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Barring any ridiculous “Paul Gasol for Kwame Brown” situations that may (won’t) fall into the Celtics’ lap, there is only one possible Ray Allen trade I would make within the next two weeks.  Since Danny Ainge isn’t exactly blowing up my phone asking for advice, I just want to make it clear that this is all my personal opinion, and in no way do I have any insider information.

Before I divulge my Ray Allen swap, I need to establish a few caveats.  The rumor going around is that the Celtics would only trade Ray Allen for a player that cracks their top eight in the rotation.  This simply isn’t good enough.  The Celtics can’t trade their starting shooting guard for a back up point guard and a guy with a bad contract.  It just can’t happen.  Despite Allen’s lowly shooting percentage and clear dip in consistent production, he still has the ability to score 20 points and make big shots.  Is it worth replacing elite spot production for just solid production?  I say no.

The Celtics also can’t trade Ray Allen without either getting another capable shooter or bonafide slasher in return.  This means Allen for Amare definitely out.  I also consider this to damn the idea of Ray Allen for Kirk Hinrich and Tyrus Thomas/ John Salmons.  Thomas would give the Celtics some much needed athleticism and would be a nice complement to Tony Allen off the bench.  Yet, that still leaves a vacancy at the starting two guard spot, unless the Celtics start Hinrich thus nullifying the depth secured at the point guard spot behind Rondo and the very reason this trade was considered in the first place.  Even if Paul Pierce shifts to the two guard spot and the Celtics promote a guy like Tony Allen or Marquis Daniels to the three, the Celtics are not doing themselves any favors by adding another forward and subtracting a wing.

The only move the Celtics can afford to make is for wing or shooting guard who is just as capable of getting to the bucket and scoring from deep as Ray Allen has been this season.  This leads to some interesting names out there which include the likes of Kevin Martin and Monta Ellis.  I like Martin as a player but his slight build doesn’t take any pressure off Paul Pierce on the defensive end in games against guys like Lebon James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade.  Martin is also a scorer that necessitates a certain number of shots in order to be effective.  With so many capable players on this team, I’m not sure the Celtics can deal with a guy who needs that many shots- especially when they already have a “go to” in Paul Pierce.  Ellis is an even worse fit in Boston than Martin because not only does he need shots, but he needs the ball in his hands.  Ellis is most effective off the dribble and using his superior quickness to get into the lane.  He also lives and dies but the number of shots he takes.  That means when he shoots 7-27, he finishes with 20 points but at cost?

For these reasons, I have concluded that there is only one trade the Celtics should make in the next two weeks should the opportunity arise.  This is, of course, some combination of Ray Allen for Andre Iguodala.

Iguodala is the perfect fit for this Boston Celtics team.  He is already known for his defensive prowess and he is the perfect up tempo player to complement Rondo.  Pierce is also shooting a career best 47% from three this season, thus taking over the exclusive three point shooting from Ray Allen is not outlandish.

Starting Iguodala at the three would also drastically change the Celtics defensive strategy when playing the “universal soldiers” that now play the three spot in the NBA.  Iguodala fits right into that mold with his size, strength, and speed- easily matching up against the game’s elite: Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Dwyane Wade.

The bottom line is that pros outweigh the cons with this trade- at least in terms of guarantees.  There is no guarantee that Ray Allen is just going through a tough stretch and will snap out of it to become his old self again.  However, there is a guarantee that Andre Iguodala will remain 26 years old for this entire season.

There several different combinations that essentially give both teams what they want- the Sixers cap relief and the Celtics a player that can start in Ray Allen’s place and fill or surpass his production on both ends of the floor.  I’ll analyze a few, starting with the one that benefits the Celtics the most (give me a break, the site is called Celtics Hub):

Update: I guess Kapono’s contract is not expiring this year and the ESPN trade machine is messing with me? At any rate, just disregard the analysis that refers to that.

