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Scal Gets A Spray Tan

98.5 The Sports Hub

Brian Scalabrine has a bit of a cult following here in Boston, and his fanbase will undoubtedly continue to grow after his latest endeavor this morning. Appearing on The Toucher and Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston, Scal, arguably the palest player in the NBA, received a orange spray tan across his entire body, and looked to have enjoyed every minute of it.

A bit of the back story to how this tremendous idea came about. Scal has been a weekly guest on T and R every Wednesday throughout the season. Though on a sports station, Toucher and Rich aren’t primarily sports jocks and they tend to have a lot of running gags on their show. Therefore, back in December, they made a bet with Scal, vowing that if they helped get the pasty power forward 250,000 All-Star (write-in) votes, he would have to get a spray tan.

Sure enough, the fans came through on the bet, getting Scal just over the 250k barrier, leading to this glorious Wednesday morning when it came time to pay the piper. Toucher and Rich choose today strategically, knowing the C’s would be playing a nationally televised game tomorrow against the Cavs for Scal to debut his new look. While it was a smart date to choose, there was a lot of anxiety around the trade deadline last week that Scal might be traded, throwing a wrench in the potential bet payoff. Danny Ainge hung onto his prized 11th man, allowing the tanning to go on as scheduled today.

Call me crazy, but I don’t think the tan looks that bad on Scal. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him do it more often. Before and after pics, after the jump.


So what’s the consensus here? Should Scal keep this look? And how much will it help his game? I was hoping for a darker tan personally.

To check out the full gallery of 170 pictures, head here Believe me when I tell you, it’s worth it to see them all.

  • Rocci

    I think it goes without saying that this will completely revitalize Scalabrine’s game. Hell, I’ll bet he’ll look a lot more like he did back in his college days, when he was the best player at USC.

  • http://CelticsHub.com Zach Lowe

    This is simultaneously the best and worst thing ever posted on CelticsHub

  • GranTur

    Beachy Brian Scal

    The cheerleaders will flock to him while he knocks down 3s and misses rebounds!!

  • steve

    I want that Scal/Hope tshirt they showed, like the Obama poster.

  • http://Aol.com Matt

    Ha! From this day forward any orangey spray tans are now known as scal’s! ie: He/she got a scal. Man that scal looks bad ho her.

  • Kittay

    Ilgauskas is way paler

  • Jay Cutler

    For a professional athlete, that is an astonishingly undefined and unremarkable physique.

  • mitch

    Mother of God

  • http://www.everyjoe.com/nbaobsessed/ James

    as a fellow red head you cannot know how jealous we get over all the beautiful tan people in the world. Being red headed and pale gets you noticed, but not in the way you want.
    Go Scal!

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  • http://www.clubpenguingang.com Club Penguin

    Orange skin? No thanks. 😉

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    Lol. Wow he was white before. Now his tan matches his hair color.

  • http://www.sportsbettingsuccess.us Per Nilsen

    Great player, looking forward to win some money on him…

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    Not bad… not bad… at least better then being pale, having some color makes him look more lively.

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    oooh he looks much better with a bit of a tan …..says my wife :)

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    It is commendable of him to keep his word. It is also funny yet a touching story for they had given him the support he needed and to show his appreciation he did this. Even if he might have been wishing that he'd be somewhere else..:)

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  • Pat Swank

    I do hope so too that he had a darker tan because it seems like he didn't change a bit. If he had a tanning in Perth, surely they'd recommend something that would fit him more.

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    Absolutely loving the tan! Go Celtics!

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