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Umm, so there’s this, from Adrian Wojnarowski (at Yahoo!), who, I might point out, knows a thing or two about the NBA:

In a dramatic move that would resuscitate their fading championship hopes, the Boston Celtics are discussing a deal with the Washington Wizards for forwards Antawn Jamison and Caron Butler, league sources told Yahoo! Sports on Friday.

The proposed deal would send the expiring contracts of Ray Allen, Brian Scalabrine and J.R. Giddens to the Wizards, a move that would signal the start of Washington’s rebuilding process.

The trade isn’t imminent, but talks have progressed and Celtics GM Danny Ainge has positioned his organization to make one of the boldest trade deadline moves in years. For the Celtics, ownership would have to agree to take on an additional $24 million in salary next season between Jamison and Butler. Jamison makes more than $15 million in 2011-12, but most owners are discounting those salaries because of an assumption that there will be a labor lockout and some, if not all, of that money will never be paid to the players.

I’m not really sure what that last part means. Speculation about what a new collective bargaining agreement might mean for player salaries—both existing deals and future ones—have been all over the map. There was even speculation over the weekend that NBA owners, if they win some sort of hard salary cap or decrease in maximum salaries, would seek to have current deals reduced or voided, which might not pass muster in court. Ainge has said he doesn’t want to take back any bad deals in a theoretical Ray Allen trade. Does Jamison’s deal qualify as “bad”?

I don’t have time now to evaluate this deal, except to say that I’m not sure it  makes the C’s that much “younger and more athletic,” two things Danny Ainge wants, according to that Woj story linked above. Jamison will be 34 this summer and has never been known for his athleticism. Butler is 30. But would it make the C’s better  this season? And in the future?

There’s also one other issue.

The Wiz will have a lot of teams at least making inquiries about Butler in the next six days. Jamison is far less desirable around the league, since his deal runs for one more season and pays him a huge amount. Cleveland might be the only other serious suitor for Jamison, and I worry about the C’s making a deal that might be motivated—in some small sense—by fear of the Cavs obtaining Jamison.

But Butler is going to draw interest. The Rockets (peddling T-Mac’s expiring), the Mavs (peddling Josh Howard) and a bunch of other teams have reportedly talked to the Wiz about Caron.

Other questions: Can Pierce or Butler play the two guard position? Who comes off the bench? Is it possible to too many jump-shooting forwards (or forward/center, in Sheed’s case)?

In any case: This obviously bears monitoring. This is not just some crack pot on Bleacher Report. This is Adrian Wojnarowski, and while he has gotten a bit ahead of one or two trade stories in the past, the guy knows the league as well as anyone on earth.

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  • Spencer

    This deal is a NO-BRAINER! Can you imagine if Washington then goes and buys out Ray Allen and we sign him back for the Championship run?

    We could then go trade Uno Uno and Tony Allen for a quick small guard to complete this team.

    Wow, this trade would give us the most diverse, flexible line-up in the league by far! Plus, I think Jamison and Butler are good chemistry guys who are probably so hungry to win that they’ll instill some of that 2008 drive back into the Cs!

    GET IT DONE, DANNY! That is why you are paid the big bucks!

  • Eric

    Wow. I think I just peed my pants.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    So far all these big name trades have been dead ends. If they give up Ray, they HAVE to get somebody who can hit the 3 & stretch the floor. Think of what Ray does & that is what you have to replace. If you have too many cutters, drivers, post upers, mid range shooters, and no deep threat then you’ve lost what Ray did best. Think of how many games that a 3 from Ray made all the difference.

    I like Mike Miller’s 3 pt shooting %, but I think all of us here should each make a smaller trade suggestion (much more likely). You never know. Maybe Danny will be drinking heavily, click on the site, see 1 or our trades & get on the phone.

    With that in mind, how about this:


    Zach has pointed out that this may not be too exciting to them so I say throw in a draft pick. We have been pretty bad at draft picks anyway.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Just read that Danny is denying any talks with Bobkittens or Wiz.

    “There is no truth to either one of those,” Ainge said. “I have had conversations with a lot of teams but those have never been discussed. There are a lot of things I would like to do but I don’t feel a need to do something. I am always looking to upgrade the team, if possible.”

    The Charlotte Observer says Larry Brown is interested in Sheed. Danny is saying no. I gots to know. What is the feeling out there about Sheed, 35, reluctant to take care of his body, & his 3 yr contract? He shows some real skill & talent in the post… you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him play in the post.

  • Gilles Gilbert

    The C’s are as likely or unlikely to win the title by making this deal or standing pat.

  • Gilles Gilbert

    The sheed piece is interesting. I say there are two deals.

    Jamison and butler coming.

    Allen going to wiz.

    Sheed going to Cats.

    Then we get back Saint Augustine from Larry?

  • Gilles Gilbert

    Personality change is the key, according to Danny.

    Sheed may have killed this team personality wise.

  • Dan

    How could you NOT take any trade offered for Sheed?! If you can drop his contract and get a toaster back, you gotta take it.

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  • john robles

    Just make it happen, need to throw in someone else
    throw in Baby and House if we have to. They can all hit the 3 ….. wouldn’t miss House …..

  • Nice ideas! I used to be having some porblems about what you already said, Now I might be higher!