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It’s not often you see your team lose to a squad that may very well be the worst in NBA history. This afternoon, the C’s obliged, not only losing but were utterly humiliated by the hapless Nets, only hours after their boss ripped the team’s starters in both Boston papers. There is a lot wrong with this team right now…..health, age, chemistry, offense and it all came to an ugly head this afternoon. The well deserved boos reigned down from the Garden faithful as their comeback stalled with a minute left.

I’m going to let this one simmer for a little bit before fuller analysis in the coming hours, but I will say this. I was able to confidently write this headline with 6 minutes left in the game. The train is completely off the tracks right now and to make matters worse, members of this team appear to be tuning out Doc as well.

Now here are a few thoughts from Zach Lowe on the devastation today, after the jump

The Celtics just allowed the Nets to score the equivalent 115.6 points per 100 possessions. The Nets average 98.4 points per 100 possessions, by far the worst mark in the league.

The Suns lead the league in that category at 114.0 points per 100 possessions, according to Basketball Reference.

In other words: The Celtics yielded a league-best offensive performance to the league’s worst offense. The Nets are due some credit. They worked hard, their screen/roll was effective and they made the shots (i.e. corner threes) the C’s made available to them on the screen/roll.

They also earned 41 free throw attempts, the 2nd-highest number Boston has allowed this season. (The Nets shot 43 foul shots against the C’s on Jan. 13). The C’s were a step behind all game, and they had to foul as a result in order to stop easy New Jersey FGAs.

Those foul shots helped New Jersey become just the sixth team this season to beat Boston in a game in which the C’s shoot 50 percent or better. (They were 42-84 tonight).

Just awful.

I have video clips ready to go, but I can’t stomach them now.

That is all.

Well said Zach. More analysis later today if either of us can take it. For now I will leave you with a quote from commenter “I love Green” right after the C’s went down:

I wouldn’t blame you guys if you shut down this website.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • I love Green

    Haha thanks for quoting me Brian.

  • dslack

    Can you elaborate on what you mean by “members of this team appear to be tuning out Doc as well.”?



  • Conall Mac Michael


  • rondoislove


    I think what he means is that Doc has publicly said it many times about how awful they’re playing, how the guys have no sense of urgency, etc. I think Doc has also said that it seems like the guys are just trying to cruise through the regular season and are just waiting for the playoffs to come around. It’s almost as if they don’t realize that in order to be in the playoffs, they need to win regular season games..

    I’m really disappointed with them today. They shattered my heart into pieces once again. This is such an embarrassing loss and they will never hear the end of it. Seeing that Ainge is now speaking up, I’m truly hoping that this will be the absolute last straw.

    I’m done with ‘Sheed jacking up threes that he hasn’t been making all season long, not taking advantage of his well-credited post up game, and just asking for T’s. I’m done with Perk’s horrific, unnecessary turnovers (travelling, offensive fouls) and his T’s as well. I’m done with Rondo overdoing it and just not letting things come to him like he did for so much of the season so far.

    I practically have Game 4 and Game 6 of the 2008 Finals memorized because I keep having to re-watch them after disappointments like this to remind myself why I love the C’s. 🙁

  • Ryan S.

    Red Sox vs. Northeastern and BC Wednesday…

  • I love Green

    We don’t have enough money to spend on free agents, and no one is going to give much for our aging players. So we’re screwed for a few years unless Danny pulls off a miracle. I really hope he doesn’t decide to trade Rondo, the guy has been a beast for us this year.

  • Cos

    I second dslacks request. Thanks rondoslove, but I’d really like to hear what Brian means by that statement. The team has faults and continually either plays down to the competition or doesn’t play a full 48, but I have yet to hear or read anything to that even hints that the team is starting to tune Doc out. And Im not fan of Doc, and am not a Doc apologizer. I was so anti-doc years ago I refused to even say or type his name or nickname. But again, I have yet to see, hear, or read anything about the team and him not seeing eye to eye or tuning them out.

