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House: It’s Likely I’m Gone

The report comes via The Boston Herald:

Eddie House, speaking at Celtics practice this afternoon at UCLA, just told the team media that his trade to New York for Nate Robinson is almost complete.

The Celtics guard added that he could have remained at the team hotel, but reported for practice in the event that the trade didn’t go through.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a done deal, but there’s a pretty good chance it’s going through,” said House’s agent, Mark Bartlestein.”

In apparent support of House’s theory, the New York media entered the locker room in Madison Square Garden tonight to find Robinson’s locker cleared out, save for a jar of vaseline. Robinson had missed a game Tuesday night in Chicago with what management described as the flu.

Put two and two together here and this one looks like a done deal.  Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports has also just tweeted he expects J.R. Giddens to be another possible part included in the deal. Obviously, there will have be more parts that fit to make the deal complete, but the evidence is pretty large that this one gets completed by the deadline tomorrow.

Talk about a guy with class, House goes to practice on the verge of being dealt. We will miss you Eddie.

  • Sam

    I am going to miss him, he still has the play of the year for us with that steal and pass to T.A,

  • TruthPierce

    man i dont know if to be happy or sad… i love eddie… especially when hes hot and also hes just a great person and player… but then nate robinson is great and will add to our team… but i dont know this is tough

  • rabb02

    I’ll miss Eddie and the championship year. Goodluck in NY. Another class act of a Celtic.

  • Glenn

    What a class act. I’m glad we at least managed to get him a championship ring. I hope some other team, more worthy than the Knicks, realizes what Eddie House can do for them this summer.

  • sj

    im goin to miss eddie :( . but i like nate as a player alot is there any chance celtics could sign eddie agen this summer? but i would understand if he didnt because he probally will feel betrayed .

  • matthew

    i’m really skeptical about this deal. i’m really not sure nate will be a good fit for the celts… ah, well, cest la vie.

  • Dan

    House has been huge for this team and it’ll be hard to seem him go if this is true. I’m sure everyone remembers him lighting the Lakers up. Off the court, he’s a stellar teammate and is always the first up off the bench.

    I just don’t see Nate giving us what Eddie gave us. This trade isn’t going to make or break the team this year and the Celts aren’t going to pay Nate what he wants this summer. I agree that this is more of a ‘I couldn’t work a good trade for Ray, but I did something’ moment for DA.

  • Ricardo

    Eddie House…you are a class act. You WILL be missed. Best of luck!

  • Were going to miss you Eddie, you were great for us. Idk what Danny Ainge was thinking but well have to wait and see

  • JP

    Is there any chance of the Knicks buying Eddie out? I really like House and although he’s not a good back up point guard, he is a great streak shooter who spaces the floor well for the Celts. I am not really sure what Robinson gives the Celts aside from his athleticism which the team does need.

  • robert eguchi

    bruh losing eddie is like my goldfish dying….. but replacing him with a turtle idk about this

  • rondoislove


  • Kiplin Clemetson

    Eddie is a decent role player but I’d like to see more explosion on the offensive end~keep in mind that Eddie is a defensive liability and Nate has range albeit not as deadly from deep that Eddie is but Nate isn’t a one trick pony~this team needs more versatile pieces so if this goes through I’ll be OK with it…I’d like to get John Salmons also to fortify the bench more also~

  • GranTur

    House will not get bought out. Sorry, folks.

  • rob

    eddie it was a great run but you gotta do what you gotta do. you’ll be missed

  • sj

    Kiplin Clemetson , i would like salmons too but sorry he just got traded to the bucks .

  • Idaho


    You will be one of my favorite Boston-off-the-benchers with the likes of Kevin Gamble, Danny Ainge, Dee Brown, and Joe Klein (at least that was their roles when I fell in love with them).

    You have the sickest quick release in the NBA. Best of luck

  • Idaho

    THis hurts even more with Ray ray’s shooting woes.

  • @ALL: If this trade goes through, and it almost certainly will, I’ll have some weepy (but realistic) reflections on Eddie tomorrow. Emotional day for the C’s and their fans.

  • TheSkankFromBurbank

    ill miss eddies kid more than ill miss him. cute little guy.

  • Dave

    This sucks. Pose leaving after ’07-’08 to get paid was understandable. But this just sucks. No other way to cut it.

  • I love Green

    I love Eddie House. If theres some way we can get Nate without moving House i’ll be overjoyed. Please Danny try to find a way around it!

  • I love Green

    Game 4 of the finals after we came back. This is at the end of the game. I’ll never forget this


  • butch c

    we’re gonna miss u eddie thanks for #17

  • rob

    will nate play for us against the lakers tomorrow?

  • Mitch

    @ rob….i sure hope so…but i think he has the flu

  • roycaps

    This is miserable, but the big problem is on the starters.

    They are playing so slow, and most of the times, they depend on jump shots. In fact, it is Rondo who is scoring in the paint on lay ups.

  • strips

    damn…eddie’s really…damn…there’s an example of the consumate professional.

    we will miss what you bring to this team eddie: your streaky shooting, your passion for the game and a whole lot more…

  • RealDJames

    this trade does not help the celtics much, more Punch off the Bench Some, But there problem is allen and pierce cant just about play a Lick of Def and Ray Allen can not even hit a Lay up, I would of much rather seen them get Hinrch Better Def Player

  • Blackberry33

    take care Eddie will be missed!

  • Celticjay

    Tough to see Eddie go, but teams have started taking advantage of him on D. I’m glad he got a nice pay raise over the offseason.

    Nobody will EVER forget his Game 4 heroics against the LA Fakers in LA LA land.

  • Dan

    How is that the Rockets have the pieces for KMart but we don’t? Ray + Scal = TMac… I just don’t get it.

  • pam

    @Mitch he prob didnt have the flu. just knew he was going to get traded. hopefully should play. i like the fact nate can create his own shot and allow marquis to play 2/3. just dont know abt chemistry issues. and what will he do with fewer minutes? risky risky move. but theoretically our bench is pretty crazy now. nate, ta, marquis, baby, sheed. doesnt look too bad on paper.

  • Travis

    This is such a bad deal for the Celts. WTF is Danny thinking. Nate Robinson is all about himself and honestly not that good. Eddie House is the kind of guy you want on your team, classy and deadly from 25ft. The Celts weakness is not at guard, they need a big man and if Ainge was smart he’d convince Wic to open the purse for Amare. They need someone to crash the boards and bring that defense back to chapionship form.

  • Joel W

    One consolation for Eddie: the Knicks are going to be really fun for him offensively.

  • Still enjoying #17

    Game 4 against Minneapolis Lakers lives in infamy thanks to you Eddie. one more time:

    EDDIE’S IN DA HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!