Post-game Reactions

That’s one question I tried to answer—or at least begin the process of answering—in this post I wrote for The New York Times hoops blog Off the Dribble

It examines the win-loss records of teams in games in which they hit five or fewer three point shots. The results had a bit  more variation that I had expected, though some of the findings aren’t a surprise. Click over to the NYT to see how the C’s fare in such games.

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  • Jay P

    If Sheed stops shooting them, yes, yes they can.

    You also gotta remember with Robinson instead of House now, you have a lot more versatility than we did before. House can do one thing, shoot 3s, that’s about it (ok he’s pretty good at the 15-18 ft jumper/runner too) so when those aren’t falling, he’s limited.

    Every other 3-point shooter on the team can do many other things well. Ray Allen although maybe not as quick on that first step as he used to be, has shown an ability to get to the rim in the last few games, and he’s one of the best out there being able to finish with either hand. Wallace, we all know practically scores at will in the post when he bothers to go there. Pierce, once healthy, has certainly always had the ability to create his shot. Robinson (was anyone else surprised to find out his career 3-pt %s are nearly equal to House?) can certainly beat his man off the dribble, and gets to the rim as often as anyone point guards in basketball.

    The question is, when the 3s aren’t falling, can the Cs realize it and say, ok this isn’t working, let’s get to the rim.

    If they can’t it’s up to Doc to pull these guys and get someone else in who will. With the exception of Ray, he’s a pure shooter, and shooters shoot their way out of slumps, I don’t ever want him to stop shooting. But he’s also shown a great ability to get to the rim when he wants to, and he’s as smart of a player as you’ll find, so I’m not really worried about that.

    Sheed is another story…

  • @JayP: Solid comment. The three point shooting #s really worry me. It was such a huge part of this team’s success last year.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    I used to hate on sheed for jacking. Now I can’t help but blame those around him. It is a given that he will shoot if he gets the ball at the arc. So why do the guys (rondo especially) keep serving him the ball there? And Doc keeps saying in interviews that he wants Sheed to keep shooting it. huh?

    If they stopped greenlighting and passing it to him, not only would he stop shooting low percentage shots, he would definitely consider spending more time down low – guys go where the touches are.

    Other than him I think the 3 point shooting is fine, and the numbers will be there in crunch time; Pierce is automatic, Ray has his mojo back, and Nate or the other floor spreaders will fill in the gaps (KG spreads the floor with deep 2s).

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    when i say ‘other floor spreaders’, i guess i meant only scal. but i just can’t bring myself to believe he must really contribute if this team is to go deep. but i’ll take a scal at the arc over a sheed at the arc anyday.