Post-game Reactions

Three hours to go. Here’s where things stand:

• The C’s/Knicks deal that reportedly centers around Nate Robinson and Eddie House is not done, and, as Paul Flannery notes at WEEI.com, likely needs a third team or some other cap wizardry to work under the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

Still: Everyone agrees this deal will get done.

• The Kings have dealt another rumored Boston target, Kevin Martin, to the Rockets, and they got an asset in return the likes of which Boston simply doesn’t have: Carl Landry, a budding star at power forward with a cheap $3 million deal that expires next year. The C’s could not have landed Martin (and filler) in a straight-up deal with Sacto alone.

• The Bucks are getting John Salmons from the Bulls for Hakim Warrick and Joe Alexander, both of whom are on expiring deals. You have to believe the C’s could have made at run at Salmons had they wanted him.

Warrick is having a disappointing year, and Alexander will likely find himself out of the league next season.

• Amare Stoudemire appears likely to remain in Phoenix. A segment of C’s fans are lobbying for the team to offer Allen (and change) to the Suns in exchange for Stoudemire and Jason Richardson. It’s an interesting thought. If Stoudemire exercises his player option (unlikely), those two guys would make a combined $31 million next season, but both of their deals would expire, making them hugely appealing trade chips.

If Amare opts out, the Celtics would have his Bird rights and, with them, the ability to go over the cap to sign him. But they’d also have a glut of big men that are either difficult to trade (KG, Sheed), promising (Big Baby) or cornerstones (Perk).

The C’s would have to throw in about $6 million in additional salary to make the trade work, and they have the expiring deals to do it.

But it won’t happen.

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  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    radio silence out of philly? they’d be insane not to dump salary in the next few hours even if its for nothing but expirings….fingers crossed….

  • sallyg

    the celtics should send scal instead of walker and do the amare and richardson deal if the sun would for ray and walker and sheed!….hello championship i can see you