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Kelly Dwyer saw what most observant watchers saw yesterday: Paul Pierce’s thumb injury is impacting the Truth’s shooting—badly. And Dwyer, writing as always at Yahoo!, is calling for Pierce to sit out until he gets right (or closer to right), something Doc (and Pierce) mentioned as a possibility after yesterday’s loss at Denver.

Here’s KD:

The guy’s been shooting the ball a certain way for two decades now, and that certain way has been taken away. Technically, the thumb shouldn’t have a huge roll in how that rock rolls out of your hand and to the hoop, but any change in the routine is bound to create chaos. You overcompensate. You think too much. Or even if you achieve nirvana, passing on the compensation, declining to ponder as you pull up, you’re still shooting a basketball on national TV with four fingers and no guiding thumb. No matter your particular outlook, the shot is not going to be the same.

Which is why Paul needs to sit. For as long as it takes.

And, then, this:

I’m not going to tell you that the Celtics can afford for him to take a break, because they cannot. ThoughRay Allen is having a throwback month and Kevin Garnett actually caught and finished an alley-oop yesterday, the C’s are in a dogfight. Every win counts…The goal is a championship. And if it means losing home court advantage to the Hawks in the second round, so be it.

So, what do you think: Sit Pierce for a prolonged period, even if it means losing ground to Orlando and Atlanta?

I think the answer is clear.

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  • Jason

    What happened to the post with the videos of good Cs plays? I was leaving a comment and the post disappeared.

  • Scott

    No better time to do it. Nate comes on Tuesday, Ray is having a great post-all star break, and Garnett looks GREAT. And i mean GREAT. Rest PP at least on Tuesday, let him gather himself, and let Ray, Rondo, Garnett, and Robinson run the offense. Thursday is another story.. the Cavs in Cleveland is not easy to say the least, but definitely doable. Rest PP all week.

  • Jason

    As to this post, absolutely he needs to sit and heal. First, he’s useless as is, so sitting him is a net positive. Second, I don’t think “losing ground” is a foregone conclusion. Between Ray and KG’s resurgence, Perk picking it back up, Quisy and BBD getting their rhythms back, Sheed playing a little better D and a little more in the post, and Nate coming in to catalyze an ineffective bench offense, there is a combination of many improvements that indicate this team is getting back to elite form. Pierce being the weak link isn’t going to counteract all of those positives. Without him, I don’t think they lose ground.

    It’s tough to say the Knicks for example should be an easy win because they are a new team since the deadline. Still, starting from Sunday’s game, he could conceivably miss the next 10 games and get 3 full weeks of rest. Only Thursday’s Cleveland game *should* being considered a game we would actually *need* him. But if not right, then he won’t do any good anyway. Of course, no way does he sit for 3 weeks, but how about 8 days? He misses only 3 games (Knicks, Cavs, Nets), one of actual consequence and gets some dedicated rest to heal his four ouchies.

    As for the Cavs game, I would love to see Quisy spend 35 minutes hounding LeBron. I don’t really think that’s a downgrade from Pierce’s D, plus Quisy, if Pierce isn’t right, would be better on O, too. Let a couple of guys (Quisy, TA, Nate) step up to the challenge. They might surprise with some energy and production.

  • steve

    Paul definitely needs to get healthy. He is hurting the C’s on the offensive end right now despite his good defense. Give TA and Quis the minutes and get the Truth healthy. It’s not like he’ll have a hard time fitting back in a few games from now.

  • GranTur

    “Paul definitely needs to get healthy. He is hurting the C’s on the offensive end right now despite his good defense. Give TA and Quis the minutes and get the Truth healthy. It’s not like he’ll have a hard time fitting back in a few games from now.”


  • Jay P

    This is not an easy call by any means. Pierce is an offensive liability right now, no doubt about it. But he also makes clutch defensive plays at key moments, look at last night games, he had 4 blocks, and played spectacular defense all night.

    On the other hand, Daniels is no slouch himself defensively, and is less of a liability on offense right now, because of Pierce’s injury.

    So what’s of more value to the team, Pierce’s defensive intensity/court leadership, or Daniels offensive abilities?

    Ugh, not an easy call.

  • Jay P

    Addendum to above (really wish you could edit comments…)

    I forgot to mention, it may not be important whats best for the team right now, but what’s best for PPs long term health. In which case if playing through this could potentially aggravate the injury (i.e. Daniels playing through his thumb surgery forced surgery being needed) then of course he needs to sit.

    But if this is just a matter of something he can play through, health-wise (with no chance of causing further damage), and the only considering is whats best for the team while he does that, then it’s not such an easy call, as I mentioned above.

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  • Still enjoying #17

    Rest PP. Let the other guys step up. We have a bench. Time to use them.

  • Tom Tau

    I think you should rest PP and let the other reserves get some experience.

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  • Dunn

    Sit him. He seems to be hurting in general. His problem
    is not his shot. It’s that he can’t get to the hole against anyone anymore. All his shots are tough because he doesn’t create space or elevate like he used to. I’m interested to see whether the celtics are Better on offense with Marquis as the starter