Post-game Reactions

• It’s among the most popular topics among diehards: How is Rondo shooting? Paul Flannery takes a look at WEEI.com’s Green Street blog and finds that Rondo has maintained his very solid (50 percent-plus) shooting on mid-range shots since Brian Robb last checked in on Rondo’s numbers last month. Rajon’s percentages from between the rim and 10 feet away and from between 10 and 15 feet out have actually dropped a bit since Brian wrote his piece, according to Flannery and Hoopdata.com

• When Matt Moore at Hardwood Paroxysm breaks out his charts, it’s always a must-read. Today, Matt charts how the projected Eastern Conference playoff teams are doing in terms of the so-called Four Factors of winning. There is good news and bad news here: Orlando and Cleveland are a level above Boston, but the C’s, all things considered, don’t fare as badly as you might think in certain categories certain writers harp on every single day. Check out Matt’s work. 

• With two days to go before the trade deadline, both the Celtics and Cavs are still discussing Antawn Jamison deals, according to Brian Windhorst at the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Stay tuned.

• The Wizards are going to buy out Drew Gooden, according to NBC’s Pro Basketball Talk blog (via Wojnarowksi’s Twitter). He’d be on the open market, but he may sit out the mandatory 30 days and re-sign with Dallas. 

• The Clippers and Blazers completed their deal centered around Marcus Camby, and Camby is expected to debut for Portland this week, meaning he’ll be in the line-up when the C’s face Portland on Friday. 

• To make room for their new players (Steve Blake and Travis Outlaw), the Clippers waived Ricky Davis. Don’t even think about it. There are already some folks out there wondering if Danny Ainge will think about signing Ricky Davis (or some other buyout guy).

Let’s be clear: The Celtics are over the salary cap, so they can’t just sign players. The only exception the C’s have left is the veteran’s minimum exception, which means any buyout guy interested in coming to Boston would have to accept (as I understand it) a pro-rated chunk of the veteran’s minimum salary. The C’s used their mid-level exception on Rasheed Wallace and biannual exception on Marquis Daniels.

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