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These things just won’t stop now, will they? According to the Chicago Sun-Times:

A viable rumor making the rounds Wednesday had the Bulls and Celtics possibly making a deal with Kirk Hinrich and Ray Allen as the principals.

The Celtics would move Allen — who is making $19.8 million in the final year of his contract — if they can acquire a player who can crack their rotation this season and someone they’d be interested in keeping around for the next couple of years.

Hinrich would appear to meet those requirements, but the Bulls might have to sweeten the deal by adding forward Tyrus Thomas, who despite his obvious issues would help Boston’s frontcourt depth.

A package of Hinrich, Thomas and the expiring contract of Jerome James for Allen and another player would work under the salary cap.

We are not too big on trade rumors here at Celtics Hub, but this report however unlikely it is to happen, is worth a mention, if not only because it is the most viable trade rumor involving Ray Allen thus far. That being said, while it would be a terrific deal from a Bulls perspective (lots of cap room freed up for next year), the deal makes a lot less sense from a C’s point of view.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of getting Kirk Hinrich, but not at the expense of Ray Allen. In addition, Hinrich is overpaid for the next 2 years (17 million total) so while the C’s would be solving some of their problems with an additional PG and good defender in Hinrich, doing it at the expense of Allen doesn’t help the C’s much now or in the future.

Allen brings much more to the offensive end of the floor than Hinrich would be able to, and given a lot of the C’s struggles have been on the offensive end of the floor this year, subtracting Allen from that equation I believe would all but eliminate their Championship chances.  That is, unless they replaced Ray with an impact offensive player in any kind of deal. Kirk Hinrich is a lot of things but an impact offensive player is not one of them, and this is coming from someone who likes the guy. His detractors have a lot of validity too considering his putrid shooting numbers this year (37.9% from the field).

So what about throwing Tyrus Thomas into the mix? Does he level the playing field? For the C’s, that’s a resounding no. Sure, he is a guy who will give you some depth in the frontcourt and athleticism but let’s be honest here, the guy is maddeningly inconsistent and a chronic underachiever.

And who does he take minutes from? Glen Davis? Rasheed Wallace? The front court is not the problem right now for the C’s (besides rebounding issues, which is more of a team wide problem). So unless the C’s bring in a terrific rebounder, something Thomas is not, there is limited usefulness that player will have for this team. Plus Thomas is a restricted free agent at the end of this year so the C’s would have to pay him if they want to keep him. Thanks, but no thanks.

Final Verdict: The Bulls wish this deal would happen, but Danny won’t bite on it. Now if he could bring in Hinrich for some other expiring contracts (Scal, Eddie House, Giddens, etc.) while keeping Ray, that’s a deal I’d like to see.

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Brian Robb

Brian Robb co-founded CelticsHub in 2009 and is the currently editor-in-chief. He is a producer and reporter at 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston and also contributes to Boston.com and Bleacher Report among other outlets.
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  • GranTur

    This whole entry is really well written. Great points all around.

    Kirk Hinrich is PAINFULLY inefficient.

    The only comfortable way to trade Ray would be someone like Monta Ellis or Andre Iguodala who could conceivably start for this team and still contend for championships, including for this year.

    Any trade to Chicago involving a member of our starting five would be devastating.

    We need bench energy!

  • I love that we’re at the point now where major newspapers are reporting things by saying: “A viable rumor making the rounds….”

    This basically translates to: “some people are saying this trade might work under the salary cap, and, wow, it does! But we have no sources saying anything real. Still, let’s report the rumor!”

    The Celtics do not want Ty Thomas. do not want.

  • Jay P

    Tyrus Thomas… excuse me, I just threw up on my mouth a little bit.

    Awful idea, awful. Oh and Hinrich I’m not even a fan of, and I really do not understand people’s inclination that we’re in such dire need of bringing in another point guard.

    Daniels played great in that spot for the 19 games he was in, at least as good as we need for any backup. He’ll have the rest of the season to the learn the system better, and improve. The other argument at year start was TA isn’t good enough to take Pauls minutes, so we needed a PG to allow Daniels to switch to the 3, and give the captain a breather. But with TA playing so well lately, I don’t see this as an issue anymore.

    So I ask, why do we even need another PG?

  • Chris

    This “viable rumor” is garbage, but two cents about Tyrus Thomas:

    The guy is an elite athlete who is in desparate need of a change of scenery. I’d take a flyer on him in a heartbeat.

    I still think the deal to be made is our expiring deals for a guy you’d want around for a couple more years at something above the mid-level. Still, I’ll be glad when the deadline passes… then we can start praying for a TMac buyout!!

  • GranTur

    How do people feel about this trade?

    BOS: Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich
    CHI: Ray Allen

    The Bulls would probaly only do this is if they feel confident in signing someone like Joe Johnson, Wade, Bosh, or Lebron.

    I don’t know how I feel about it. Deng at the 3 and Pierce at the 2 would give us some great size.

    Deng’s contract is very long but not horrendous.

  • The Bulls would never do it. Deng has been a monster this season. HE’s a building block for them.

  • Rob

    does anyone know when marquis will be back? as well as tony allens been playing i’d rather see daniels take his minutes

  • al

    only chance I make this deal is if Chicago agrees to buyout Ray and he comes back in 30 wink-wink days. I doubt chicago would give up thomas in this scenario, but I’d consider taking Salmons’ contract if they agreed to buyout ray…

  • Charrua

    In Hinrich’s defense, he has been playing a lot better recently. Hinrich’s january numbers are 12 pts, 4.5 reb, .5 ast, 48% eFG. Ray’s are 14.6 pts, 3.2 reb, 2.4 ast, 50% eFG .
    I don’t think this will continue (the february numbers are very different although it’s just two games), but if you were seeing things through that lens, the trade would look good.

  • Trav

    I think Ty thomas is a good fit with rondo myself, but i wouldnt do this trade to get him

  • yordgreat

    all this rumors about walter ray is just sort of a distraction to erase the celtics chance of a championship this year. ray allen is one if not the classiest player on the whole nba and boston should be glad that he choose to stay here and embraced his limited role on this celtics team and helped it won the championship of 2008. he knows that he wouldnt be able to command the same amount of salary after this contract and he’s fine with it s long as he stays as a celtic and even willing to come off the bench. and then these rumors of trading him for players with questionable characters and work ethic. now that’s just plain stupid.

  • rav

    In reply to GranTur. I think what the Bulls want most to do is get rid of Hinrich and Salmons. This will allow them to get two max players in the summer (maybe Bosh+Wade), so the team will look like:


    + Taj Gibson, James Johnson.

    That is an amazing team. I think that’s the best way to build. Get a #1 for one position, sign a $10 Mil for another, and get two max players for the other two, and a quality 1st round role player for the 5th position. Of course, such a scenario rarely happens, but still…

  • magicfan

    celtics must try to get vince carter from magic and send Ray allen becuase vc is not working with magic

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