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Does This Trade Make You Worry?


Here are three bits of Trade Deadline Madness news: 

• The Cleveland Cavaliers have a deal in place to acquire Indiana’s Troy Murphy should their plan of dealing for Amare Stoudemire fall through, according to the Los Angeles Times (via ESPN.com). And reports in legitimate news outlets are beginning to surface that Stoudemire does not want to play for the Cavs. (Note: I don’t believe these reports, because Brian Windhorst, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s outstanding Cavs beat writer, Tweets that they are not true, as does Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!)

• After finishing up their mega-deal with Dallas, the Wizards sit just $2.6 million over the luxury tax threshold and want badly to get under that line, according to Chris Sheridan at ESPN.com.

• Chad Ford wrote the following earlier today (hat tip: CelticsBlog):

But numerous GMs around the league say Boston has been active in trying to make things happen.

To quote one general manager who spoke with Ainge in the past 48 hours, “I get the feeling Boston’s getting desperate.”

With the Celtics looking more like an NBA Legends team than a serious title contender at the moment, Ainge has a difficult decision to make.

Put it all together, and the potential is there for an interesting Boston-Washington deal.

Let me start by saying I have no indication at all that this deal is going to happen, likely to happen, being discussed within either team’s front office or even on the table at all. (You hear that Danny Ainge? I am not some blogger in my Mom’s basement claiming to know anything. I am in fact writing this from the apartment in Manhattan I share with my lovely girlfriend, and I claim to know nothing).

There have been dueling reports about whether Boston, in its pursuit of Caron Butler, ever expressed any interest in Antawn Jamison. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!, who broke the initial Butler/Jamison story last week, has stood by his report that the C’s were indeed interested in both. The Globe and the Herald, citing team sources, have declared (without saying so directly) that Woj is wrong, and that Boston was never interested in Jamison. 

And as always: It is impossible to tell which public statements (even among the anonymous ones) are honest, which are lies, and which are subtle spins of the truth intended to shift public and front office perception in a particular direction. 

With all of those disclaimers out of the way, the following deal works under the salary cap and saves Washington about $2.64 million this season, putting them a hair under the luxury tax threshold: 

Boston receives: Antawn Jamison, Mike Miller

Washington receives: Ray Allen

I would be surprised if someone in Boston’s front office hadn’t brought this trade up at some meeting in the last few days or over beers in Dallas. 

It’s an interesting deal all around. I won’t evaluate it in detail now, since it is purely speculative. But in general, I worry about Boston making a panic move that saddles them with some bad salaries going forward. Any move for Jamison qualifies; he’ll make about $28 million over the next two seasons, and he’ll be nearly 36 by the time his deal is over. (The same worry applies to Andre Iguodala, who is slated to make something approaching the GDP of a small nation through 20 freaking 14). 

And all such worries are magnified by the prospect of a new collective bargaining limit kicking in after next season and before the 2011-12 season, when Jamison’s deal would still be in the books.

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  • NIck

    Please no Jamison! He’s too old, we need some young stud for the future, i.e. Monta, Martin, Iggy. Even if we have to give up some young talent like Baby to get the deal done it’s worth it.

  • rondoislove

    ^ I agree.

    Why disrupt the chemistry that the team already has, take on a longer (and pricey) contract for someone who’s a mere eleven months younger than our beloved Ray? The whole point in the trade is to bring in younger talent who can provide equal or more productivity than he can so that the team won’t be so old, right? On top of that.. Ray doesn’t have all the lines of injuries like some other guys do, while Jamison has issues with his shoulder.

    I like Jamison. He’s a good player who works hard for his team.. but I just can’t be okay with losing Ray for him.

  • GranTur


  • I love Green

    Oh god no, this trade would ruin us. Please someone call up Ainge and make sure this isn’t going to happen.

  • Zack

    At least with Iggy we get someone young who will kill our cap space. I’d love to send Ray down there and hope he gets bought out, and try to trade some pieces to Chicago. Also unless the last game before the all star break was how sheed will play every game from now on, I’d love to get rid of him.
    Any chance we could trade a 1st and a 2nd with our deals and get a 2nd back? Danny does good with 2nd rounders, usually….

  • dslack

    What are the odds that the Wizards would buy out Ray for, say, a savings of $1M ($2M with luxury tax), and he could rejoin the Celtics (for, say, a $1M contract, so he stays salary-neutral)? If the Wizards do buy out Ray, what are the odds he’d return to Boston, instead of, say, LA, Cleveland, or somewhere else?

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    stop, no, and don’t.

    i like jamison, but he would not turn the team into a true contender….and would mean yet another over-sized, multi-year contract to a former star making the next few look even more bleak.

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid

    and i still say that iggy’s contract is not so bad for a man in his prime – and if he was cheaper, he wouldn’t even be available.

    an excellent all-around player who has been stuck on a very, very, very bad team. he will be get a new level of respect after landing in phoenix, houston or boston. i just really hope the cavs don’t pull that trigger.

  • Brando

    Please don`t trade Ray 4 so has been Jamison ; trade Rasheed 4 two younger bench players who could help us be true contenders. Try and get Powe back for Rasheed


    Put the trade worries aside young grasshoppers . . . . . . . . . you’ve got bigger problems . . . . . . . . your fourth consecutive beat-down at the hands of the purple and gold baby! I can’t wait to see you on Thursday . . . champs over chumps.

  • http://www.nope.com nothanks

    1 second trading rasheed for powe, that was a stupid move in the first place getting rid of Leon for rasheed, unless we needed to that to pay Daniels, we should have kept Leon and maybe offered Baby a little less even to keep Leon.

    But then it could be the Celts are just playing possum.

  • robert varney

    hey, i was over at the trade machine on espn.com and this would work: lebron james and delonte west for ray allenl everything works out

  • johny

    @ “laker fan” you won by one point last time and “champs over chump” i’m pretty sure that we beat you last time we played in the finals

  • Kiplin Clemetson

    We clearly dropped the ball on this one!!! The trade should’ve been Ray Allen for Mike Miller and Caron Butler!!! That would give the Celtics a true 2 in return and insurance for PP down the stretch. Butler or Miller could’ve bolstered our bench immensely!!! Numbers match up so shame on Danny for not making the deal cause to get Jamison would be pissing in the wind!!!

  • Henry

    the trade works

  • http://www.livefromapt.blogspot.com w2

    Agreed Mike and Butler for Ray is worth listening to, but Jamison is a dud. I guess if you gave up Baby and Tony and Scal and a case of Merlot, then Jamison would be okay but you are still stuck with his contract.

    I hope the Cavs give up Hickson for this guy. That would be a huge step in the right direction for the C’s.

  • Eric

    I’ve come to speak in favor of Jamison. It’s a lot of money to take on, yes, but honestly, we’re not getting out of our cap problems–ie, signing “a young stud”–until 2012, so why not add another rotation player into the frontcourt for the next couple of years, especially one who can rebound and score from anywhere like Jamison (who is not a “dog” or “washed up”). Between him, Sheed, KG, Perkins, and Baby, no one has to play too many minutes and can be rested. Jamison extends our window. Adding Miller doesn’t suck either.

    As for the Cavs, I really hope they take Amare and give up Hickson to do it. That’s the only thing that will make them worse. If they get Jamison, just hand them the trophy.

  • Eric

    P.S. Even if Igodoula had the same contract as Ray, I wouldn’t trade straight up. Guy is severely overrated and way way unclutch. Then having to take on Dalmbert’s carcass. Blech.

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  • http://Yahoo Jerry

    Dont trade nobody wait til 2010 free agency and then see what they can do.

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