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Just when you think you’ve seen all the C’s rumors out there, we get a fresh one involving a guy no one was expecting to be dealt this trade deadline: Glen Davis. This one comes from Chris Broussard Via TrueHoop:

The Boston Celtics and Charlotte Bobcats are discussing a trade centered around Glen “Big Baby” Davis and D.J. Augustin, according to league sources.

The sources cautioned that nothing is imminent, but said the clubs are having discussions.

The Bobcats have been searching for a power forward, and the 6-9 Davis could be their man. The Celtics, meanwhile, have been longing for a backup point guard, and Augustin, who’s fallen out of favor with Charlotte coach Larry Brown, would be more than adequate.

A straight-up trade would not work because Davis is a base-year compensation player, so other players would have to be involved to meet the financial requirements. That could be a sticking point in the deal.

Count me among those who is extremely intrigued by this deal. A few quick thoughts on the viability of this one, after the jump

On the one hand, you have Big Baby who despite his off the court problems earlier this year, has given the team a lot of energy and production off the bench in his last few games. In the month of February he has chipped in with 7 points, 4 rebounds and an assist in only 17 minutes of action a game. His rebounding, above all else is something that this team desperately needs and he has set, if nothing else, a strong precedent with his effort on the glass recently. It’s something the 2nd team was lacking with Rasheed Wallace being allergic to the paint, so Baby has carried the bench unit quite well in that regard lately.

That being said, we are all well aware of Baby’s limitations. At 6-7, he is prone to being unable to finish amongst the trees. It’s not entirely his fault, but it is a major problem. Then there are obviously the maturity issues. All that considered, he is a useful 2nd big off the bench and is on a reasonable contract for this and next year (2 years, 6 million total).

On the other hand, D.J. Augustin is a very appealing trade candidate for a few reasons

1) He is a natural PG

The C’s bench unit may be at full strength right now, but it still lacks a natural point guard. We all saw how effective Marquis Daniels was on Sunday without the PG duties bestowed upon him, and while I know he can take care of the ball better than the masses, the fact of the matter is he is probably much more useful to this team as a 2/3.

Here is a look at Augustin’s scouting report from John Hollinger

Augustin is a tiny guard who excels in two areas. First, he’s an outstanding spot-up 3-point shooter on the weak side, so he can occupy defenders when he’s playing off the ball. Second, he’s a slick penetrator on the pick-and-roll who uses his quickness to get to the basket. Augustin had trouble finishing once he got there, making only 41.9 percent of his inside shots — the second-worst mark of any player with at least 200 attempts. This is an example of where looking to dish instead of to score will greatly further his career prospects.

Defensively, Augustin’s size is a problem because he’s too short to challenge shots effectively. It’s his major limitation as a player going forward. He needs to use his quickness to pester opponents more, and it would help if he’d pressure the ball to make opposing point guards work to get the ball up court.

A point guard who is an outside shooter and can penetrate? The Celtics could certainly use one of those to solidify their bench and give it more youthful energy, even with his defensive defiencies.

2) Augustin’s Contract

He is in the 2nd year of his rookie deal right now, which means if they traded for him the C’s would have him under their control for at least 2 more years at a reasonable price (about 6 million total for next 2 seasons). He would become a restricted free agent after that. That’s an attractive salary number for a team that is saddled well over the cap for the next 2 seasons.

Bottom Line: Obviously this is a rumor, but it is a deal that you can bet Danny would think long and hard about. Ainge would be giving up an asset to gain one, but he has to answer the question what would be more valuable to this team right now? Glen Davis off the bench or a natural backup point guard? For this year, it’s probably Davis, but long term at that price, Augustin makes more sense, albeit might be less useful with Rajon Rondo able to handle his lionshare of the minutes at point.

The salary issue is also a concern, since Big Baby is a base level compensation player which means the C’s would likely have to throw in another player or two to make the salaries work. All in all, it’s a tough call, but out of all the trade rumors floated around lately, this one might make the most sense for the C’s, especially if Danny uses another expiring contract (Scal, TA, etc.) to get another big man rebounder (perhaps Kurt Thomas who is reportedly being shopped on the cheap) in here to replace Baby. If Danny can pull that off, count me in on this deal.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • Tebucky

    If all we need is bounds, why can’t we slide Shelden into Baby’s minutes? Their rebounding rates are pretty similar on the season, though Baby does have a knack for grabbing o-boards.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    Is Larry Brown a good judge of talent/ players/people? Everybody says Larry wants things done ‘the right way.’ Many of the Bobkittens have been raving about him including first time all star Gerald Wallace. Gerald says even if he makes a shot the wrong way, Larry will be on him about skill / fundamentals being better than luck. Gerald says a big reason why he has gotten so much better, to all star level, is because of Coach Brown. Larry seems like a pretty good coach, no? Seems like a lot of lazy loser players are the ones who don’t like him

    I feel kinda spooked when Larry doesn’t like somebody. He basically called AI out all those years ago, & he was right. I just don’t like getting players who can’t be coached or take instructions/orders—have the authority complex.

    Since everybody else is linking, here is my little trade with a draft pick so they would get experience plus youth. I’d prefer this player to get better, but if Danny is going to pull the trigger….


  • NV

    That would be a sick trade.

  • Scott

    capt. bubbles.. that is quite possibly the dumbest trade i have ever seen. Brendan haywood is a good pick up, but mike miller? talk about unproven. and he has been injured this year. how healthy is he? we need a PG, and i think you can play williams 8-10 mins a game when we need rebounds. He’s a good rebounder, and he gets fouled a lot.

