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It’s Adrian Wojnarowski vs. Danny Ainge in a trade deadline week credibility showdown. Who ya got?

Ainge denies Wojnarowski’s earlier report on  Yahoo! that the C’s are in discussions with the Wizards about a deal that would send Ray Allen, Scal and J.R. Giddens to the Wiz in exchange for Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison.

Via NECN.com:

“There is no truth to either of those,” Ainge said. “I have had conversations with a lot of teams but those have never been discussed. There are a lot of things I would like to do but I don’t feel a need to do something. I am always looking to upgrade the team, if possible.”

By “either of those,” Ainge means the Wiz and the Bobcats (in reference to the rumored Glen Davis-D.J. Augustin talks), according to NECN.

So there you go. A pre-eminent NBA reporter says a thing happened, and a NBA GM says it didn’t. (Or he’s at least saying he personally didn’t speak with the Wizards regarding the Butler/Jamison combo).

Do with this what you will.

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  • Koshal

    Thank god.I hope Ray Ray stays.Also,mentally he’s the weakest in the team right now owing to his son’s health and the whole trade buzz etc.

  • urbeltic

    The only way I could believe that that trade was a realistic option is if I also heard that Chris Wallace had become the GM of the Wiz. I mean, that trade would be way too good for the Cs…just too god to be true, and most GMs aren’t that stupid. The C’s certainly wouldn’t be any younger, but they would toy with other teams defenses.

  • Gilles Gilbert

    That’s ainge’s typical media stance.

    Don’t discuss deals until they happen.

    When was the last time he discussed a deal he was negotiating?????????????????????

  • Rocci

    I wonder where Woj gets these sources. It seems like he’s always dropping these bombs outta nowhere.

  • Berkcelt

    I thought by “either of those” he meant the specific trades, not the other teams. I think Danny has put to good use many a half-truth. So let’s say hypothetically, if he talked trade and it was Tony Allen instead of Scal in the discussion, he technically never talked about the specific deal.

    The fact that this is out in mainstream media for public consumption really only means one thing reliably…someone is lying. And it’s not necessarily Ainge or Wojo…

  • w2

    PJ Brown is not walking through that door.

  • Gilles Gilbert

    Why would he ever tell the truth in this situation?

    Yes, I’m trying to actively trade ray allen, a player who wants to stay here for two players who may end up not coming?

    He’d never do that.

  • @w2: Comment of the day
    @gilles: Berkcelt’s comment answers your question. Ainge has in the past been very cagey in answering these sorts of inquiries–he is a master of denying something without actually denying it or lying in the process. He always covers his ass so that you can’t come back a month later and say he was lying. He chooses his words carefully.

    This would seem like a very clear, out-and-out denial.

  • Gilles Gilbert


    But then you lie, and if someone asks, you repeat what I said.

    I’m not going to confirm or deny trade discussions about an active player (who hasn’t made a trade demand).

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