Andre Iguodala, Lou Williams, and Willie Green for Ray Allen, J.R. Giddens, and Bill Walker:

This is pretty much the standard “something for nothing” trade that really won’t happen.  Despite the Sixers getting what they want in three expiring contracts for three non-expiring contracts, I don’t see how sending out both Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams is something that helps the Sixers lure a big name free agent next year.  That is unless they want to build around Jrue Holiday and Thaddeous Young (ha!). Oh, and Elton Brand shows that he is the player he once was (double ha!).

Andre Iguodala, Jason Smith, and Jason Kapono for Ray Allen and J.R. Giddens:

This trade might actually benefit the Celtics the most given the fact that Kapono is a pretty big expiring contract coming off the books next year.  Jason Smith is also a young player who hasn’t really had the opportunity to show what he can do because of injuries.  I’m not exactly high on Smith but as a salary throw in for the Sixers to get rid of a contract, I’ll take a flyer on him.

Andre Iguodala, Willie Green, and Jason Kapono for Ray Allen, Eddie House, and J.R. Giddens:

For Celtics fans, the hope would be that Jason Kapono could match House’s production from deep, which by all accounts is a definite “no.”  Despite Eddie’s struggles this year, Kapono has only been slightly better on half as many attempts.  Willie Green is just another contract the Sixers get to dump off in the hopes of getting further and further under the cap.

Andre Iguodala, Jason Kapono, and Jason Smith for Ray Allen and Marquis Daniels:

Is Marquis Daniels’ enough “talent” the Sixers can take back in this trade?  In short, no.  The Sixers’ would be looking for young talent to build around rather than a nice player on a small one year contract.

None of these deals include the type of talent the Sixers’ are looking for if they were to trade their franchise player.  But would a future unprotected first round pick be enough?  Or maybe two protected future first round picks?

I honestly can’t say.  On paper, even with picks these deals seem silly- but this is no run of the mill NBA off season.  The common knowledge around the rumor mills that Andre Iquodala is available and if he is, than there is a chance anything could happen.

Here’s hoping the Sixers being 17-30 and wanting a shot at rebuilding feel that 20 million under the cap is enough for their franchise player.

Bonus (Blasphemous?) Trade:

Andre Iguodala and Samuel Dalembert for Ray Allen and Kendrick Perkins

Would you do it?  I think I would (shhh, don’t tell Perk!)

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  • steve

    I would hate to see Ray leave but it is a business. Iguodala has impressed me and trading them as the main parts would seem like a good deal. As much as Perk frustrates me lately I would not want to lose him. Two years ago no one cared about his offense, just play defense and rebound. That is still all the Celtics need from Perk most of the time. He plays better offense by getting open and getting those dump off passes down low. Until he develops a low post game he just isn’t a viable option against most big men. I’ve seen strides in that part of his game but he seems to be regressing lately as far as offensive moves. I really see Perk working on this during the offseason and coming back with some low post moves to help him in that area. It will be interesting where Danny takes the team this season and I’m sure everyone would miss Ray, but they know more than anyone that it is business.

  • GranTur

    This is best one I could come up with for both teams:

    BOS: Iggy, Lou Williams, Kapono
    PHI: Ray, Eddie, Scal

  • I actually hate the Iggy/Dalembert deal more than any of the others. Sammy D is overrated and way overpaid.

  • GranTur

    I completely agree with you, Zach.

    By the way–here’s a VERY interesting link about Iggy:


    Chad Ford is talking about some nonsensical trade the Suns and 76ers might do.

    The 76ers fans are very against it. Most of them want to keep Iggy unless he gets traded for someone like Allen.

    BTW if you read most fans basically admit that Sammy D is an overpaid expendable piece of crap.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    I like Iggy. He is very athletic & smart, but I’ve never felt he was a great shooter. Sure enough, looking at Iggy’s #s this year vs Ray’s “down” numbers, Ray is still shooting the ball better than Iggy despite his shooting woes. Iggy likes to shoot the 3, but he is hitting 3s just a smidgen better than Sheed. It’s hard to watch Sheed taking all those 3s. I don’t know if I could stand adding someone else at Shooting guard who is gonna be on that kind of level. Doc’s advice would be to tell Iggy to shoot the 3 if he was open (what he tells Sheed). It would be catastrophic. I would like some of Iggy’s D, but he would be shooting the ball worse than Ray is now.

