Post-game Reactions

The Celtics just issued the following press release:

Paul Pierce Injury Update

BOSTON, MA – The Boston Celtics announced today that forward Paul Pierce suffered a strained left mid-foot during the first quarter against the Washington Wizards on February 1. He is currently listed as day-to-day.

Pierce, a 6’7″ forward, has played in 41 games this season for the Celtics and is averaging a team-high 18.9 points. He is currently shooting a career-high 46.7% from three-point land and is ranked third in the NBA. The Kansas product netted a season-high 35 points against the Hawks on January 29.

The last few hours have been a working demonstration of why it’s sometimes better to just shut down your computer for a few hours and catch up on the news later. David Aldridge reported the “news” that Paul Pierce may have broken his foot, though DA hedged by saying the team was waiting on X-Rays. Then the Boston Herald published quotes from an anonymous source saying this about Pierce’s prospects for a quick recovery: “It doesn’t look good.”

Then the Globe published a blog post with the headline “Update: Pierce’s Injury Appears Serious.” The “news” in that post? That the Celtics were waiting on X-Rays. 

Then, just a few minutes ago, A. Sherrod Blakely tweeted that Pierce’s injury was a strain and that it was not, in fact, serious. 

And then the Celtics released the above statement. 

Ladies and gentleman: News reporting in the Internet age! Who gets credit for the scoop?

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  • MP

    Oh, thank God.

  • TruthPierce

    thank you god!! man was i worried for about two hours there but it looks like its not serious

  • NV

    Thank god. If Paul was out with his foot the Celtics would’ve tumbeled hard. Very good that it’s just a strain.

  • Dan

    Called it. You just can’t play on a broken leg for a whole quarter without limping – it isn’t even an issue of toughness.

  • Rocci

    Phew. I didn’t want Pierce playing himself back into game shape come playoff time.

    Here’s a question though: what’s stopping reporters from just making up “anonymous sources”?


    Thats good news, even we want you guys to make it to the finals.

  • Mitch

    lakers fan, get a life….stop coming in here to post…you are a failed abortion and a disease

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