 in their next seven.
    I’m hoping Pride takes over and they avenge the loss in their last game against the Pistons, Sixers and Wizards.
    I am guessing their lone loss will be against Memphis at home.

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