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Ainge Rips Starters


Blown leads.  Lackadaisical efforts. It’s been a constant theme for this Boston Celtic team this year. After another embarrassing effort in the 2nd half Thursday night, it seemed to be enough to push Danny Ainge over the edge. Ainge came out yesterday publicly criticized his starters’ effort in both Boston papers Saturday.

From Gary Washburn in The Globe

“It’s been a pattern that we have squandered leads against good teams in this league,’’ Ainge said yesterday. “I think the onus is on the starters. The good news is we are getting double-digit leads, but we are not doing a good enough job of finishing games.’’

“It’s been an issue, and the starters have to take the responsibility,’’ Ainge said. “They’ve been together, have experience, and it’s been a pattern the last month. We have to play with more urgency.’’

“We were flat to start the third quarter again,’’ Ainge said of Thursday night’s game. “And it’s not like there are different players coming out for the second half. We have to play with more focus and commitment. It’s effort. It’s there to start the game and it’s up to the players.’’

Most disturbing about Thursday’s defeat was the performance of Varejao, who finished with 14 points, 10 points, 3 blocks, and 2 assists in 31 minutes.

“I thought the star of the game of them was Varejao,’’ said Rivers. “I thought he was absolutely amazing with his energy, with his defense. He kept the ball alive.’’

Ainge had a different opinion.

“Anderson Varejao’s effort, [the players] should be embarrassed,’’ he said.

When asked if age was an issue for a team with four 30-plus-year-old front-line players, Ainge said, “It’s not age. It’s on the starting five, and performing with the best [teams] hasn’t been happening. I’m not panicking. I am just saying that’s what it is.’’

More damning quotes from Ainge in The Herald, including questioning the Celtics future as well as final thoughts on all this criticism, after the jump

Steve Bulpett in The Herald took it to another level with Ainge, talking about wholesale changes next year if things don’t change.

Ainge is watching the same things you are, and he’s well aware the time is coming when he’ll have to hold, draw or fold.

“I’m constantly thinking about that,” he said. “But I think what happens beyond this season will be based more on how this team performs from here on out than what’s happened to this point.

“I think we’ll know a lot more about this team over the next few months. All we can do now is speculate.”

And be ready to cut in widely divergent directions based on the findings.

“I’m prepared in either scenario,” Ainge said. “We’ll either add to this team or change it.

“And,” he added, “change it big or small. It will become more clear as the season winds down.”

For now, nothing is clear.

“My take is simple,” Ainge said. “My take is that we do a lot of things right. We’re getting leads against top teams on the road and at home. And then we’re doing a lot of things consistently wrong to let those leads go by the wayside.

“If we were not getting the leads, it would be a simpler conclusion. But we’re playing good basketball.”

And then the Celtics do not play good basketball.

“We’re somewhat consistent in how we respond to adversity, and that’s a big problem,” Ainge said. “When things start going in the other direction, we’re not doing a good enough job of stopping the bleeding.

Some final parting shots for the starters:

“Our starters have been together three years, and age is not a factor. They have to do a better job of finishing games and playing better as a unit. But they haven’t, and that’s the pattern that has developed. I do believe that pattern can be rectified, because I’ve seen it. But that has been the theme song the last month and a half – not getting it done when we have to.”

The question now is whether this is a team dribbling toward its demise like the Pistons of a few years ago or whether it’s one of those Celtics squads of the 1960s that stumbled into the playoffs and then just kept winning.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Ainge said. “I don’t know what the real case is. I don’t know if we’ll know the answer until we get to the playoffs. Until this team runs its course, all we can do is speculate. The playoffs is when this team will be defined, and I still have hope.”

Great piece by Bulpett all around. Three thoughts on Ainge’s rants

1) It’s about time someone said something…..Doc has gone easy on these guys until now…..well done Danny. Is this a risky maneuver by Ainge, calling out a veteran laden team like this? Perhaps, but he really had no other recourse at this point. Whatever Doc is doing clearly isn’t getting through. Someone needed to try to light a fire under these guys….the man calling the shots is a good enough choice to do that.

2) How much accountability, (if any) does Doc Rivers deserve in all of this? I have no idea, but it’s clear the team hasn’t responded to his pleas in the past 2 months.

3) Regarding the wholesale changes Ainge is referring to during the offseason if this team doesn’t show some improvement; It’s another interesting play by Ainge. We have looked long and hard at how little flexibility the Celtics have with their payroll this offseason. With 63 million committed to just 6 guys, there appears to be little tinkering that could be effectively done with the foundation.

Here’s the thing with Danny Ainge though….he isn’t afraid to blow it up….I mean really blow it up. He did it by dealing Antoine Walker once he got into town…..he dealt fan favorites Eric Williams and Tony Battie in the midst of a winning streak a few years back as well when it was clear they weren’t part of a Championship core.

Given this, Zach Lowe and myself just went back and forth discussing what kind of changes Ainge might mean with this squad. As already noted, Zach believes that Ainge’s options really are limited given the fiscal situation. KG isn’t going anywhere, thanks to his massive contract. Paul Pierce isn’t going anywhere. Sheed could be dealt obviously, but that’s not a pretty contract either. The other three players under contract are all youngsters (Rondo, Perk, Baby).

Naturally, not re-signing Ray Allen is a natural option for Ainge, but let’s be honest he hasn’t been the problem, not lately anyway. So who does that leave? Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins? Two guys that are incredibly young and have tremendous potential. Perk will be a free agent after next year, so we will find out pretty soon where Danny stands on him….I’m fairly certain he is a fan. That brings us to the man the team just made a long term investment in: Rondo. We all know how often Rajon Rondo has been throw around in trade talks this offseason and how he’s made incredible strides this year.