  • GranTur

    Here’s a tiny little breakdown:

    I’ve talked to a friend who lives in Philly about Iggy. He really takes a lot of those extra shots because there is no other offense on that team.

    If he was on the Celtics he would have no need to take 3s. His 2-point FG% is respectable.

    Iggy is a good passer who runs the floor very well. He is a strong driver and finisher. His range is solid middle in.

    The disadvantage would be his inability to spot up shoot from middle out.

    The advantage would be much better rebounding, supreme defense, athleticism, and LOU WILLIAMS, the back-up PG we need.

    By the way Iggy puts up his numbers and he’s average 40 MPG for the last 4 seasons. He’s a workhorse who doesn’t miss games.

    2 steals a game and 7 rebounds a game. My Philly friend says his defense is spectacular when he doesn’t have the scoring burden on him as much.

  • Brendan Jackson

    Just to be clear: I threw in the bonus trade because the Sixers are desperate to get rid of Dalembert’s contract, not because I think he is better than Perk. Perkins would be the “talent” they are looking for in return.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    It’s tough because you really need at least 2 really good outside shooters to spread the floor right. Perk is going to be inside. Kevin is most effective mid range (not known as an outside shooter or deep post player). Paul is a threat anywhere. Rondo is a driver. Teams will not want to guard Rondo, Perk, KG, or Iggy deep. That means you are going to get the huge sag effect = clogged lane & mid range = no drive for Rondo = easier double teams in the paint = Perk has mucho problemo with doubles. Many people’s games would suffer. I do like Iggy a lot. He is my favorite sixer, but his game does not space the floor enough.

  • Sophomore

    I’d take Iggy for Allen in a second, assuming the rest of the trade wasn’t completely ridiculous. We need another good young player – Pierce, KG and Ray are all still good, but obviously not what they were, and it’s only gonna get worse.

  • Jason

    No Maggette proposals? I’d rather have him first and Iggy a close second. Well, maybe considering defense they are equal. Either would be awesome.

    As much as I wish Ray the best, his shot has been so iffy and his defense is really been a liability. With a rotation of Pierce, TA and Maggette/Iggy, I’m not scared stiff about LeBron, Joe Johnson, Wade, Vince or Kobe completely dominating and singlehandedly winning a game and potentially a series. The C’s would have the wing defenders to at the very least contain things. Ray, since Doc won’t hide him, would just be an overexploited mismatch for those teams.

    As much as the TOs and the rebounding concern me, I really think that concerns me the most, one of these guys being totally unchecked. Wade proved this last night and that game was easily losable, especially if he had better teammates like the others mentioned do. With a Maggette or Iggy replacing Ray, I would feel so much better about the C’s defense. I mean, let’s say those guys scored 5 fewer points than Ray, but hold their counterparts to 10 points less than Ray would, that’s still a net +5 and a much more likely win (games and series).

  • NV

    I would do the last two no hesitation. Marquis sucks so bad he should be traded.

  • Cptn Bubbles

    One thing that is really underrated about Ray Ray is the threat of Ray Ray. Even though his shooting numbers are down (still better than many other shooting guards), other teams still FEAR Ray. He gets respect. Last night he was actually drawing doubles & making some nice passes, 1 pass was a beauty to Perk for a slam. Since he has the deep threat rep teams are sticking to him which spreads the floor for stuff to happen in the paint without Ray’s man sagging down.

  • Savi

    I like the trade with quis except I think we need to throw Louis Williams in there instead of one Smith or Kapono. That way we get another capable ball handler off the bench (to replace Quis) and having him, house, and TA to back up the 1-3 would be very solid.

