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Max to Perk: “You Ain’t Got It Yet”

Danny Ainge’s remarks about the team—and, specifically, the starters—are obviously the big news of the day, but I enjoyed this anecdote from the Providence Journal. Perk is shooting 61.7 percent from the floor, a tick above Cedric Maxwell’s single-season franchise record of 60.9. 

Take it away ProJo:

“I really don’t worry about it but Max always brings it up,” Perkins said. “Every time we go out and do our layups and warm up, he always brings it up. He says, `You ain’t got it yet. You ain’t got it yet,’ so he always brings it up.

“But I’m supposed to have a high percentage. I take easy shots. I just try to take the best shots possible.”

  • RAY

    Perk, I have watched you sense you have been in the league and you have come a long way, but you still have a longgggggggggg way to go become a great center. I’m not an expert but if you would stop hesitating with the ball and go straight up quicker and faster you would increase your scoring by points a game. When you pump fake you are allowing the defender to get a better chance to block your shot. If you think I am wrong go back and watch film on yourself and see how many shot you allow defender to block by hesitating.