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Disturbing or Irrelevant?


Most people would agree that the seven best teams in the NBA (excluding Boston) are Cleveland, Orlando, Utah, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta and the Lakers.

The C’s combined record against those teams: 4-11.

One of those four wins was on opening night.

One was on Nov. 11 (at home against the Jazz).

One was on Christmas—two months ago now—in Orlando.

And one was last week at Los Angeles, against a Laker team missing Kobe Bryant. (Albeit a Laker team that played quite well while missing Kobe Bryant).

Of course, the C’s have dealt with injuries (they were missing Paul Pierce last night and on Christmas), but the record is the record.

  • hallik

    Disturbing. Wasn’t Nate supposed to aliviate the stagnant offense? WTF?

  • Jay P

    Disturbing. And Hallik for that to happen, he has to actually play, why he was riding the pine last night for the entire 3rd quarter while the starters were steadily losing the lead, I have no idea.

    Yet another example of Doc’s stubborn pigheadedness (stupidity?) when it comes to his complete inability to pull his starters when their struggling.

  • http://www.livefromapt.blogspot.com w2

    As it stands now we are a team that should get out of the first round of the playoffs, but few would expect more than that.

  • JP

    Distrubing, I am just hoping the C’s have been secretly coasting since christmas and will “turn it on” in the playoffs. It could happen right???

  • I love Green

    We lost by 20 for the game, 21 in the 4th quarter. Thats disturbing

  • Nick

    Why get Nate if you’re not even going to use him…He looked great in the 2nd quarter last night and we didn’t see him again until the 4th when the game was out of reach. Call me crazy but if you’re struggling on the offensive end you should probably play someone who can get to the rim, create their own shot and put a spark under the teams ASS!

  • Ricardo

    Out of many things I did not like about last night. One of them: Glenn Davis should not be allowed to try and create his own shot on offense. Those were just wasted possessions last night and are in every other game he does it! Until he can manage to be able to dunk, his privileges to try and create something should be revoked. I’m sick of seeing all those pump fakes resulting in his shots being blocked!!!

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    definitely worrying. people bash the nuggs for losing against teams they should beat – whaddabunchofgarbage. i’d much rather have that problem. playing to the level of your opponent is all that matters in the playoffs…

  • http://Aol.com Matt

    This comes down too two things in my mind.

    #1Doc’s inability to just let go…and use the weapons he has.
    Doc needs to force sheed into the post when he is in the game
    or pull him out. Also….use NATE!!! for god sake have some
    Some extra practices to get him intigrated!!

    #2Second half adjustments. Seem like every game we play well 4
    A majority of the first half. Second half rolls around and we
    Play with no sense of urgency…no energy and either the
    Offense, defense or both completely become a non factor.
    This has alot to do with age of the players, the coaches poor use of it’s players or schemes.

    I only have this to say to doc, the coaching staff, and players.

  • Jay P

    Preach Brotha, Preach.

  • Bahjat

    Yo, this is all on Doc. No questions asked. Why was Rondo playing for 3 quarters straight? He ran out of breath by the 4th. Thats all there is to Yesterday’s Loss.

  • DRJ1

    Irrelevant. It’s the regular season. Translation: one long practice session. They’ve shown the ability to dominate every team, for at least 2 quarters. The rest, the full truth, will not be known until games really matter, which will not happen until April.

  • Jim MacIndoe

    I am sorry to say we will be one and done in the playoffs. It will be time to break up the team and rebuild after this season. Championship teams do not have foul shooters like Rhondo and Perk. I love them both but neither one of them can hit free throws and you combine that with the other problems the team has and it spells doom.
    I hope I am wrong but I do not think I am.

  • mitch

    everyone seems to blame rondo….he has done nothing but carry this team…..marquis daniels talent disappeared in that cavs game, rasheed wallace is lazy, perk is slow and is a master of illegal screens, garnett needs to play harder or retired, ray ray is fine, robinson has to step up and start scoring more with the few minutes he gets, marcus landry?

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