  • KC

    How about a three-way trade with Boston, Phoenix, and Philadelphia? Phoenix gets Allen and the best of the throw-ins, the Sixers get Amare, and Boston gets Iggy. PHX would love to spend less, and they could run a crazy spread offense with shooters all over the floor for Nash: Frye, Dudley, Ray-Ray, and Hill. I agree that Iggy is the only guy that makes sense, but I would hate to see defenses sag in more on the Rondo’s drives and KG’s interior passing.

  • Brendan Jackson

    A three would work with Ray Allen going to Phoenix, Amare going to Philly, and Lou Williams and Iggy going to Boston. Clearly Boston makes out like bandit but if Philly wants talent and Phoenix wants to shed salary, it could work.

  • Zack

    I like the first two trades. What are the chances that the Celtics throw in a bunch of cash to have the sixers buy out Rays contract? All they want is cash off the books, no?

  • GranTur

    No three-way deal with those three teams could realistically happen. It’s hard to explain but here goes nothing…

    Amar’e is going to opt-out no matter what, so he’s considered a $16.4 million expiring contract.

    If Phoenix trades Amar’e for Ray, they don’t get anything. There’s no benefit there. They are trading expiring for expiring.

    Phoenix could only trade Amar’e if
    a) they get back young talent, draft picks, or good players
    b) they can send out some of their non-expiring contracts such as J Rich and Barbosa who are owed a lot of money.

    So basically the only way this three team deal happens is if the Celtics take J Rich or Barbosa.

    If Philly trades Iguodala for Amar’e, they are trading high value for simply an expiring contract, foregoing the chance to get any young talent, good players, or draft picks.
    This makes it worthless for Philly since they aren’t even dropping Dalambert or Brand’s contract. There are several teams in the NBA that would drop just plain old expirings for Iguodala.

    Plus, if Boston has to take J Rich or Barbosa, the trade gets ridiculously messy to match incoming and outgoing salaries.

    I bet none of this made sense. Sorry. 🙁


    The Sixers would buy out Ray’s contract if they think it won’t ruin their attendance too much.

    The problem is Ray probably wouldn’t want to resign with us after what we put him through. He’d be getting traded then having to wait 30 days to join Iguodala who now has his starting spot.

  • @GranTur: Stoudemire has said he may not–and likely will not–opt out. That may be a negotiating ploy, but more and more people are expecting Stoudemire to exercise his option to stay in PHX

  • Dan

    Getting Andre and Louis Williams would be huge. Besides what Andre brings, the Celtics are in desperate need of a backup for Rondo, and when healthy, Williams has really come into his own. It’s hard to take his current numbers seriously considering the mess between him and AI.

  • GranTur

    He’ll make much more money opting out.

    If he doesn’t opt out, he’s sitting an extra year on a bad team becoming one year older and risking injury. Plus if he doesn’t opt out whatever team he’s with is going to be pissed and he’ll look like a greedy douche. Imagine how hard will it be for him to play for a big contract when he’s sitting on the bench.

    Plus, 4-5 years of $12 million a year guaranteed should look pretty good these days. With injuries and the CBA expiring, any guaranteed contract with years on it is very valuable to the player.

  • GranTur

    Oh and there are more teams making room for a high level player then there are high level players.

    Sorry for the double post.

  • Steve

    So you think trading 40% of your starting lineup is a good way to make the playoffs? I guess chemistry is not so important? Just because Boston was able to surprise all the experts and win a title in their first year together before doesn’t make it likely to happen twice. KG and Ray were later into their careers and had the right mindset to fill their roles. AI2 and SD would not necessarily fall in line as easily. Also, last I checked Perk was about the only center in the East that could slow Dwight Howard. Isn’t there about a 50% chance we would meet him in the playoffs? I don’t see this helping much at all. AI for Ray tollerable. Perk not so much.

  • scott

    just a thought, instead of trading ray why not bring him off the bench and have TA or even Daniels start at the 2 as a defensive specialist. this way the C’s boost the second unit offensively, provide the ball handler it needs and take the defensive pressure of guarding the starting 2 guard off of Ray which I think will increase his production.

