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Did You Know: Everything’s Bigger in Texas!


Stephen Hawkins, AP: “Not only bigger in Texas. The biggest.” 

Sam Amick, Sacramento Bee: “Everything about the event was grand, with the locals boasting that they had lived up to their motto that everything is bigger in Texas.” 

Julian Benbow, Boston Globe: Everything’s bigger in Texas, but this was ridiculous – the scoreboard at Cowboys Stadium made the basketball court look like a sandbox.

Eddie Sefko, Dallas Morning News: You have to give credit to Jerry Jones. He saw an opportunity to be different with the huge video board and it captured the fancy of fans, who truly embrace the idea of everything being bigger in Texas.

Bethlehem Shoals, Fanhouse: Everything’s bigger in Texas, and this Caron Butler swap is no exception.

Dirk Nowitzki, pre-game welcome to fans: “Everything is bigger in Texas.”

John Hollinger, TrueHoop: Since everything’s bigger in Texas, as Dirk Nowitzki reminded the crowd before the start of the biggest All-Star Game ever, let’s focus on another thing that became even bigger as a result of tonight: The idea of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James playing together in Miami next season. 

AP, two days before the game: When it comes to the NBA All-Star Game, everything is bigger in Texas.

Bob Cooney, Philadelphia Daily News: They really do do things bigger in Texas. And Sunday night at the NBA All-Star Game, the players noticed.

Alas, it’s hard to write anything good about a game the players obviously don’t care much about winning, even as the game is coming down to the buzzer. Maybe it was all the silly fouls in the last 20 seconds, but the game never felt as intensely competitive as prior All-Star games that were close with fewer than five minutes left. 

No matter: We get back to real basketball tomorrow, with the C’s first chance to look at Tyreke Evans up close. If you haven’t watched ‘Reke yet, you’re in for a treat—and a fun defensive challenge for Rondo.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    It was good to see Paul hitting 3s. It was nice to see Rondo throw a few cool passes, get a steal, hit a jumper, get a layup via Lebron’s steal. I also liked Rajon throwing a purty alley for D Wade to freak the oop. Imagine D Wade in green…….. Glad D Wade won the mvp.

    Most impressive was Rondo getting to be on the court to finish the game. I think Van Gundy wanted to win, & he said prior to the game that he would try to get everyone minutes & then play his best line up to finish. It seemed to me like Stan was giving Rajon major props. Great experience for Rajon to be out there with the big boys. My only negative was that Rajon didn’t put himself in better positions / angles to get the ball. Lebron was something of a ball hog, but if you put yourself in his field of vision he does pass well. Instead of being at the top of the key or taking an angle ballward Rajon was under the basket or sorta just in the crowd around the paint. Not a great place for him to operate or get a pass. How about McLovin loving all over Rondo & wanting him to be mvp?

    My #1 desire from the all star extravaganza is that Glen & Shelden & Perk would watch the rook vs soph game about a gazillion times & absolutely copy cat DeJuan Blair’s rebounding game. That cat is only *****6’7″**** & does not have an acl in either knee & got 22 points & ****23****rebounds. It was beautiful & Barkleyesque. He should have won the mvp of that game hands down. The guy is 6’7″ & just an absolute beast. I remember being impressed with him vs the Cs, but this was domination. Wouldn’t it be great to see Glen & Perk & (if we ever see him again) Shelden with that kind of raw intensity ????

    The halftime, although a little longish, was by far better than any halftime in recent memory. Let’s all pray that the Cs will have much, much better health henceward.

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  • http://www.blogabull.com your friendly BullsBlogger

    heh, they were only following the message. I heard that so many times over the weekend it was beyond parody. Texans love being in Texas :)

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