The problem with Rajon is he has been falling apart in the 2nd half of games, especially against elite opponents. Rondo as well as Perk are starters, as well as the building blocks for this team’s future. Is it blasphemous to think that Danny would consider trading either of those guys? If Ainge doesn’t see them as a future part of a Championship core, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Either way, this team has a lot of questions to answer over the final 30 games of this season. They start this afternoon at 1pm against the worst team in the league. Will they continue to go through the motions and eek out a win against one of the worst teams in NBA history? Or do they come out with a sense of urgency Danny Ainge and the rest of the Celtics fanbase has been desperately craving for a full 48 minutes?

I have no idea which team will show up, but I will be watching very intently to find out.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    lets hope they pull it together for the rest of the year. i think the only realistic way this team can rebuild over the next couple years is if kg hangs it up (injury retirement) and comes off the books – i can’t believe he will want to play his full contract if his knee does not improve, you can see the disappointment in his eyes that he can’t play to the level he expects.

    but if they do decide to rebuild i think it will only be rondo and perk still in town (i would actually trade perk for top value before he becomes the next elton brand, and rebuild around rondo exclusively). they wouldn’t be able to pull it together fast enough for pierce & ray, so it would make more sense to get value for them too.

    is rondo the true alpha dog you put the young talent around? is there some coup that could be pulled through a sign & trade with ray? …regardless of this year, they need to get younger & more athletic before next year….so many questions, danny will earn his paycheck this summer….

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    @kool-aid: You bring up a possibility I hadn’t ever thought about: KG retiring.

    That just threw me for a loop. One the on hand, he seems like he’d be the sort of guy who’d walk away from $$ because of his pride.

    On the other hand, we have no real evidence of this. His Minny contract was one of the deals that forced changes in the CBA, and he would not have come to Boston without the C’s agreeing to his current extension.

    The guy has always been open and proactive about getting his $$.

  • Nick

    Thanks Danny for realizing this after the deadline. After we get eliminated in the 2nd round of the playoffs he might take action (Or not.) Kool-Aid’s idea of KG retiring is brilliant, but unlikely. If KG does retire, we could nab Joe Johnson and a decent Forward (Rudy Gay or David Lee, Carl Landry if nothing else) Imagine a lineup:

    Joe Johnson/TA (1 year w/ Bird Contract)
    Pierce/ Quis (Resigned)/ Minimum
    Lee or Gay or Landry/Sheed/Minimum

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    We do not want Rudy Gay. NOT WANT.

  • Michael

    The biggest problem with this team is not age, it’s health. KG has not been the same player since his knee surgery. I think the injury was more serious than the team reported, and I don’t think KG will ever be the dominant force he once was. That factor alone is a difference maker in the team’s prospects for a title.

    There are other problems too. Sheed has been a huge dissapointment, and as long as Doc lets him continue to play on the perimeter he’s going to shoot the team right out of games at pivital times. The C’s bench is also suspect.

    Best case scenario… KG retires, we dump Sheed, and sign Bosch as a free agent. That would put the team back on top, and we would have 3 young starters [2 of them all-stars] to go along with the veterans Pierce and Ray Allen [at a discount].

  • I love Green

    Do any of you writers know how much money we’ll be able to spend in free agency next year?

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    Green: Do you mean after this season or after next?

  • I love Green

    After this season

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    The simple answer: None.

    The more complicated answer: The mid-level exception, the vet’s minimum exception, Bird rights on our own free agents (but not Nate Robinson), sign-and-trade possibilities with any team interested in a) bad players or b) an aging shooting guard.

  • Blackberry33

    It’s time for something like this! Doc, PP, KG, Sheed, need to take accountability for this pathetic performance.

  • I love Green

    So basically we won’t be able to sign anyone that could replace Ray, or a young athletic power forward. Thats no good, unless we could trick them into signing for the mid-level exception.

  • Berkcelt

    I find it interesting that Ainge dismisses the “age” factor out of hand. I’d like to say he knows “something” about the behind the scenes chemistry, but it sounds more like he is in denial. Part of the “age” factor is not being able to recover from injuries as quickly. Garnett isn’t the same, Ray isn’t the same, and Pierce hasn’t been the same since early this season. They got old, deal with it Danny.

  • http://www.celticshub.com Zach Lowe

    @berkcelt: Agreed on the age denial. NOt sure how anyone can say age isn’t a factor. Also, this Nets game is driving me crazy.

  • aka

    I’m a fan…but no one fears the Celtics anymore. They’re not even remotely elite. The magic is gone.

  • I love Green

    Yeah, Celtics are about to lose to the nets. Blow up the fucking roster

  • I love Green

    I wouldn’t blame you guys if you shut down this website.

  • RBD

    You have to consider moving Rondo/Perk this offseason if you want to blow up the team. Ainge may do just that.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    and not saying kg will retire. but has to be losing major sleep with non-elite young forwards jumping over him and talking smack (note: this is the main reason sheed stands at the arc). he is giving 100%, he’s just not physically able.

    i see him getting major offseason knee surgery (for sure), and then maybe he just slides on out. his knee is bad enough that insurance would pay him, and the Cs get off the hook. its the only hope as far as ‘blowing it up’ goes….otherwise its a grim couple years….

  • RAY

    Can someone please tell me who is coaching this team. It just seems as if the guys are out there doing what every they want ,playing any kind of way and they still get to play, It would seem to me that if you play this bad, why are you still being allowed to play. Also, why do the celtic walk the ball up the floor on every possesion take a jump or a three point shot, nobody goes for the rebound and they all go back on defense. Why don’t they play any up tempo are attacking basketball.

  • rav

    @Zach we also have the non-bird exception whereby we can give an 8% increase in salary to Nate and Marquis

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