  • TheRoundMoundOfPugetSound

    Rayray for Iggy. Basically trading for age. But would the Celts adjust to a new line-up this year? … I think the Celts have the team in place now. Think of how well the Celts played with Garnett and Daniels, and consider how well Tony Allen is coming along now, and the upside in future months of Garnett and Glen Davis. … Then consider this, Ray Allen is a Celtics system player. He doesn’t need to be as pyrotechnic as he was in ’08 when they won it all. … And what happened to the minutes of Shelden Williams, who has had a very high rebounds per minute rate, and high percentage field goal and free throw averages??? On a team that sometimes does not clean the boards. …. Sure Iggy would be fantastic, but if the C’s keep this lineup, manage minutes, and not worry about competing for top seed, they’ll be monstrous in the playoffs. … Am I missing something here?

  • Danny A

    philly won’t deal iggy without sammy d as part of the deal, thus a trade that would work would be ray scal giddens shelden for iggy sammy d and willie green now that’s a great deal for the c’s, would philly be willing to trade iggy just for cap space? who knows

  • Rob

    One thing, could you imagine rondo and andre on the break? that’s unbelievably solid. But if the sixers want cap space you do one of the trades listed where we get williams kapono and of course andre with an agreement that they buyout ray (if thats possible) then we get our back up point guard in williams we get 2 knock down shooters off the bench in allen and kapono and were no longer listed as the team who’s “too old”(not like it matters but, come on don’t act like it doesn’t bother you either). Andre’s a great driver who draws alot of the attention of some of best interior defenses in the league and the way paul’s shooting the three this year the drive and kick is bound to work almost all the time i love ray and he said he’d be willing to accept a lesser role but even if we can’t get him back this seems like a solid trade that would help us out in the long run.

  • Rob


    If we’re having so much trouble rebounding, last time i checked shelden was a pretty solid rebounder so why not give him some of davis’ minutes like we did when davis was injured.

  • Berkcelt

    If the Cs added Dalembert and Iguodala for essentially expiring deals, they’d have about $90M committed to like 9 players (which includes Bill Walker and his nearly invisible by NBA standards salary). Basically they’d need to sign 4 minimum contracts just to meet the minimum roster requirement. Add in that the luxury tax threshold is going down, I don’t think it could happen. Even if Pierce opted out and signed a more team friendly extension (I’ve been thinking 4yrs/$40M), it would still have them at the low to mid-$80Ms to fill out the roster. If they want to re-sign TA and/or House probably closer to $90M. Next year championship contention will be even more of an uncertain thing, I really doubt Wyc and co. are going to pony up for that. I don’t really blame them; I like Iguodala going forward but Dalembert doesn’t shout “missing piece.”

  • TheRoundMoundOfPugetSound

    Think about it: Didn’t Ray toast the Bulls withr 51 points last May? Is it possible that we are scurrying all over the map here? I think we might forget how much of a weapon he is. Especially when the team is healthy. Sava?

  • Chris

    @Puget: Who will the C’s shooting guard be next year? What about 2012? Remember that once those contracts expire, all they’ll have is the mid-level to use. Keeping Ray means that they’ll be bringing this exact team back again next year. When most of us think that the C’s window may be closing (closed?) this year, it’s hard to think that they’ll be able to contend next year or the year after without making a move.

    @Everyone else: The Sixers are shopping Iggy only as a means of dumping Dalembert or Brand. You don’t get Iggy without one of the other two. And guys like Iggy, at his age and with a fairly reasonable contract, don’t come available too often.

    I think the only team, other than the Celtics that would seriously consider taking Iggy and Dalembert is Dallas. Howard and Dampier is a very enticing package for Philly. Better, in fact, than Ray straight up.

    If the Celtics really want to get this done, don’t be surprised if Glenn Davis is included with Ray… They’d need to top a Dallas offer and there’s no way the C’s pay him $3mil to be their 5th big in 2011.

  • Interesting idea!

  • GranTur

    If Philly is unable to trade Brand or Dalembert, they WILL trade Iggy to get under the tax.

    That’s almost for sure.