    House/T. Allen

    Thats a pretty decent, if not good/great second unit. Then you can play ray/paul/rondo with that group and it looks even better. Bottom line – sheed needs to get his game figured out because in order for the Celtics to go far this post season he needs to pick up his play. Ray isn’t going to be traded, and if he does thats a stupid move. He is too valuable to this team and once his minutes come down to something more realistic.. say 33-35, he’ll be much more affective. Begin to gear up for the playoffs Ainge, the team needs a little shake up and i think a baby for augustin is a GREAT move.

    let baby play NFL.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    You are right. Mike Miller has been illish, but just look at his numbers since he has gotten healthier thru 21 games. Those shooting %s are just sick. This was all based on the theoretical trade of Ray. If you traded Ray, you have to get a sg who could spread the floor (something Doc talks about ad nauseam) & hit that 3 & I like 52%. Doc talked over & over about Sheed spreading the floor with his 3s. I hope things change, but that looks like a fail.

    Mike is 6’8 & snags about 6 boards per game. My preference is for Ray to get better, but everybody was giving their favorite trades. As of right this second tonight Mike is 6-6 including 2-2 from 3 with 4 rebounds 2steals & 2 blocks. Sorry, but me likey likey.

    Haywood has 7 rebounds & 1 block. Charlotte & somebody else is after Haywood. Too bad.

    Quis is supposed to be the backup pg. He is like a post up, scoring pg so as long as he can dribble I’m fine with that.

  • Idaho

    Shop sheed, shop sheep, shop sheed. Not production, bc that is what Davis has been – a producer.

  • Idaho

    Does anyone else find it ironic with Augustin’s slam of the Celtics last year…. from a rook!?

    Great comments on Brown/Augustin Bubbles

  • Sweeney

    I am a proponent of the trade as is. It does not make us so much better that I am over the moon, but it does fix some issues. Sheldon can fill the minutes nicely and it seems he wants to work hard at it. I do like bringing in Mr. Thomas as we need an experienced big who will do the little things to win a title and is level headed.

    So yes to the trade, but it sure would be nice to follow up with a big…

  • I love Green

    Miller can rebound, and shoot great. But absolutely nothing else. People tend to forget the things Ray brings to the Celtics. The offense runs through him pretty much. He defends well, and makes smart plays.

    I would never ever do that trade.

  • Jeff

    I agree with Idaho. I think there are better ways of getting a back up PG than giving away a producer in Big Baby.

    If Ainge can, he should definitely shop Sheed. I wouldn’t have even signed him to begin with…

  • Rob

    if we could get augustin and thomas for davis and another player that isn’t very important to the team, like scal i would do that trade in a heart beat. Augustin’s a great 3 point shooter which could strengthen our second unit and if he is truly a legitimate driver it just makes the deal even sweeter. He could also be drive and kick sort of player with the shooting ability of house.

    Sure davis gets a lot of boards and especially offensive boards, but what he does after is what concerns me. He usually fakes a couple times and because of his height it doesn’t fool anyone. Then goes up and gets blocked. Shelden proved himself as a rebounder in the beginning season when davis was out, at this point I say do the deal and give big baby’s minutes to shelden. He’ll get to the line and grab boards which we desperately need.

  • Zack

    I agree that shelden would be a good change for us but Doc could do that now and he doesn’t. He plays Scal and Sheed and they both play on the outside instead of in the middle. Sheed doesn’t even try on defense, doesn’t rotate, comes up with one decent play out of 10 he should have made.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I like Ray Ray. I’ve always said I would prefer for Ray to turn things around & stay a C. Ray is smart & he does a great deal, but since his #s are falling many are asking if someone else could do his job better?

    The #1 thing Ray has going against him is age. It is inevitable. I think Ray was a mediocre defender before Doc got a hold of him. Now, he is better, but I think he has lost a step. If Mike does absolutely nothing else then his stats should say zero on assists & steals etc. He should have 0 steals & 0 blocks tonight, but he had 2 steals & 2 blocks. Actually, he avgs the same # of steals per game as Ray & more assists. He is 6’8 so that gives him an edge. I think the vast majority of guys that Doc coaches get better on D so I don’t look at Mike as only a rebounder & shooter.

    I hope it is 5 or more years away, but Ray’s #s are trending down. It is only natural as he gets older. Mike’s #s are trending upwards, & Doc would make him a better defender. Ray has never been known for his killer defense. He is getting older & slower. I don’t think Danny will trade Ray, but if he did he would need someone who could do what Ray did….hit 3s & spread the floor so Rondo could have an open lane to drive, Perk could go 1 on 1, etc. That is crucial.

  • Scott

    yeah cptn, i must say that you defended your trade well. But the thing we are missing here is the fact that Danny is not going to make a trade unless it makes the team better NOW. Sure Doc could make Miller a better defender, but not in 30 games, and definitely not in time for the playoffs. Like i said, if Ray’s minutes come down, i think we are going to see the old Ray Allen. He is known for his conditioning, and is probably in the best shape of anybody on the team right now. I really like our chances with this team. Ray also runs the second unit, better than any other starter on the team. better than RONDO and better than PIERCE. he runs the screen and roll well, as well as the baseline double screen play either curling off for a shot, or dishing down low to baby or sheed. He’s too valuable. And as a matter of fact.. did anyone see his D on Kobe? he played some of the best defense on Kobe he has played all year.

    I think that augustine would be a good addition because although daniels is a good ball handler, he is most likely better at running as a 2 or 3 and letting somebody else bring the ball up. augustine would be a great fit, and i almost like that he said that about our C’s.. shows he’s not a sissy.

    We need to make a trade before next Thursday, and i think this is the best one i have heard of so far.

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