    And in terms of players, I for the life of me, don’t understand the love for baby. from time to time he’s played well, and he played well in the playoffs last season, but resigning him was a mistake. not get powe was a second mistake. For all baby can do, he’s just too short to be key member of our post. When it really counts, and the team really needs a rebound, he’s already giving up a few inches to the comp and vertical is not making up the difference. Between Baby & Sheed, baby’s the only one of the two that you know wont stray too far from the post, and yet, you can’t count on him to get a rebound. Sure, he’s recently been good at the boards, but he’s not doing anything with the ball once he gets it. Just chucks it up their, makes his audible “‘AY” (everytime!!!) and the other team either blocks the shot or picks up the rebound. DA has got to trade this guy in the summer. Rant over. AY!

  • GranTur

    Really sad game. Embarrassing. Painful.

    I could have defended the pick and roll better. Our defense looked like we were scrimmaging with them.

  • Both teams played hard. God bless and Good bye.

  • @ Cos and D Slack

    A lot of it is what Rondoislove mentioned regarding Doc and the sense of urgency. I will go a bit deeper though as the lack of respone seemed to go a bit further today. Mike Gorman pointed out a few instances today where the team wasn’t following Doc’s instructions out of timeouts. They ran the wrong plays, and take shots Doc doesn’t want them to be taking. It’s definitely not everyone on the team but the person to I’m referring to most here is Rondo as well as Sheed a little bit too. I’ll write more on this in the upcoming days but Rondo seems to be marching to his own drum these days and may be tuning out Doc at times along the way in my opinion. Just another item to add to the laundry list of problems with this team right now.

  • I love Green

    I need a hug.

  • hallik

    Is it safe to say that this team might have packed it in? ‘Sheed is a scumbag, I’m sorry. 6’11” playing like a 5’2″ freshman chuckin’ 3’s. I agree with the Baby comment, he’s useless, should have played left tackle for the Canadian Football League…This one, is just if not worse than the Pats loosing the superbowl and going undefeated…I might not watch another game till the playoff’s….

  • rondoislove

    I’ve noticed that Rondo hasn’t been playing as well ever since the All-Star game… or is it just me?

    I love Rondo, he’s my absolute favorite player in the entire league and I expect nothing but the best from him… but I feel like making the All-Star team got to his head. As this season’s progressed, you see so many more Rondo jerseys and t-shirts in the crowd, whether the team’s playing at home or on the road. Perhaps all this sudden recognition and acknowledgment as a star point guard is getting to his head and he feels like he makes better decisions than Doc? What’s amusing is that during the Chicago series, I remember this one part that appeared in many articles written about Boston during that time span. It was about how Rondo took the loss really hard and put the blame on himself… and also couldn’t sleep that night. They say he came in to the next practice and asked Doc all these questions on what he could improve on, what he needs to do, etc… and Doc simply said, “You’ve got the keys to the team. Just play.”

    I read the other day about how his high school coach as well as college coach would sit him for games to “teach him a lesson.” Would taking away his minutes and starting Nate be a mistake or would it open up Rondo’s eyes?

  • matthew

    i can’t believe it. it’s over for the celts.. sick! i’m gonna throw up for days after this loss.

  • JP

    I went to this game… It was depressing, and there were A LOT of calls that went against the Celtics (41 free throws). It was ridiculous. Still, there is no excuse for losing to the Nets. I’m speechless.

  • Sal

    KG hit the nail on the head, disgusted is the only word that came to mind after this game. Like KP said there can’t gona be too many more wake-up calls. This guys dont need a fire under their ass, they need to be bi%^&slapped and told to focus…the nets…are u kidding me?!

  • dslack

    Funny the comments about Rondo. The team was +6 when he was in, and -19 when Nate Robinson was in. He might be tuning out Doc, and maybe he could play better, but the team still seems to play well enough to win when he’s in the game.

  • LakerGuy

    I’ve been dying for some revenge since 2008, and after that anti-climactic ending last year with the magic, and the sheed aquisition, I really thought you guys would step up and meet us at the finals like you have so many other times. but the nets? really? THE NETS?!
    I guess i’ll have to settle for kobe vs lebron…still anti-climactic for a Lakers fan compared to the prospects of a Lakers Celtics Finals bout. I really hope you guys pick up and make a run so you can pose a challenge this time instead of weeping over (fake) spilt milk

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