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I was reading Cavs The Blog today to find out how the Bobcats managed to wallop Cleveland by 17 points on Friday, and if Antawn Jamison looked as bad as his stat line (0-of-12 from the field, few other positive stats). 

Much to my surprise, I found this excerpt in John Krolik’s recap of the game:

A player going 0-12 or worse from the field and making two or less free throws has only happened seven other times since 86-87…Jamison also only had one assist. When you add that to the previous criteria, only four games qualify. The only players to go 0-12 or worse, make two free throws or less, and record zero assists in a game are Zach Randolph and Dino Radja.

If there’s anything guaranteed to perk me up and get “Blind Melon” songs into my head, it’s a mention of Dino Radja, whom my girlfriend, of course, failed to notice when they crossed paths in Croatia last summer

Obviously, I had to look up the box score to the classic Radja Fail game in question, a 99-85 loss to the Spurs in December ’93. The C’s would finish the ’93-94 season 32-50, the first time the team finished under. 500 since Larry Bird came into the league. That season began a streak of eight straight below .500 seasons that didn’t end until 2002, when the Pierce/Walker C’s made their memorable run to the Eastern Conference Finals. 

The full box score, and a hefty does of nostalgia, after the jump.

Holy hell is that depressing. My favorite thing about this box score is the random Chris Corchiani appearance. Corchiani, who seemed to play at N.C. State for about seven years, averaged 2.3 points per game over 51 games for the C’s that season and was never seen in the league again.

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  • Sophomore

    Wow. Look at that starting five. That’s a short, short group.

  • Tom

    Acie Earl!!!!!

  • pam

    what a stat sheet! 0-14, 10 rebounds, 5 fouls all in 18 mins. how does that even happen.

  • Steve

    Pam… Ask Dennis Rodman how it happens… I’m sure he had a couple 0 pt double digit board nights in his time. But I don’t think he ever shot the ball 14 times either…

  • RBD

    I still remember being excited about Ed Pinckney’s potential as a double/double guy.


    I do not relish the thought of reliving the last 17 years over again.

  • pinsla

    Well being a Celtics fan form Croatia i dont think its fair to bring up this game from Dino:)
    He had some very good games and seasons with Celtics and this game was i think in his rookie season

  • @pinsla: I love Croatia, and I’m a big Dino fan. 19-9 one season for Boston.

  • Adam

    I love that we also had the X-man as our sixth man that season. Great stuff.

  • Idaho

    Ha. That is awesome Zach. Thanks for bringing up Radja. I haven’t thought about that guy in a long time. I forgot about ol Sherman Douglas too! Those were difficult times but I still loved most of the C’s then too.

  • If my memory serves correctly, Chris Corchiani started a few games for us that year as well. I think the saddest thing about that year though was Dee Brown was likely our go to guy…….man that box score just makes me miss Reggie Lewis more.