  • Adrian

    if philly want to get rid of brand or dalembert why not allen, davis, and scalabrine, for iggy, and brand so they can get under the tax and get expiring contracts

  • GranTur

    The only way we take Brand is if they take Sheed.

  • NHBluesMan

    i just tried this one on the trade machine… Allen, Sheed, and Walker for Iggy, Dalembert, and Williams… and the numbers line up.
    1) Sheed would get to end up in his hometown (and we wouldn’t have to cringe at his 3 point shooting anymore)
    2) we’d at least get a younger SG who could stay with the franchise for afew years (even though i love Ray, i’d prefer banner #18)
    3) Dalembert would be a good back-up for Perk, and wouldn’t be jacking 3’s like Sheed does
    4) Williams would fill the PG back-up void

    just some thoughts

  • dont_drink_the_koolaid



    Detroit is on the rebuilding phase and is interested in Glen Davis during the off-season. Also, they get rid of their veterans huge contracts. Hamilton will take over Allen’s starting guard spot while the second five will be composed of Marquis Daniels at point forward, Eddie House, Sheed Wallace, Shelden Williams and Tayshaun Prince. Atkins would be their insurance point guard.

    Amazing if it would happen!

  • GranTur

    Hamilton’s contract is HORRRRRRRIBLE.

    Not only that but him and Prince have been injurrrrred. We don’t want any part of that Detroit fiasco.

    On top of that, the Detroit GM has said he doesn’t wanna trade his guys for expiring contracts but talent he can build around, which means that’ll never happen anyway.

  • Completely agree with Lowe’s first comment. Dalembert is sensationally overrated and there is no doubt in my mind that Perk has already surpassed Dalembert, both offensively and defensively. You could put a 15-foot brick wall from the circle down and still not get the defensive effect Perkins brings. Dalembert’s numbers are (barely) superior in many aspects, but Perkins protects the basket like only Marcus Camby could. He’s extremely productive both in defensive rebounds and blocks, and gets a lot of second-chance opportunities for a Celtics team that doesn’t put much effort into rebounding.

    Look, I’m not trying to knock KG or Sheed, or any other big man on the Celtics, but KG, up until a few games ago, basically disappeared and assumed the fetal position in a dark corner when it comes to offensive rebounding because of his entire right leg. And as active as Rasheed Wallace is, he’s not helping out as much as he could down low because he’s focused at lighting it up from three. When Perk has a healthy batch of rebounders beside him, he’s a ferocious offensive rebounder — hence the 2.7 he grabbed on averaged last year… oh wait — KG was STILL out for half the season!

    To further prove the point that the fans much credit for his individual dominance down low compared to the team, Boston is 29th in total rebounding, while Philly rests at 16th. And while Boston holds their opponents to less rebounds per game than the Sixers do, Boston has a +/- of -0.59 in that category while Philadelphia boasts a +0.58.

    But I digress…

    Hard-hitter: Dalembert probably couldn’t adapt quick enough to the type of passes flying at him from all directions like Perkins has. I understand Perk has poor hands, but there’s a lot of difficult passes he’s expected to catch. Is Elton Brand rifling backdoor passes through a sea of defenders to Perk? … For a reverse lay-up, which likely has to be judged by the receiver every single time? Does he have Allen Iverson or Lou Williams slicing through the paint, and just when he’s getting ready to box out, they rocket the ball around two or three guys for a quick two?

    Perk stays.

  • BTW, it was a great piece though, Brendan. Meant to ask you, what do you think of a deal sending Ray Allen/anybody with a 2.5-5 million dollar contract on the C’s for Antawn Jamison and Nick Young? Or Ray-Ray for Antawn and Randy Foye perhaps?

  • Brendan Jackson

    Thanks for the kind words. I like Jamison, but I don’t see how another front court player helps the team rebound from losing Ray’s production. I think if you trade away a guard and don’t have a starting caliber guard to step in, then you have to get a guard in return. I am also not high on Nick Young or Randy Foye. But that’s just me.

  • steve

    Someone posted it here already and I agree with Ray being the 6th man. You’ve shown his numbers are the best with the second unit already. He’s the one guy whose ego could take that and make the best of it. This would make a more cohesive unit and save minutes for everyone. You also add TA’s energy to the first unit and the second unit already has energy.

  • Scott

    I love Ray Allen.. and if he had to go, i’d want him to go to a contender. this trade is a stretch, to say the least. but the rockets won’t go very far in the playoffs if they make it at all, and the sixers really have no shot at the playoffs, and could use cap space at the end of the year. and the trade says the rockets get 2 more wins!

    so this is what ive got..


  • nowayout

    I think there are a couple of critical things you expect from the staring 2 guard in Cs system

    – He needs to make cuts, run around picks all the time (like Rip also does) for a possible spot up midrange J or an extra pass to a big or a drive to the basket opportunity on the offensive end

    – He needs to be a BIG 3 point threat to space the floor and create enough space for Rondo/PP/TA/Marquis (even KG) to operate in the lane/drive to the hole

    – He needs to have a nice balance of quickness and size. Given he’ll be the starter 2 guard, he’ll be on the floor a lot and will have to guard a lot of good players.

    – He can’t be a ballhog or a volume shooter, Cs offense is all about ball movement and we already have superstars / up and coming stars on the team. Everybody needs the shots, one person simply can’t dominate (like Monta does)

    Possibly there are more…and I’m not even talking about how tough it would be to replace a starter in the system….but honestly thinking about these, I don’t see how Iggy, Monta etc. would work. For me Ray seems to be best option, though I understand that keeping Ray this year might also mean losing the possibility of getting pieces for future.

    So the ideal scenario would be, trade Ray for some nice pieces but make sure he gets bought out and comes back to Cs. So, you’ll not gamble this year and get a chance to strengthen your team for now and for future.
    I know it’s not in the book but happens all the time (McDyess?)

  • Scott
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  • ben

    ray allen for lebron
    it works

  • Marc

    Any of these trades would be an act of sheer lunacy. Ray and all members of this starting lineup need to stay. Everybody needs to stop freakin’ out! All of these guys are way too important to the team to throw under the bus. A trade right now would blow the team’s chemistry and probably screw their chances for a championship for this year and the next 2 to 3 years.

  • Adrian

    iggy would be for defensive reasons if we were to trade allen for him but im hearing iggy for Amare so i doubt we get him

  • Sweeney

    49 previous comments and I couldn’t read a one without telling you that you are NUTS. Well you only became NUTS with the word of Perk trade…Don’t worry I won’t tell him, but I might tell your parole officer that you are smoking crack again.

  • Brendan Jackson

    Harsh Sweeney, harsh. I’m just interested in seeing how the Celtics guard Lebron James after we failed to guard Joe Johnson. Could be the x-factor defensively.

    Should be fun to see how these next two weeks pan out.

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  • T Diggs

    I thought Iggy would be a very bad fit, possibly the worst of the names mentioned out there, but your point on Pierce taking up Allen’s shooting role is somewhat enticing. I’d still prefer Caron Butler over AI as I feel he’s a better fit.

    But at the end of the day, I hope they don’t trade Ray Allen.

  • F. Larios

    I just checked http://www.basketballvalue.com. And as of Feb 6, Ray Allen has the highest Adjusted +/- on the team. Thus, based on the data, trading Ray Allen is the equivalent of trading the best player on your team! The current difficulties of the Celtics is caused by injuries and not because of Ray Allen.

    Also, Iguodala has a negative overall rating in terms of adjusted +/- this year. This doesn’t seem to help the Celtics in the short-term goal of winning this year’s championship.

  • Celtics

    I tink the Cs should trade bill walker and ray allen and a first round pick for Jason Kapono and Andre they would also get kapona who also can shoot the three ball so lets get it done.

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  • I got what you mean , appreciate it for posting .Woh I am glad to find this website through google. “Money is the most egalitarian force in society. It confers power on whoever holds it.” by Roger Starr.